Stamps of Middle Congo, MOYEN CONGO inscription

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1907 1907 issue (no wmk info) (no perf info) (22 stamps)
X 1c olbrn & ltbrn leopard
X 2c vio & ltbrn leopard
X 4c bl & brn leopard
X 5c grn & bl leopard
X 5c yel & bl leopard (1922)
X 10c car & bl leopard
X 10c grn & blgrn leopard (1922)
X 15c brnvio & rose leopard
X 20c brn & bl leopard
X 25c bl & grn Bakalai woman
X 25c blgrn & gray Bakalai woman (1922)
X 30c scar & grn Bakalai woman
X 30c red & rose Bakalai woman (1922)
X 35c viobrn & bl Bakalai woman
- 40c dlgrn & brn Bakalai woman
X 45c vio & red Bakalai woman
- 50c blgrn & red Bakalai woman
X 50c bl & grn Bakalai woman (1922)
- 75c brn & bl Bakalai woman
- 1fr grn & vio coconut grove
- 2fr vio & graygrn coconut grove
- 5fr bl & rose coconut grove

1924 1924 issue ovpted (15 stamps)
X 1c olbrn & ltbrn ovpt, leopard
X 2c vio & ltbrn ovpt, leopard
X 5c yel & bl ovpt, leopard
X 10c grn & blgrn ovpt, leopard
X 15c brnvio & rose ovpt, leopard
X 20c brn & bl ovpt, leopard
X 25c blgrn & gray ovpt, Bakalai woman
X 30c red & rose ovpt, Bakalai woman
X 40c dlgrn & brn ovpt, Bakalai woman
X 45c vio & red ovpt, Bakalai woman
X 50c bl & grn ovpt, Bakalai woman
X 75c brn & bl ovpt, Bakalai woman
X 1fr grn & vio ovpt, coconut grove
X 2fr vio & graygrn ovpt, coconut grove
X 5fr bl & rose ovpt, coconut grove

1924 provisional issue ovpted
X 25c on 5fr bl & rose coconut grove
X 25c on 2fr vio & graygrn coconut grove

1931, Apr 13 Colonial Exposition issue
X 40c dpgrn people of French Empire
- 50c redvio women's heads
- 90c redorg France showing way to civilization
- 1.50fr dlbl colonial commerce

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