Stamps of China, PRC, Syncopated 13x13.5 perf

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2018, May 11 Chinese Contemporary Painting issue unwmk p. Syncopated 13x13.5
- 1.20y multi A Raft Floating in a Stream by Guan Shanyue

2018, Jun 19 Qu Yuan issue
- 1.20y multi Qu Yuan
- 1.20y multi Qu Yuan

2018, Sep 8 Classic of Poetry issue (6 stamps)
- 80f multi Odes of Zhou South Guan Ju
- 1.20y multi Odes of Qin Jian Jia
- 1.20y multi Odes of Qin Wu Yi
- 1.20y multi Lesser Court Hymns Decade of Lu Ming
- 1.50y multi Lesser Court Hymns Decade of He Ming
- 3y multi Praise Odes of Lu Jiong

1 to 9 of 9