Postage stamps of Manchukuo

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1932, Jul 26 1932 issue unwmk p. 13x13.5 (18 stamps)
X 1/2f graybrn pagoda at Liaoyang
X 1f red pagoda at Liaoyang
- 1 1/2f lil pagoda at Liaoyang
- 2f gray pagoda at Liaoyang
- 3f ltbrn pagoda at Liaoyang
X 4f ol pagoda at Liaoyang
X 5f emer pagoda at Liaoyang
- 6f dlred pagoda at Liaoyang
X 7f grayblk pagoda at Liaoyang
X 8f buff pagoda at Liaoyang
X 10f redorg pagoda at Liaoyang
X 13f dlbrn Henry Pu-yi
- 15f dlred Henry Pu-yi
X 16f turqbl Henry Pu-yi
X 20f graybrn Henry Pu-yi
X 30f yelorg Henry Pu-yi
X 50f olgrn Henry Pu-yi
X 1y vio Henry Pu-yi

1933, Mar 1 Manchukuo 1st issue p. 12.5
X 1f flags & map & wreath
X 2f flags & map & wreath
X 4f flags & map & wreath
X 10f flags & map & wreath

1934, Feb 1934a issue wmk. curved wavy lines p. 13x13.5 (9 stamps)
- 1/2f yelbrn pagoda at Liaoyang
X 1f ltredbrn pagoda at Liaoyang
- 1 1/2f dkpur pagoda at Liaoyang
X 2f gray pagoda at Liaoyang
X 3f brn pagoda at Liaoyang
X 4f olbrn pagoda at Liaoyang
X 10f org pagoda at Liaoyang
- 15f Henry Pu-yi
- 1y Henry Pu-yi

1934, Mar 1 Kang Teh enthronement issue (no perf info)
X 1 1/2f palace
- 3f Fenghuang Phenix
- 6f grn Palace in Hsinking
- 10f bl Fenghuang Phenix

1934, Jun 1 ovpted unwmk p. 13x13.5
- 1f on 4f ol pagoda at Liaoyang

1934, Nov 1 1934b issue wmk. curved wavy lines (no perf info) (17 stamps)
X 1/2f brn pagoda at Liaoyang
X 1f redbrn pagoda at Liaoyang
X 1 1/2f dlvio pagoda at Liaoyang
X 3f brn pagoda at Liaoyang
- 5f dpbl pagoda at Liaoyang (1935)
- 5f graybl pagoda at Liaoyang (1936)
X 6f pagoda at Liaoyang
- 7f pagoda at Liaoyang
X 9f pagoda at Liaoyang
X 10f pagoda at Liaoyang (1935)
- 13f President Pu Yi (1935)
X 15f President Pu Yi
- 18f President Pu Yi
- 20f President Pu Yi
- 30f President Pu Yi
- 50f President Pu Yi
- 1y dkvio President Pu Yi

1935 ovpted p. 13x13.5
- 3f on 4f olbrn pagoda at Liaoyang, w. curved wavy lines
- 3f on 4f ol pagoda at Liaoyang, w. unwmk

1935, Jan 1 1935a issue wmk. curved wavy lines (no perf info)
X 2f yelgrn orchid crest
X 4f ol Mt Changpai & Sacred Lake
X 8f yel orchid crest
X 12f redbrn Mt Changpai & Sacred Lake

1935, Feb 13 ovpted unwmk p. 13x13.5
- 3f on 16f turqbl Henry Pu-yi

1935, Mar 1 1935b issue wmk. chars (no perf info)
X 2f yelgrn orchid crest
- 8f
X 12f

1935, Apr 2 Pu-Yi visit to Tokyo issue
X 1 1/2f Mt Fuji
X 3f org Feng huang
X 6f car Mt Fuji
X 10f bl Feng huang

1936 1936a issue
X 2f grn orchid crest redrawn
X 4f olgrn Mt Changpai & Sacred Lake redrawn
X 8f orchid crest redrawn
- 12f redbrn Mt Changpai & Sacred Lake redrawn

1936, Jan 26 postal treaty issue
- 1 1/2f blkbrn wild goose over Sea of Japan
X 3f roselil Hsingking communications building
- 6f car wild goose over Sea of Japan
- 10f bl Hsingking communications building

1936, Dec 5 1936b issue (18 stamps)
X 1/2f brn General Affairs State Council building
X 1f redbrn General Affairs State Council building
X 1 1/2f General Affairs State Council building
X 2f yelgrn carting soybeans (1937)
X 3f General Affairs State Council building
X 4f ol north mausoleum (1937)
X 5f General Affairs State Council building
X 6f General Affairs State Council building
X 7f north mausoleum
X 9f north mausoleum
X 10f bl summer palace
X 12f brnorg north mausoleum (1937)
- 13f north mausoleum
X 15f north mausoleum
X 20f carting soybeans
X 30f redbrn summer palace
X 50f ol carting soybeans
X 1y vio summer palace

1937 1937 ovpts issue ovpted
- 2 1/2f on 2f yelgrn orchid crest
- 2 1/2f on 2f grn orchid crest redrawn

1937 1937 issue
X 2 1/2f dkvio orchid crest redrawn
X 5f blk Tschan Sai Pan Mountains
X 13f dkbrn Tschan Sai Pan Mountains

1937, Mar 1 establishment 5th issue
- 1 1/2f sun rising
- 3f city

1937, Sep 16 Hsinking reconstruction issue
- 2f pigeon
- 4f
- 10f
- 20f

1937, Dec 1 Japanese extraterritorial rights abolition issue (6 stamps)
X 2f
X 4f
- 8f
X 10f
- 12f
- 20f

1937, Dec 15 New Years greetings issue
X 2f dkbl & red

1938, Oct 15 Red Cross issue
X 2f
X 4f

1939, Oct 21 10000km railroad issue
X 2f org & vioblk Network of Railway Lines
X 4f express train

1940, Jun 26
X 2f brtredvio cranes above ship
X 4f brtgrn cranes above ship

1940, Sep 10 census issue
X 2f census taker
X 4f census form

1940, Sep 19 Japan 2600th issue
X 2f red congratulatory message
X 4f dkbl dragon dance

1941, May 25
X 2f soldier
X 4f soldier

1942, Feb 16
X 2f Singapore capture
X 4f Singapore capture

1942, Mar 1 Manchukuo 10th issue
X 2f
X 4f
X 10f , yel
X 20f ind, yel Flag of Manchukuo

1942, Sep 15 founding 10th issue
X 3f allegory
X 6f women

1942, Dec 8 war 1st issue ovpted
X 3f ovpt, General Affairs State Council building
X 6f ovpt, General Affairs State Council building

1943, May 1 ovpted
X 3f ovpt, General Affairs State Council building
X 6f ovpt, General Affairs State Council building

1943, Oct 1 Red Cross 5th issue
X 6f grn

1943, Dec 8 war 2nd issue
X 6f redbrn workers at smelting furnace

1944, Jun 10 1944 issue (6 stamps)
X 5f grayblk
X 6f ver
X 10f ltbl
X 20f brn
X 30f buff
X 1y dllil

1944, Oct 1 unity issue
X 10f red unity slogan in Chinese
X 10f red unity slogan in Japanese
X 40f graygrn unity slogan in Chinese
X 40f graygrn unity slogan in Japanese

1945, May 2 Pu-Yi rescript 10th issue p. 13
X 10f red slogan in double circle

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