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Stamps of French Equatorial Africa, 1946

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1946 1946 provisional issue ovpted Phoenix (no wmk info) (no perf info) (8 stamps)
X 50c on 5c brn Phoenix
X 60c on 5c brn Phoenix
X 70c on 5c brn Phoenix
X 1.20fr on 5c brn Phoenix
X 2.40fr on 25c emer Phoenix
X 3fr on 25c emer Phoenix
X 4.50fr on 25c emer Phoenix
X 15fr on 2.50fr ultra Phoenix


1946 1946 air issue
X 50fr redbrn plane over palms & village
X 100fr dkgrn village & waterfront & plane
X 200fr dpbl bearers in jungle&plane

1946, May 8
X 8fr rosered Victory

1946, Jun 6 Chad to Rhine issue (6 stamps)
X 5fr Leclerc leaving Chad
X 10fr capture of Kufra
X 15fr tanks at Mareth
X 20fr Normandy invasion
X 25fr entering Paris
X 50fr liberation of Strasbourg

1 to 18 of 18