Stamps of Bulgaria, 13.25x13 perf

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1973, Oct 23 History of Bulgaria 1973 issue unwmk p. 13.25x13 (8 stamps)
X 1s multi Tsar Todor Swetoslav receive byzantine delegates 1307
X 2s multi Battle between the armies of the Tsar Michail Schischman and
X 3s multi Tsar Iwan Alexander beat the Byzantines at Rossokastro 1332
- 4s multi Patriarch Euthymius defending of Veliko Tarnovo 1393
- 0.05l King Shishman led his troops against the Turks
- 13s multi Momchil attacks Turkish ships at Umur 1344
- 18s multi Tsar Ivan Strazimir picks up Crusaders with the Hungarian Ki
- 28s multi Boyar Balik fetches the Ambassador of Anna of Savoy

1974, Mar 25 World Cup 1974 issue (7 stamps)
- 1s multi
- 2s multi Football game scene field emblem
- 3s multi
- 13s multi
- 28s multi
- 40s multi
- 1l multi Aerial Duel Field Emblem
- Bulgaria sheet of 1 type

1975, May 30 Youth Resistance Fighters issue
X 1s multi Vassil & Sava Nikolovi Kokarechkovi
X 2s multi Mitko Triphonov Palaouzov Ivan Stephanov Vassilev
X 5s multi Nicolas Gueorguiev Nakev Stephtcho Ivanov Kraitchev
X 13s multi Ivanka Todorova Pachkoulova Detelina Mirtcheva Mintcheva

1975, Nov 27 Bulgarian history (1975) (6 stamps)
X 1s multi Revolt against the Turks 1403
- 2s multi Vladislav III in battle 1443-1444
- 3s multi Uprising of Tirnovo 1598 & 1686
- 10s multi Uprising of Liprovsko 1688
- 13s multi Haiduken 17th century
- 18s multi Return of the exiled farmers 17th century

1975, Dec 5 90 Years Bulgarian Red Cross issue
X 2s multi Help Injured Symbolism
X 13s multi doves

1976, Jan 30 Winter Olympics 1976 issue
- 1s multi
- 3s multi ski jumping
- 3s multi Color Black missing

1976, Jun 25 Olympics 1976 issue
X 1s multi wrestling

1977, Apr 15 Universiade '77 issue
- 2s multi wrestling
- 13s multi running
- 23s multi basketball
- 43s multi Womens Gymnastics

1977, Aug 10 Universiade '77 b issue
- 1l multi
- Bulgaria sheet of 1 type

1977, Nov 9 50 Years Transstroj Company issue
X 13s multi Railway on Bridge Emblem

1978, May 31 World Festival of Youth and Students 1978 issue
X 13st multi

1981, Mar 10 25th Anniversary of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna issue
X 13st multi

1981, Jul 16 90th Anniversary of the First Bulgarian Communist Party Congress issue
- 5st multi
- 13st multi

1981, Jul 28 35th Anniversary of the Border Control Army issue
- 5st multi

1981, Aug 10 1300th Anniversary of the First Bulgarian State issue (16 stamps)
X 5st multi Horseman of Madara rock relief 8th century
X 5st multi
X 8st multi Floor Plan of the Church of Preslav 10th century
X 12st multi Tsar Ivan Alexander with Family Miniature from his Gospel B
X 13st multi Memorial Stone 13Cty Tsar Ivan Asen II Veliko Tarnovo
X 13st multi Battle scene miniature from the Chronicle of Konstantinos M
X 16s multi April Uprising 1876
X 23st multi Russian Liberation Army in Veliko Tarnovo 1877
X 25st multi Founding of the Bulgarian Socialist Party 1891 Monument o
X 35st multi September Uprising of 1923 Insurgents
X 41st multi Coup detat of the Patriotic Front 991944
X 43st multi Prime Minister George Dimitrov
X 50st multi Lion Relief 10th century Stara Zagora
X 53st multi 10th Congress of the BCP 1971 Meeting Room
- 55st multi Metallurgical Combine Kremikovzi
- 1l multi Todor Zhivkov & Leonid Brezhnev
- Bulgaria sheet of 1 type
- Bulgaria 1981 sheet of 1 type

