Stamps of Bulgaria, unwmk watermark

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1945, Mar unwmk
X 4l redorg oak tree
X 10l bl oak tree
X 50l brnred oak tree, imperf

1945, Mar 15 ovpt a issue
X 1l p. 13
X 2l
X 4l p. 11.5

1945, Mar 15 ovpt b issue
X 1l p. 11.5
X 2l p. 10.75
X 4l p. 11.5

1945, Mar 15 ovpt c issue
X 1l p. 11.5
X 2l p. 11.5x10.75
X 4l p. 13

1945, May 1945 arms issue - lion of Bulgaria (1945) (11 stamps)
X 30s grn lion of Bulgaria
X 50s grnbl lion of Bulgaria
X 1l dkgrn lion of Bulgaria
X 2l brn arms of Bulgaria
X 4l bl arms of Bulgaria
X 5l redvio lion of Bulgaria
- 9l grayol lion of Bulgaria
X 10l bl lion of Bulgaria
X 15l brn lion of Bulgaria
X 20l lion of Bulgaria
X 20l lion of Bulgaria

1945, Jun 4 Liberty Loan issue imperf (8 stamps)
X 50l brnred breaking chain
X 50l org breaking chain
X 100l brn
X 100l graybl
X 150l dkolgray
X 150l dlcar Water Wheel
X 200l dpbl
X 200l olgrn

1945, Sep 1 Allied victory issue p. 13
X 10l brn & yelgrn
- 50l red & grn

1945, Sep 7 liberation 1st issue (7 stamps)
X 1l graygrn
X 4l dkbl
X 5l
X 10l bl
X 20l carrose
X 50l blgrn
X 100l brn

1946, Apr 4 Red Cross 1946 issue p. 11.5 (8 stamps)
X 2l dkol & red refugee children
X 4l vio & red wounded soldier
X 10l pur & red refugee children
X 20l bl & red wounded soldier
- 30l orgbrn & red nurse Assisting wounded soldier
- 35l grayblk & red Red Cross hospital train
- 50l viobrn & red nurse Assisting wounded soldier
- 100l graybrn & red Red Cross hospital train

1946, Apr 12 postal savings 50th issue
X 4l brnorg old emblem
X 10l dkol First postal Savings Card
X 20l bl Saving child
X 50l gray Building the Post Office Savings Bank

1946, May 23 Bulgarian-Soviet Association Congress issue
X 4l redorg arms of Soviet Union & arms of Bulgaria
X 20l blgrn arms of Soviet Union & arms of Bulgaria

1946, May 25 Stamp Day 1946 issue imperf
X 20l bl

1946, Jun 13 Stamboliski death 25th issue p. 11.5
- 100l redorg Stamboliski

1946, Jul 6 Balkan Games 1946 issue
X 100l blkbrn Flags with the Coat of Arms of Albania Romania Bulgaria an

1946, Aug 9 WWII participation issue (11 stamps)
X 2l dklil Infantrymen in Combat
X 4l dkgray Hand grenade launcher
X 5l Horse-drawn cannon
X 6l graybrn Junkers Ju 87 attacking
X 9l Pioneers in Bridge building
X 10l cavalry charge
X 20l dkbl Infantrymen in Combat
X 30l redorg Cavalry attack
X 40l Trek
X 50l dkgrn Reinforcements
X 60l brn Tank Attack

1946, Aug 26 Rila Monastery 1000th issue (5 stamps)
X 1l redbrn Saint Yvan
X 4l blkbrn Rila Monastry
X 10l dkgrn Rila Monastry
X 20l bl Monastry Church
- 50l red Monastery Courtyard

1946, Sep 15 Peoples Republic issue
X 4l car
X 20l grnbl
X 50l olbrn

1946, Dec 2 soldiers 1946 issue (7 stamps)
X 1l lilbrn
X 4l blgrn partisans behind tree
X 5l graybrn partisans
X 10l red partisans behind tree
- 20l ultra
X 30l olbrn
X 50l blk

1946, Dec 30 relief issue (8 stamps)
- 1l brnvio
- 4l ver Child with Presents
X 9l brnol Child with Presents
X 10l gray Mother & children
- 20l ultra Child waits for food
- 30l redbrn mother & child
- 40l brnvio Child waits for food
X 50l blgrn

1947, Jan 21 guerilla fighters
X 10l dkbrn & brnorg
X 20l dkbl & bl
- 70l

1947, Jan 31 Red Cross (1946) (8 stamps)
X 2l olbis & car refugee children
X 4l olblk & car Wounded on a Stretcher
X 10l blgrn & car refugee children
X 20l brtbl & car Wounded on a Stretcher
X 30l yelgrn & car Wounded with Nurse
X 35l grngray & car Hospital Train
X 50l brn & car Wounded with Nurse
X 100l dkbl & car Hospital Train

1947, Feb 28 return to peace issue
X 4l ol laurel branch
X 10l brnred Dove of Peace
X 20l bl Dove of Peace

1947, Jul 1 1947 issue (10 stamps)
X 50s yelgrn Peoples Theater Ivan Vazov Sofia, p. 13 .20 .20
X 50s yelgrn Parliament, p. 13 .20 .20
X 1l grn Main Post Sofia, p. 13 .20 .20
X 1l grn Palace of the President, p. 13 .20 .20
X 2l brnlake Peoples Theater Ivan Vazov Sofia, p. 13 .20 .20
X 2l ltbrn Parliament, p. 13 .20 .20
X 4l dpbl Peoples Theater Ivan Vazov Sofia, p. 13 .20 .20
X 4l dpbl .20 .20
- 9l car p. 13
X 20l bl p. 13

