Stamps of Bulgaria, 13 perf

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1927 1927 issue wmk. wavy lines (Lithuania) p. 13
X 10s car & graygrn arms of Bulgaria
X 15s blk & yel arms of Bulgaria (1929)
X 30s dkbl & bisbrn arms of Bulgaria

1938, Mar 22 produce (1938) unwmk (20 stamps)
X 10s org Grain Crop
X 10s orgred Grain Crop
X 15s mar sunflower Helianthus annuus
X 15s red sunflower Helianthus annuus
X 30s brn wheat
X 30s redbrn
X 50s dkbl
X 50s ind Chicken Breeding
X 1l grn grapes
X 1l yelgrn grapes
X 2l carrose rose & Bottle of rose Oil
X 2l redbrn rose & Bottle of rose Oil
- 3l redlil strawberries
- 3l brnlake strawberries
X 4l plm winemaker with grapes
X 4l orgbrn winemaker with grapes
X 7l ultra rose
- 7l dpbl rose
- 14l dkbrn tobacco leaves
- 14l redbrn tobacco leaves

1938, Jun 16 Simeon 1st issue Crown Prince Simeon (5 stamps)
X 1l brtgrn Crown Prince Simeon
X 2l rose Crown Prince Simeon
X 4l org Crown Prince Simeon
- 7l ultra Crown Prince Simeon
- 14l brn Crown Prince Simeon

1938, Oct 3 Tsar Boris III accession 20th issue (5 stamps)
X 1l grn Tsar Boris in Generals Uniform
X 2l lake Tsar Boris III
X 4l brn Tsar Boris III 1928
X 7l bl Tsar Boris in Generals Uniform
X 14l lake Tsar Boris III

1939, Apr 26 railways 100th issue
X 1l yelgrn First Bulgarian locomotive
X 2l redbrn Steam engine
X 4l orgred train on overpass
X 7l viobl Tzar Boris as engine-driver

1939, May 14 postal system 60th issue
X 1l yelgrn emblem
X 2l car Main Post Office in Sofia

1939, Jul 7 9th Yunak tournament issue (5 stamps)
X 1l grn Gymnastics Bars
X 2l carrose Badge of the Sports Association Junak
X 4l brn discus
X 7l dkultra dancer
X 14l pur athlete

1940 1940b issue (6 stamps)
X 15s brtbl beehive, w. wavy lines (Lithuania)
X 30s olbrn plowing, w. unwmk (1941)
X 50s vio Shepherd with Flock, w. wavy lines (Lithuania)
X 4l redorg Tsar Boris III, w. unwmk
X 7l bl Tsar Boris III, w. unwmk
X 10l blgrn Tsar Boris III, w. unwmk (1941)

1940, May 19 stamp 100th issue
X 10l blkgrn Stamp In Stamp
X 20l Bulgaria’s First Stamp

1940, Sep 20 Dobrudja return issue
X 1l dkgrn couple&tsar
X 2l carred Tsar Boris III in Helmet & Bulgarian Flags
X 4l dkbrn Tsar Boris III & Map of Dobruja
X 7l blblk Tsar Boris III & Map of Dobruja

1940, Sep 23 liberation from Turks 62nd issue (6 stamps)
X 1l blgrn P R Slaveikov
X 2l carred Sofronii Bishop of Vratza
X 3l dkpurbrn HI Ivan Rilski
X 4l orgred Marin S Drinov
X 7l dkbl Cernorizec Chrabrij
X 10l carbrn Kolyu Ficheto

1940, Dec 16 Gutenberg 500th issue
X 1l dkgrn Johannes Gutenberg

1940, Dec 16 Karastoyanov 100th issue
X 2l redbrn Karastoyanov

1941, May 3 Botev death 65th issue
- 3l Botev-Monument

1941, Oct 3 Macedonia annexation issue (5 stamps)
X 1l slgrn Macedonian woman
X 2l crim map of Macedonia & Tsar
X 2l dporg view of Aegean
X 4l orgbrn Poganovski Monastery
X 7l bl Okhrida

1941, Oct 7 1941 issue - agriculture (1941) (12 stamps)
X 10s dkbl peasant Working in a Field
X 10s dkvio peasant Working in a Field
X 15s slbl plowing farmer
X 15s dkolbrn plowing farmer
X 30s dkslgrn
X 30s redorg Honey Harvest
X 50s redlil Apple Harvest
X 50s blvio Apple Harvest
X 3l dkbrn
X 3l redbrn Shepherd with Flock (1944)
X 5l sep cattle breeding
- 5l viobl cattle breeding (1944)

1942, Jun 1 Work&Joy movement issue (5 stamps)
X 1l prusgrn girls singing
X 2l scar Camp Music
X 4l olgray
X 7l dpbl camp
X 14l redbrn folk dancers

1942, Oct 12 1942 issue (14 stamps)
X 10s blblk legend of Kubrat
X 15s dkbl Cavalry Han Asparuh
X 30s Madara Horseman
X 50s Baptism of Tsar Boris I
X 1l The School of St Naum
X 2l carred The Coronation of Tsar Simeon by Tsar Boris I
X 3l brn
X 4l orgred Condemnation of Bogomil Vasil
X 5l blkol Proclamation of the Second Kingdom
X 7l Ivan Assen II in Trapesica
X 10l Banishment of Eftimi
X 14l brnol Popular Singer
X 20l dkredbrn Father Paisij actually Pyotr Ivanovich Welitschkowskij
X 30l memorial

