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Stamps of China, PRC, 1955

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1955 1955 issue unwmk (13 stamps)
X 1/2f orgbrn miner, p. 14
X 1f pur machinist, p. 14
X 2f dkgrn airman, p. 14
- 4f brnol soldier, p. 14
X 8f redorg Steel worker
X 10f brncar scientist, p. 14
X 20f bl farm woman, p. 14
X 50f dkgray sailor, p. 14
- 1y dkredvio Gate of Heavenly Peace, p. 14
- 2y brn Gate of Heavenly Peace, p. 14
- 5y blgrn Gate of Heavenly Peace, p. 14
- $10 redorg Gate of Heavenly Peace, p. 14
- 20y grayvio Gate of Heavenly Peace, p. 14

1955, Feb 25
X $800 dkbl high-tension tower

1955, Jun 25 Chinese Red Cross 50th issue
X 8f grn & red

1955, Jul 25 Sino-Soviet Treaty issue
X 8f brnred Stalin&Mao in Kremlin
- 20f grnol specialist&worker

1955, Aug 25 scientists (1955)
X 8f olbrn Chang Heng
X 8f blgrn n2.Tsu Chung-chih
- 8f blk n3.Chang Sui
X 8f n4.Li Shih-chen

1955, Oct 1 1st five year plan issue p. 12.5 (17 stamps)
X 8f multi steel pouring ladle
X 8f multi high-tension lines
X 8f multi Coal mining
X 8f multi tank cars & oil derricks
X 8f multi Machine shop
X 8f multi soldier guarding factory
X 8f multi spinning machine
X 8f multi workers discussing plan
X 8f multi Combine Harvester
X 8f multi milk production
X 8f multi dam
X 8f multi making pottery
X 8f multi truck
X 8f multi ship at dock
X 8f multi surveying
X 8f multi family
X 8f multi Education

1955, Dec 15 Engels 135th issue p. 14
X 8f red Friedrich Engels
- 20f brn Friedrich Engels

1955, Dec 15 Lenin 85th issue
X 8f blgrn Vladimir Lenin
X 20f Vladimir Lenin

1955, Dec 30 Long March 20th issue
X 8f brnred storming bridge
- 8f dkbl n2.crossing mountains

1 to 44 of 44