1947, Aug 6 industry (1947) p. 11.5
- 4l olgrn hydroelectric plant & dam
- 9l brn miner
- 20l Industry Icon
- 40l brnol tractor

1947, Aug 31 Plovdiv Fair 1947 issue
- 4l brtrd exhibition building
X 9l viobrn Residence of the French Poet Lamartine on his Journey to the
- 20l ultra Fair Poster

1947, Sep 29 Balkan Games 1947 issue (5 stamps)
- 2l rosevio bicyclists racing
- 4l grayol Basket ball
- 9l orgbrn chess knight
- 20l bl soccer
- 60l pur

1947, Oct 19 Aprilov death 100th issue
X 40l brtultra Vasil Aprilov

1947, Dec 8 actors (1947) p. 10.75 (6 stamps)
X 50s bisbrn Geno Kirov
X 1l ltblgrn Slatina Nedeva
X 2l slgrn Ivan Popov
X 3l dpbl Atanas Kircev .20 .20
X 4l scar Elena Sneina .20 .20
X 5l redbrn Stojan Bavarov

1947, Dec 19 p. 10.75x11.5
X 50l prusbl cargo ship Fatherland

1947, Dec 29 1947 redrawn issue p. 13
X 1l grn General Post Office Sofia
X 2l brnlake
X 4l dpbl

1948, Feb 19 Aprilov death 100th 1948 issue p. 11.5
X 4l brncar Vasil Aprilov 1948 .20 .20

1948, Feb 29 2nd Bulgarian Workers Congress issue p. 11.75
X 4l dpbl worker 1948

1948, Mar 31 1948 activities issue (no perf info)
X 4l red person reading
X 20l bl girl with accordion
X 40l grn Working People as Listeners
X 60l Sportswoman with Medicine Ball

1948, May 18 portraits (1948) p. 10.75 (5 stamps)
X 4l ver Nicholas Vaptzarov
X 9l ltbrn P K Javorov
X 15l cl Christo Smirnenski
X 20l dpbl Iwan Wasov
X 45l grn P R Slavejkov

1948, Jul 5 Soviet Army issue
X 4l brnorg Soviet soldier holding weapon
X 10l olgrn Welcome by the Bulgarian People
X 20l dkbl Soviet Military Commander during the Invasion
X 60l dkol J Stalin Spasski-Tower

1948, Aug 20 baths 1948 issue p. 13 (7 stamps)
X 2l redbrn bath at Gorna Banya
X 3l org Spa Bankja
X 4l bl Mineral Bath in Sofia
X 5l blkvio Malyovitsa
X 10l Spa Bankja
X 15l dkol Malyovitsa (1949)
X 20l bl Gorna Bania Mineral Bath

1948, Aug 20 arms 1948 issue
X 50s redorg arms 1948 .20 .20
X 50s orgbrn arms 1948 .20 .20
X 1l grn arms 1948
X 9l blk arms 1948

1948, Sep 6 insurrection of 1923 25th issue p. 10.75
X 4l dkbrn Demeter Blagoev 1948
X 9l Gabriel Genov
X 20l dkbl Revolutionaries on railway wagons
X 60l dkbrn Young Revolutionaries

1948, Oct 2 Smirnenski 50th issue p. 11.5
- 4l bl Christo Smernenski
X 16l redbrn Christo Smernenski

1948, Nov 1 Romanian-Bulgarian friendship issue
X 20l bl Battle of Grivitza

1948, Dec 21 Botev 100th issue (7 stamps)
X 1l dkgrn Botev birthplace in Kalofer
X 4l viobrn Christo Botev, p. VARIOUS .20 .20
X 9l vio Steamship Radetzky
X 15l brn Hometown Kalofer
X 20l bl Botev in Uniform, p. 10.75 .20 .20
X 40l redbrn The Mother of the Poet
X 50l olblk Pen Nib Pistol & Laurel

X 4l dkbl miner 1949

1949 p. 13
X 20l dpbl bath at Sofia, Latin letters

1949, Jan 24 Lenin death 25th issue (no perf info)
- 4l brn Lenin
X 20l brnred Lenin speaking

1949, Apr 6 Workers' Cultural Brigade issue (6 stamps)
X 4l dkred workers constructing a road
- 5l dkbrn Tunneling Line Pernik - Voluek
- 9l slgrn Express Train Locomotive
- 10l vio Girl at the Loom
- 20l dlbl Female Tractor Driver
- 40l brn Female Truck Driver

1949, Jul 10 Dimitrov memorial issue
- 4l redbrn George Dimitrov politician
X 20l dkbl George Dimitrov

1949, Aug 5 five-year plan issue (5 stamps)
X 4l olgrn Hydropower Plant Rila Mountain
X 9l dkred Cement Factory Giant Dimitrovgrad
X 15l pur Farm Machinery Factory
X 20l bl tractor
X 50l orgbrn

1949, Sep 5 sports (1949 Bulgaria)
- 4l brnorg javelin & grenade throwers
- 9l blkol hurdler
- 20l dkbl Motorcyclists Tractor
- 50l brncar March with the new Step

1949, Oct 31 frontier guards
- 4l redbrn
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