X 50s yelgrn Shepherd with Flock

1945, Mar 15 ovpt a issue
X 1l

1945, Mar 15 ovpt c issue
X 4l

1945, May 1945 arms issue - lion of Bulgaria (1945) (11 stamps)
X 30s grn lion of Bulgaria
X 50s grnbl lion of Bulgaria
X 1l dkgrn lion of Bulgaria
X 2l brn arms of Bulgaria
X 4l bl arms of Bulgaria
X 5l redvio lion of Bulgaria
- 9l grayol lion of Bulgaria
X 10l bl lion of Bulgaria
X 15l brn lion of Bulgaria
X 20l lion of Bulgaria
X 20l lion of Bulgaria

1945, Sep 1 Allied victory issue
X 10l brn & yelgrn
- 50l red & grn

1945, Sep 7 liberation 1st issue (7 stamps)
X 1l graygrn
X 4l dkbl
X 5l
X 10l bl
X 20l carrose
X 50l blgrn
X 100l brn

1947, Jul 1 1947 issue (9 stamps)
X 50s yelgrn Peoples Theater Ivan Vazov Sofia
X 50s yelgrn Parliament .20 .20
X 1l grn Main Post Sofia
X 1l grn Palace of the President .20 .20
X 2l brnlake Peoples Theater Ivan Vazov Sofia .20 .20
X 2l ltbrn Parliament
X 4l dpbl Peoples Theater Ivan Vazov Sofia .20 .20
- 9l car
X 20l bl

1947, Dec 29 1947 redrawn issue
X 1l grn General Post Office Sofia
X 2l brnlake
X 4l dpbl

1948, Aug 20 baths 1948 issue (7 stamps)
X 2l redbrn bath at Gorna Banya
X 3l org Spa Bankja
X 4l bl Mineral Bath in Sofia
X 5l blkvio Malyovitsa
X 10l Spa Bankja
X 15l dkol Malyovitsa (1949)
X 20l bl Gorna Bania Mineral Bath

1948, Aug 20 arms 1948 issue
X 50s redorg arms 1948
X 50s orgbrn arms 1948 .20 .20
X 1l grn arms 1948
X 9l blk arms 1948

X 20l dpbl bath at Sofia, Latin letters

1950 ex Sunday stamps issue
X 1l dkgrn sanatorium
X 2l car

1950, Feb 23 production issue
X 1l blkgrn miner
X 2l gray locomotive
- 3l dkbl shipbuilding
X 5l brnred farm machinery

1950, Oct 1
X 2l dkbrn Coat of Arms between Wheat Ears

1950, Oct 1
X 3l red arms
X 5l brncar arms
X 9l ltbl arms

1951, Mar 30 industry (1951)
- 2l dkgrn The first steamroller of Bulgaria
X 1l dkvio first Bulgarian tractor

1952, Feb 1 Order of Labor reverse issue
X 1l carred Order of Labor Reverse of Medal
X 4l blgrn Order of the Working Rear Side
X 9l blvio Order of the Working Front Side

1952, Feb 1 Order of Labor obverse issue
X 1l carred Order of Labor Obverse of Medal
X 4l dkgrn Order of Labor Obverse of Medal
X 9l vio Order of the Working Rear Side

1952, May 6 Vassil Kolarov Dam (5 stamps)
X 4s Vassil Kolarov Dam
X 12s vio Vassil Kolarov Dam
X 16s purbrn Vassil Kolarov Dam
X 44s brncar Vassil Kolarov Dam
X 80s dkbl Vassil Kolarov Dam

1953 1953 issue - Rila wood carvings
X 2s graybrn Altar Door of the Church in the Rila Monastery
X 8s dkslgrn Part of the Altar of the Church HI Mary in Pazardjik
X 80s ultra Scout from the Creek of Eshcol Relief from the Church in Pa
- 4l

1953, Apr 30 Labor Day 1953 issue
- 16s brnred Labor Day parade

1953, May 23 Stalin memorial issue
X 16s dkgray Josef Stalin
- 16s dkbrn Josef Stalin

1953, Aug 8 revolts 50th issue
X 16s dkbrn Georgi Delchev
- 44s pur
- 1l dpcl

1953, Sep 8 Army Day 1953 issue
X 16s dpbl soldiers & rebels
X 44s grnbl soldiers guarding construction site

1953, Sep 21 Social Democratic Party 50th issue
X 16s brn Demeter Blagoev
X 44s redbrn Dimitrov & Blagoev

1953, Sep 22 September Revolution 30th issue
X 8s olgray Dimitrov & Kolarov
X 16s dkredbrn
- 44s cer

1953, Oct 17 Bulgarian-Russian friendship 1953 issue
X 8s brtbl viaduct
X 16s grnblk Worker Chemical Plant in Dimitrovgrad
- 44s brnred Iron Foundry Lenin Dimitrowo
- 80s org harvester

1953, Dec 16 Kolarov Library 75th issue
X 44s brn Kolarov Library

1954, Mar 13 Lenin death 30th issue
- 16s brn Lenin & Stalin
- 44s rosebrn Lenin statue
- 80s bl Lenin Mausoleum Moscow
- 1l dpolgrn Vladimir Lenin

1954, Apr 28 Blagoev death 30th issue
- 16s redbrn Demeter Blagoev & followers
X 44s blkbrn D. Blagoev at his desk

1954, Jun 11 Dimitrov death 5th issue
- 44s lake G Dimitrov at a lectern
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