Stamps of Bulgaria, 22 Mar 1938

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1938, Mar 22 produce (1938) (no wmk info) (20 stamps)
X 10s org Grain Crop
X 10s orgred Grain Crop
X 15s mar sunflower Helianthus annuus
X 15s red sunflower Helianthus annuus
X 30s brn wheat
X 30s redbrn
X 50s dkbl
X 50s ind Chicken Breeding, p. 13
X 1l grn grapes
X 1l yelgrn grapes
X 2l carrose rose & Bottle of rose Oil
X 2l redbrn rose & Bottle of rose Oil
- 3l redlil strawberries
- 3l brnlake strawberries
X 4l plm winemaker with grapes
X 4l orgbrn winemaker with grapes
X 7l ultra rose
- 7l dpbl rose
- 14l dkbrn tobacco leaves
- 14l redbrn tobacco leaves

1 to 20 of 20