Postage due stamps of French Equatorial Africa

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postage due

1937 numeral on butterfly unwmk (no perf info) (11 stamps)
X 5c numeral on butterfly
X 10c numeral on butterfly
X 20c numeral on butterfly
X 25c numeral on butterfly
X 30c numeral on butterfly
X 45c numeral on butterfly
- 50c numeral on butterfly
X 60c numeral on butterfly
X 1fr numeral on butterfly
X 2fr numeral on butterfly
- 3fr numeral on butterfly

1947 abstract (10 stamps)
X 10c abstract
X 30c abstract
X 50c abstract
- 1fr abstract
- 2fr abstract
- 3fr abstract
- 4fr abstract
- 5fr abstract
- 10fr abstract
- 20fr abstract

1 to 21 of 21