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Stamps of Bulgaria, 1931

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1931, Apr 1931a issue (no wmk info)
X 1l blgrn Tsar Boris III
X 2l car Tsar Boris III .20
X 4l redorg Tsar Boris III, p. VARIOUS
X 12l brn Tsar Boris III

1931, Apr 1931b issue v. outer bars (6 stamps)
X 4l org Tsar Boris III
X 6l dkbl Tsar Boris III .20
X 7l bl Tsar Boris III .20
X 10l dkgray Tsar Boris III
X 14l orgbrn Tsar Boris III
X 20l redvio & orgbrn Tsar Boris III

1931, Sep 18 Balkan Games 1931 issue p. 11.5 (7 stamps)
X 1l grn
X 2l
- 4l car
X 6l prusbl fencer
- 10l org
- 12l bl
- 50l brn


1931, Oct 28 1931 airmail issue dove delivering message to woman (no perf info) (7 stamps)
- 1l dkgrn dove delivering message to woman
X 2l mar dove delivering message to woman
- 6l bl dove delivering message to woman
- 12l car dove delivering message to woman
- 20l dkvio dove delivering message to woman
- 30l dporg dove delivering message to woman
- 50l orgbrn dove delivering message to woman

postal tax

1931 unwmk p. 11.5
- 1l olgrn & yel St Constantine sanatorium

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