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Stamps of France, 1945

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1944, Dec 1944b issue unwmk p. 11.5x12.5
X 30c bis Marianne
X 50fr dkpur Marianne

1945 1945a issue (10 stamps)
X 10c blkbrn shield & broken chain, p. 14x13.5
X 30c dkgrn shield & broken chain
X 40c mag shield & broken chain
X 50c viobl shield & broken chain
X 60c brtultra Ceres
X 80c grn Ceres
X 90c Ceres, p. 14x13.5 .20 .20
X 1fr rosered Ceres, p. 14x13.5
X 1.20fr blkbrn Ceres
X 1.50fr roselil Ceres, p. 14x13.5

1945 Marianne Gandon engr issue Marianne engr print (5 stamps)
X 4fr dkbl Marianne, p. 14x13
X 10fr dpbl Marianne
X 15fr brtredvio Marianne
X 20fr dpgrn Marianne
X 25fr red Marianne

1945, Jan 15 p. 13
X 4fr dkultra liberation

1945, Feb 12 1945 Arc issue Arc de Triomphe (no perf info) (10 stamps)
X 30c org & blk Arc de Triomphe
X 40c gray & blk Arc de Triomphe
X 50c olgrn & blk Arc de Triomphe
X 60c vio & blk Arc de Triomphe
X 80c yelgrn & blk Arc de Triomphe
X 1.20fr brn & blk Arc de Triomphe
X 1.50fr red & blk Arc de Triomphe
X 2fr yel & blk Arc de Triomphe
X 2.40fr car & blk Arc de Triomphe
X 3fr pur & blk Arc de Triomphe

1945, Feb 15 1945b issue (14 stamps)
X 1.50fr pink Marianne
X 2fr myrgrn Marianne
- 2.40fr red Marianne
X 2.50fr brn Ceres, p. 14x13.5
X 3fr sep Marianne, p. 14x13.5
X 4fr ultra Marianne, p. 14x13.5
X 5fr ltgrn Marianne, p. 14x13.5
X 6fr brtultra Marianne, p. 14x13.5
X 10fr redorg Marianne, p. 14x13.5
X 15fr redvio Marianne, p. 14x13.5
X 20fr dkgrn Marianne large, p. 13
X 25fr vio Marianne large, p. 13
X 50fr redbrn Marianne large, p. 13
X 100fr brtrosecar Marianne large, p. 13

1945, Mar 3 p. 14x13
X 2.40fr dlbl arms of Metz

1945, Mar 3
X 4fr blkbrn arms of Strasbourg

1945, May 16 Alsace & Lorraine liberation issue p. 13
X 4fr redbrn Liberation of Alsace & Lorraine Cathedrals of Strasbourg

1945, Sep 17
X 2fr prusbl world map


1945, May 16
- 2fr+1fr tuberculosis patient

1945, May 16
- 4fr+6fr war victims

1945, May 16 Sarah Bernhardt 100th issue
- 4fr+1fr viobrn Sarah Bernhardt

1945, Jul 9
- 4fr+2fr dkblgrn boy & girl
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