Stamps of Canada, 12.5x12 perf

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1969, Jun 23 Sir William Osler death 50th issue unwmk p. 12.5x12
X 6c multi Sir William Osler

1970, Jun 19
X 6c multi Louis Riel

1971, May 7 Joseph Papineau death 100th issue
X 6c multi Joseph Papineau

1971, Jul 1971 issue
X 7c slgrn transportation
X 8c sl Queen Elizabeth II & Library of Parliament

1971, Oct 20 Laporte memorial issue
X 7c blk Pierre Laporte

1972 1972 issue (5 stamps)
X 10c dkgrn & org Forest area in central Canada
X 15c bl & orgbrn bighorn sheep
X 20c brtvio & org Prairies
X 25c multi polar bears
X 50c multi seashore

1972, Jul 6 Indians of the Plains issue - Canadian Indians
X 8c multi Assiniboine Thunderbird
X 8c multi Sun Dance Costume

1973, Feb 21 The Algonkians issue - Canadian Indians
X 8c multi Artifacts
- 8c multi Micmac Indians
X 8c multi Thunderbird
X 8c multi Algonkian costume

1973, Nov 7 Christmas 1973 issue
X 6c multi ice skate
X 8c multi dove

1975, Mar 14 Robert Tait sculptures
- $1 multi The Sprinter by Robert Tait McKenzie
- $2 multi

1975, May 30
X 8c Alphonse Desjardins

1975, May 30
- 8c Marguerite Bourgeoys

1980, Oct 22 Christmas 1980 issue - 1931 greeting cards
X 15c multi Christmas Morning
X 17c multi Sleigh Ride J S Hallam
X 35c multi McGill Cab Stand Kathleen Morris

1981, Jul 22 botanists
X 17c multi Macoun
- 17c multi Marie-Victorin

1982 1982 booklet issue
- 1c dkol Parliament east block (1987)
- 2c blkgrn Parliament west block
- 5c brn Parliament east block

1982, Jun 30 Canada Day 1982 issue - paintings (1982 Canada) (12 stamps)
X 30c multi Yukon Territory The Highway near Kluane Lake
X 30c multi Quebec Scène de rue Montréal
X 30c multi Newfoundland Breakwater
X 30c multi Northwest Territories Along Great Slave Lake
X 30c multi Prince Edward Island Tea Hill
X 30c multi Nova Scotia Family & Rainstorm
X 30c multi Saskatchewan Brown Shadows
X 30c multi Ontario Red Brick House
X 30c multi New Brunswick Campus Gates
X 30c multi Alberta Prairie Town Early Morning
X 30c multi British Columbia Totems at Ninstints
X 30c multi Manitoba Doc Snyders House
- sheet of 12 types

1988, Aug 26 Canadian Kennel Club 100th issue - dogs (1988 Canada)
- 37c multi Tahltan Bear Dog
- 37c multi Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
- 37c multi Canadian Eskimo Dog
- 37c multi Newfoundland (dog)

1989, Jun 23 Canadian photography 150th issue - photographers
- 38c multi William Notman
- 38c multi Hanson Boone
X 38c multi Alexander Henderson
- 38c multi Jules-Ernest Livernois

1990, Jun 8 dolls (1990)
X 39c multi native dolls
- 39c multi Settlers Dolls 1840-1900
- 39c multi Commercial Dolls 1917-1936
X 39c multi Commercial Dolls 1940-1960

1990, Nov 9 WW II
- 39c multi Home Front
- 39c multi Communal War Efforts
- 39c multi Food production
- 39c multi Science & War

1996, May 8 Historic Land Vehicles Collection issue
- 5 multi Russell Model L Touring Car 1908
- sheet of 12 types

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