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Stamps of Canada, 1932

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1932, Jun 21 ovpted unwmk p. 12
X 3c on 2c red King George V

1932, Jul 12 Ottawa Conference issue p. 11
X 3c red George V profile
X 5c bl Edward VIII as Prince of Wales
X 13c dpgrn Empire

1932, Dec 1 medallion issue (7 stamps)
X 1c grn George V Medallion
X 2c blkbrn George V Medallion
X 3c dpred George V Medallion
X 4c och George V Medallion
X 5c dkbl George V Medallion
X 8c redorg George V Medallion
X 13c dlvio Citadel at Quebec


1932, Feb 22 ovpted p. 12
X 6c on 5c brn plane over Canada

1932, Jul 12 ovpted p. 11
X 6c on 5c brn Mercury

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