Postage stamps of Gabon

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1886, Jul 1 1886 issue ovpted on stamps of French Colonies Commerce unwmk p. 14x13.5 (5 stamps)
- 5c on 20c red, yelgrn Commerce 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000 Sc1
- 10c on 20c red, yelgrn Commerce 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000
- 25c on 20c red, yelgrn Commerce
- 50c on 15c bl Commerce
- 75c on 15c bl Commerce

1888, Dec 28 1888 issue ovpted on stamps of French Colonies Commerce (5 stamps)
- 15c on 10c blk, lav Commerce 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000
- 15c on 1fr brnzgrn, straw Commerce
- 25c on 10c blk, lav Commerce 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000
- 25c on 75c car, rose Commerce
- 25c on 5c grn, grn Commerce

1889, Mar 27 1889 issue ovpted on stamps of French Colonies imperf
- 15c on 5c blk scroll
- 15c on 30c blk scroll 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000
- 25c on 20c blk scroll

1889, May 18 1889 b issue
- 15c blk
- 25c blk

1904 Navigation & Commerce issue p. 14x13.5 (17 stamps)
X 1c blk, gray
X 2c brn, buff
X 4c cl, lav
X 5c yelgrn
X 10c red
X 15c gray
- 20c red, grn
X 25c bl
- 30c yelbrn
- 35c blk, yel (1906)
- 40c red, straw
- 45c blk, graygrn (1907)
- 50c brn, bl
- 75c vio, org
- 1fr brnzgrn, straw
- 2fr vio & car
- 5fr lil

1910 1910 Congo issue p. 13.5x14 (16 stamps)
X 1c choc & redorg Fang warrior CF
X 2c grayblk & brn Fang warrior CF
X 4c sllil & prusbl Fang warrior CF
X 5c brn & grn Fang warrior CF
X 10c red & car Fang warrior CF
X 20c brn & dkvio Fang warrior CF
X 25c Libreville CF
- 30c Libreville CF
- 35c Libreville CF
- 40c Libreville CF
- 45c Libreville CF
- 50c Libreville CF
- 75c Libreville CF
- 1fr Fang woman CF
- 2fr Fang woman CF
- 5fr Fang woman CF

1910 1910 Equatorial Africa issue (23 stamps)
X 1c choc & redorg Fang warrior AE, p. 13.5x14
X 2c grayblk & brn Fang warrior AE, p. 13.5x14
X 4c vio & ind Fang warrior AE, p. 13.5x14
X 5c brn & grn Fang warrior AE, p. 13.5x14
X 5c grayblk & och Fang warrior AE, p. 13.5x12 (1922)
X 10c red & car Fang warrior AE, p. 13.5x14
X 10c yelgrn & blgrn Fang warrior AE, p. 13.5x12 (1922)
X 15c brnvio & rose Fang warrior AE (1918)
- 20c olbrn & dkvio Fang warrior AE, p. 13.5x14
X 25c dpbl & choc Libreville AE, p. 13.5x14
X 25c turq & grayblk Libreville AE (1922)
X 30c blk & red Libreville AE, p. 13.5x14
X 30c red & rose Libreville AE (1922)
X 35c vio & grn Libreville AE, p. 13.5x14
X 40c brn & ultra Libreville AE, p. 13.5x14
X 45c red & slvio Libreville AE, p. 13.5x14
X 45c blk & red Libreville AE (1922)
X 50c blgrn & gray Libreville AE, p. 13.5x14
X 50c dkbl & bl Libreville AE (1922)
- 75c org & brn Libreville AE, p. 13.5x14
- 1fr dkbrn & bis Fang woman AE, p. 13.5x14
- 2fr rose & brn Fang woman AE, p. 13.5x14
- 5fr bl & brn Fang woman AE, p. 13.5x14

