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Stamps of Bulgaria, 1948

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1948, Feb 19 Aprilov death 100th 1948 issue unwmk p. 11.5
X 4l brncar Vasil Aprilov 1948 .20 .20

1948, Feb 29 2nd Bulgarian Workers Congress issue p. 11.75
X 4l dpbl worker 1948

1948, Mar 31 1948 activities issue (no perf info)
X 4l red person reading
X 20l bl girl with accordion
X 40l grn Working People as Listeners
X 60l Sportswoman with Medicine Ball

1948, May 18 portraits (1948) p. 10.75 (5 stamps)
X 4l ver Nicholas Vaptzarov
X 9l ltbrn P K Javorov
X 15l cl Christo Smirnenski
X 20l dpbl Iwan Wasov
X 45l grn P R Slavejkov

1948, Jul 5 Soviet Army issue
X 4l brnorg Soviet soldier holding weapon
X 10l olgrn Welcome by the Bulgarian People
X 20l dkbl Soviet Military Commander during the Invasion
X 60l dkol J Stalin Spasski-Tower

1948, Aug 20 baths 1948 issue p. 13 (6 stamps)
X 2l redbrn bath at Gorna Banya
X 3l org Spa Bankja
X 4l bl Mineral Bath in Sofia
X 5l blkvio Malyovitsa
X 10l Spa Bankja
X 20l bl Gorna Bania Mineral Bath

1948, Aug 20 arms 1948 issue
X 50s redorg arms 1948 .20 .20
X 50s orgbrn arms 1948 .20 .20
X 1l grn arms 1948
X 9l blk arms 1948

1948, Sep 6 insurrection of 1923 25th issue p. 10.75
X 4l dkbrn Demeter Blagoev 1948
X 9l Gabriel Genov
X 20l dkbl Revolutionaries on railway wagons
X 60l dkbrn Young Revolutionaries

1948, Oct 2 Smirnenski 50th issue p. 11.5
- 4l bl Christo Smernenski
X 16l redbrn Christo Smernenski

1948, Nov 1 Romanian-Bulgarian friendship issue
X 20l bl Battle of Grivitza

1948, Dec 21 Botev 100th issue (7 stamps)
X 1l dkgrn Botev birthplace in Kalofer
X 4l viobrn Christo Botev, p. VARIOUS .20 .20
X 9l vio Steamship Radetzky
X 15l brn Hometown Kalofer
X 20l bl Botev in Uniform, p. 10.75 .20 .20
X 40l redbrn The Mother of the Poet
X 50l olblk Pen Nib Pistol & Laurel


1948, May 23 6th Congress of the Bulgarian Philately Association issue p. 11.5
- 50l multi

1948, Nov 1 Romanian-Bulgarian friendship issue
- 40l gray
- 100l dkpur

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