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Stamps of Bulgaria, 1960

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1960, Feb 15 1960 plan issue unwmk (17 stamps)
X 2s brnorg kindergarten
X 4s ltbrn Woman doctor aiding child, p. 13
X 5s dkyelgrn Female cottonpicker, p. 13
X 10s brn woman Milking cow, p. 13
X 12s brn woman holding fish catch, p. 13
X 15s pur Female textile worker
X 16s blvio factories
X 20s agriculture, p. 13
X 25s bl electrician
X 28s grn woman with sunflower, p. 13
X 40s dkgrnbl p. 13
X 45s dkcarbrn miner
X 60s red steelworker, p. 13
X 80s brnol woman harvesting grapes
X 1l dkred industry, p. 13
X 1.25l graybl Workers with the Ring Gear, p. 13
X 2l carred Worker with Flag, p. 11

1960, Feb 23 State Opera 50th issue
X 80s grn & blk lyre a
X 1.25l scar & blk lyre b

1960, Mar 28 (no perf info)
- 1.25l multi Lunik III landing

1960, Apr 15 Winter Olympics 1960 issue
X 2l multi Nordic Skiing

1960, Apr 25 Womens Day 50th issue p. 11 (6 stamps)
- 16s multi Vela Blagoeva
- 28s multi Anna Maimunkova
X 45s multi Vela Piskova
X 60s multi Rosa Luxemburg
- 80s multi Clara Zetkin
- 1.25l multi Nadeschda Krupskaja

1960, May 12 Lenin 90th issue
- 16s multi Vladimir Lenin
- 45s multi Lenin at Smolny

1960, Jun 3 7th European Women's Basketball Championship issue
- 1.25l multi Female Basketball Players

1960, Jun 29 parachute jumpers issue
- 16s multi parachutist
- 1.25l multi parachutist

1960, Jul 27 native flowers (1960) (6 stamps)
X 2s multi yellow gentian
X 5s multi Tulipa rhodopea
X 25s multi Lilium jankae
X 45s multi Rhododendron ponticum
X 60s multi Cypripedium calceolus
X 80s multi Haberlea rhodopensis

1960, Aug 25 Olympics 1960 issue (6 stamps)
X 8s p. 11
X 12s
X 16s multi p. 11
X 45s multi p. 11
X 80s p. 11
X 2l p. 11

1960, Sep 22 10th bicycle trip issue
- 1l multi cyclists

1960, Oct 12 Popov 100th issue
X 90s grnbl & blk Popov in concentric circles

1960, Oct 12 WFTU 15th issue
X 1.25l multi two hemispheres

1960, Nov 22 Jaroslav Vesin 100th issue
X 1l yelol & olgrn Jaroslav Vesin


1960, Feb Zamenhof 100th issue
X 1.25l multi Rocket Plane in Front of Moon

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