1982, May 28 PHILEXFRANCE '82 issue
X 42st multi Stamps France Michel 1 & Bulgaria Michel 1 Emblem

1983, Mar 24 freshwater fishes (1983) (6 stamps)
- 3st multi Esox lucius
- 5st multi Huso huso
- 13st multi Leuciscus cephalus
- 25st multi Lucioperca lucioperca
- 30st multi Silurus glanis
- 42st multi Salmo trutta fario

1983, May 10 500th Anniversary of the Death of Martin Luther issue
X 13st multi Martin Luther

1983, May 13 55th Anniversary of the Young Communists Movement issue
X 5st multi People form letters

1983, May 20 5th Interparliamentary Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe issue (5 stamps)
- 5st multi
- 13st multi
- 25st multi
- 30st multi
- 1l multi

1984, Oct 5 Bulgarian bridges (5 stamps)
- 5st multi Devils Bridge over the Arda
- 13st multi Koljo-Ficheto Bridge Byala
- 30st multi Asparuchow Bridge Varna
- 42st multi Highway Bridge Bebresch Botevgrad
- 1l multi Friendship Bridge in Ruse
- Bulgaria sheet of 1 type

1986, Jan 31 International Peace Year issue
X 5st multi

1986, Mar 7 Halley's Comet issue
- 25st multi Orbit of Halleys Comet
- 25st multi Orbit of Halleys Comet
- 25st multi Orbit of Halleys Comet
- 25st multi Orbit of Halleys Comet

1986, Mar 28 25th Anniversary of the First Manned Space Flight issue
- 50st multi Vostok 1
- 50st multi Jurij Gagarin

1986, Jul 7 Treasures of Preslav
X 5st multi Button with ornaments
X 20st multi Pendant with precious stones & pearls
X 30st multi
X 60st multi Enamelled Plate with Bird Motif

1987, Apr 7 modern architecture (1987)
- 30st multi Festival Complex Lyudmila Schivkova Varna
- 30st multi Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sofia
- 30st multi Building Interpred Sofia
- 30st multi Hotel Sandanski

1987, Sep 3 BULGARIA '89 issue
- 25st multi Postal Horse Car
- 25st multi Postal plane
- 25st multi postal truck
- 25st multi Postal Boat

1987, Sep 15 30th Anniversary of International Atomic Energy Agency issue
X 13st multi

1987, Sep 15 75th Anniversary of the Balkan War issue
X 5st multi

1987, Oct 16 Soviet Space Achievements issue
- 50st multi
- 50st multi

1988, Mar 31 Postal Workers - Heroes of the Anti-Fascist Resistance issue
- 5st multi Iwan Nedjalkov Schablin
- 8st multi Deltscho Spasov 19118-1943
- 10st multi Nikola Gantschev Gudscho
- 13st multi Ganka Paschewa Bojka

1988, May 5 170th Anniversary of the Birth of Karl Marx issue
X 13st multi Karl Marx

1988, Jun 7 EXPO '91 issue
X 13st multi

1988, Jun 16 25th Anniversary of the First Woman's Space Flight issue
- 1l multi

1988, Sep 16 80th Transportation Commission Congress issue
X 13st multi

1988, Nov 25 40th Anniversary of the Danube Navigation Convention issue
- 1l multi Motor Ship Russe
- 1l multi Motor Ship Aleksandur Stambolijski

1988, Nov 28 Traffic Safety issue
X 5st multi Children Cars

1988, Dec 28 Soviet Space Shuttle "BURAN" issue
- 1l bl Space Shuttle Buran

1989, Feb 7 International Humour and Satire Festival 1989 issue
- 13st multi

1989, Apr 20 EXPO '91 in 1989 issue
X 5st multi

1990, Oct 22 space (1990) (6 stamps)
X 5s multi Sputnik
X 9s multi
X 10s multi
X 20s multi
X 42s multi
X 60s multi

1993, Jul 20 350th Anniversary of the Death of Claudio Monteverdi issue
- 1l multi

