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Stamps of Manchukuo, 1932

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1932, Jul 26 1932 issue unwmk p. 13x13.5 (18 stamps)
X 1/2f graybrn pagoda at Liaoyang
X 1f red pagoda at Liaoyang
- 1 1/2f lil pagoda at Liaoyang
- 2f gray pagoda at Liaoyang
- 3f ltbrn pagoda at Liaoyang
X 4f ol pagoda at Liaoyang
X 5f emer pagoda at Liaoyang
- 6f dlred pagoda at Liaoyang
X 7f grayblk pagoda at Liaoyang
X 8f buff pagoda at Liaoyang
X 10f redorg pagoda at Liaoyang
X 13f dlbrn Henry Pu-yi
- 15f dlred Henry Pu-yi
X 16f turqbl Henry Pu-yi
X 20f graybrn Henry Pu-yi
X 30f yelorg Henry Pu-yi
X 50f olgrn Henry Pu-yi
X 1y vio Henry Pu-yi

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