1912, Nov ovpted p. 14x13.5 (13 stamps)
- 5c on 25c bl
X 5c on 2c brn, buff
X 5c on 4c cl, lav
X 5c on 15c gray
X 5c on 20c red, grn
X 5c on 30c yelbrn
- 10c on 45c blk, graygrn
X 10c on 50c brn, bl
- 10c on 1fr brnzgrn, straw
- 10c on 5fr lil
X 10c on 40c red, straw
X 10c on 75c vio, org
X 10c on 2fr vio & car

1924 1924 issue ovpted (27 stamps)
X 1c choc & redorg ovpt, Fang warrior AE, w. unwmk, p. 13.5x14
X 2c grayblk & brn ovpt, Fang warrior AE, w. unwmk, p. 13.5x14
X 4c vio & ind ovpt, Fang warrior AE, w. unwmk, p. 13.5x14
X 5c grayblk & och ovpt, Fang warrior AE, w. unwmk, p. 13.5x12
X 10c yelgrn & blgrn ovpt, Fang warrior AE, w. unwmk, p. 13.5x12
X 10c dkbl & brn ovpt, Fang warrior AE, w. unwmk (1926)
- 15c brnvio & rose ovpt, Fang warrior AE, w. unwmk
X 15c rose & brnvio on 15c-rose&brnvio-unissued (0) (1931)
X 20c olbrn & dkvio ovpt, Fang warrior AE, w. unwmk, p. 13.5x14
X 25c turq & grayblk ovpt, Libreville AE, w. unwmk
X 30c red & rose ovpt, Libreville AE, w. unwmk
X 30c blk & orgyel on 30c-blk&orgyel-unissued (0) (1926)
X 30c dkgrn & blgrn on 30c-dkgrn&blgrn-unissued (0) (1928)
X 35c vio & grn ovpt, Libreville AE, w. unwmk, p. 13.5x14
X 40c brn & ultra ovpt, Libreville AE, w. unwmk, p. 13.5x14
X 45c blk & red ovpt, Libreville AE, w. unwmk
X 50c dkbl & bl ovpt, Libreville AE, w. unwmk
X 50c red & blgrn on 50c-red&blgrn-unissued (0) (1926)
X 65c bl & redorg on 65c-bl&redorg-unissued (0) (1928)
X 75c org & brn ovpt, Libreville AE, w. unwmk, p. 13.5x14
- 90c brnred & rose on 90c-brnred&rose-unissued (0) (1930)
X 1fr dkbrn & bis ovpt, Fang woman AE, w. unwmk, p. 13.5x14
X 1.10fr dlgrn & rosered on 1.10fr-dlgrn&rosered-unissued (0) (1928)
X 1.50fr ltbl & dkbl on 1.50fr-ltbl&dkbl-unissued (0) (1930)
X 2fr rose & brn ovpt, Fang woman AE, w. unwmk, p. 13.5x14
- 3fr redvio on 3fr-redvio-unissued (0) (1930) 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
X 5fr bl & brn ovpt, Fang woman AE, w. unwmk, p. 13.5x14

1925, Feb 1 1925 provisional issue ovpted (no wmk info) (no perf info) (8 stamps)
X 65c olgrn & brn on 1fr-olgrn&brn-unissued (0)
X 85c olgrn & brn on 1fr-olgrn&brn-unissued (0)
- 90c red & cer on 75c-red&cer-unissued (0) (1926)
X 1.25fr dkbl & ultra on 1fr-dkbl&ultra-unissued (0) (1926)
X 1.50fr ltbl & dkbl on 1fr-ltbl&dkbl-unissued (0) (1926)
X 3fr mag & olbrn on 5fr-mag&olbrn-unissued (0) (1926)
- 10fr orgbrn & grn on 5fr-orgbrn&grn-unissued (0) (1926)
X 20fr redvio & orgred on 5fr-redvio&orgred-unissued (0) (1926)

1931 Colonial Exposition issue unwmk p. 12.5
X 40c dpgrn people of French Empire
X 50c redvio women's heads
- 90c redorg France showing way to civilization
X 1.50fr dlbl colonial commerce