1993, Sep 30 100th Anniversary of the Death of Petar Ilich Chaikovski issue
- 3l multi

1993, Oct 29 350th Anniversary of the Birth of Isaac Newton issue
X 1l multi

1993, Nov 16 100th Anniversary of the Organised Philately in Bulgaria issue
X 1l multi

1993, Nov 25 Game Animals (1993) (6 stamps)
- 1l multi Anas platyrhynchos
- 1l multi Pasianus colchicus
- 2l multi Vulpes vulpes
- 3l multi Capreolus capreolus
- 6l multi Lepus europaeus
- 8l multi Sus scrofa

1993, Dec 1 Christmas 1993 issue
X 1l multi
X 1l multi
X 7l multi
X 7l multi

1994, Feb 16 100th Anniversary of the Death of Nikolai Pavlovich issue
- 3l multi Nikolai Pavlovich

1994, Apr 27 Prehistoric Animals 1994 issue
X 7.00l multi Tyrannosaurus

1994, Apr 28 World Cup 1994 issue (6 stamps)
X 3l multi
- 5l multi
- 5l multi
X 6l multi
X 7l multi
X 9l multi

1995, Nov 20 minerals (1995 Bulgaria) (6 stamps)
- 1l multi
- 2l multi
- 5l multi
- 7l multi
- 8l multi
- 10l multi

1995, Dec 8 Christmas 1995 issue
- 3l multi
- 15l multi

1996, Jan 25 Tsonev 100th issue
X 3l multi Southern Fruit, by Tsonev

1996, Apr 23 conifers (1996 Bulgaria) (6 stamps)
X 5l multi Taxus baccata
X 8l multi Abies alba
X 10l multi Picea abies
X 20l multi Pinus silvestris
X 25l multi Pinus heldreichii
X 40l multi Juniperus excelsa

1996, May 29 Europa 1996 issue
X 10l multi
X 40l multi

1996, Jun 4 Euro 96 issue
- 10l multi
- 15l multi

1996, Jul 30 crustaceans (1996 Bulgaria) (6 stamps)
- 5l multi Gammarus arduus
- 10l multi Asellus aquaticus
- 12l multi Astacus astacus
- 25l multi Palaemon serratus
- 30l multi Cumella limicola
- 40l multi Carcinus mediterraneus

1996, Oct 14 100th anniversary of National Art Academy issue
X 15l multi

1997, Feb 25 Pedigree Dogs
X 5l multi Pointer Canis lupus familiaris
X 7l multi chow chow
X 25l multi Karakachan Dog Canis lupus familiaris
X 50l multi Basset Hound

1997, Apr 16 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Konstantin Kisimov issue
X 120l multi Konstantin Kisimov

1997, Jun 24 Bulgarian Red Book of Endangered Plants Species issue
X 80l multi Trifolium rubens
X 100l multi Tulipa hageri
X 120l multi Inula spiraeifolia
X 200l multi Paeonia tenuifolia

1997, Sep 8 100th Anniversary of the Diesel Engine issue
- 80l multi
- 100l multi
- 120l multi
- 200l multi

1997, Oct 15 450th Anniversary of the Birth of Miguel de Cervantes issue
X 120l multi

1997, Nov 5 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Asen Razcvetnikov issue
X 120l multi

1997, Dec 17 Winter Olympics 1998 issue
X 60l multi
X 80l multi
X 120l multi
X 600l multi

1997, Dec 22
X 120l multi

1998, Feb 24 Illustrations for Children's Books by Alexander Bozinov
- 120l multi
- 120l multi
- 120l multi
- 120l multi

1998, Apr 29 First Olympic Gold Medal - Ekaterina Dafovska, Nagano issue
- 120l multi

1998, Jun 10 World Cup 1998 issue (5 stamps)
X 60l multi
X 80l multi
X 120l multi
- 120l multi
X 600l multi

1998, Jun 17 10th Anniversary of the A. Aleksandrov Flight on "Mir" issue
- 120l multi

1998, Jun 23 EXPO '98 issue
- 600l multi
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