1932 1932 issue (24 stamps)
X 1c brnvio timber raft on Ogowe River
X 2c blk timber raft on Ogowe River
X 4c grn timber raft on Ogowe River
X 5c grnbl timber raft on Ogowe River, p. 13x13.5
X 10c timber raft on Ogowe River, p. 13x13.5
X 15c red timber raft on Ogowe River
X 20c timber raft on Ogowe River, p. 13x13.5
X 25c timber raft on Ogowe River, p. 13x13.5
X 30c de Brazza, p. 13x13.5
X 40c pur de Brazza
X 45c de Brazza, p. 13x13.5
X 50c de Brazza, p. 13x13.5
X 65c prusbl de Brazza
X 75c blk, red de Brazza
X 90c carrose de Brazza
X 1fr de Brazza, p. 13x13.5
X 1.25fr vio Gabonese village
X 1.50fr bl Gabonese village
X 1.75fr grn Gabonese village
X 2fr Gabonese village, p. 13x13.5
X 3fr Gabonese village, p. 13x13.5
X 5fr brn Gabonese village
X 10fr blk, red Gabonese village
X 20fr Gabonese village

1959, Nov 28 1959 issue p. 13
X 15fr Leon Mba face
X 25fr Leon Mba profile

1960, May 21 CCTA issue
X 50fr CCTA emblem

1961, Feb 9 UN admission issue
X 15fr multi map & flag
X 25fr multi map & flag
X 85fr multi map & flag

1961, Jul 4 flowers (1961 Gabon) (6 stamps)
X 50c combretum
X 1fr Tulip Tree
X 2fr Cassia yellow
X 3fr Cassia yellow
X 5fr campanulata Spathodea
X 10fr combretum

1962, Feb 9
X 15fr multi Mba 1962
X 20fr multi Mba 1962
X 25fr multi Mba 1962

1962, Jul 21 Abidjan Games issue p. 12.5x12
X 20fr multi Foot race start
- 50fr multi soccer

1962, Sep 8 African & Malagasy Union issue p. 12.5
X 30fr multi

1962, Nov 23
X 80fr multi Ntchorere

1963, Sep 19 space communication issue
X 25fr waves&globe
X 100fr orbital paths

1963, Dec 10 human rights 15th issue p. 13
X 25fr

1964, Mar 23 World Meteorological Day 1964 issue
X 25fr multi barograph & WMO emblem

1964, Jun 15 p. 13x12.5
X 25fr Gabon arms

1964, Jul 15 animals (1964 Gabon) p. 13
X 30fr tarpon
X 60fr gorilla
X 80fr buffalo

1964, Nov 7 cooperation issue
X 25fr

1964, Nov 16 flowers (1964 Gabon) p. 12.5x12
X 3fr Dissotis rotundifolia
X 5fr Gloriosa superba
X 15fr Eulophia horsfallii

1965, Feb 25 International Quiet Sun Year issue
X 85fr

1965, May 17 ITU 100th issue p. 13
X 30fr ITU emblem

1965, Jun 15 mineral wealth issue
X 15fr manganese mill
X 60fr Uranium mining Mounana

1965, Jul 15 1st African Games issue
- 25fr

1965, Sep 15 native dances
X 25fr Okoukoue
X 60fr Mukudji

1965, Sep 28 Lincoln death 100th issue p. 12.5x13
X 50fr Abraham Lincoln

1965, Dec 18 Stamp Day 1965 issue p. 13
- 30fr

1966, Apr 18 masks (1966) p. 12.5 (5 stamps)
- 5fr multi Balumbu mask
X 10fr multi Fang ancestral figure Byeri
- 25fr multi Fang mask
- 30fr multi Okuyi mask Myene
X 85fr multi Bakuta copper mask

1966, May 3 p. 12.5x13
X 50fr WHO building

1966, Jun 22 p. 12x12.5
X 30fr UNESCO literacy campaign

1966, Jul 15 World Cup 1966 issue p. 13
X 25fr
X 90fr

1966, Aug 17
X 20fr economic progress
X 85fr economic progress

1966, Sep 23
- 25fr savings bank

1966, Oct 17
X 30fr Boy Scouts
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