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Stamps of Algeria, 1936

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1936 1936 issue - scenic (1936) unwmk (no perf info) (26 stamps)
X 1c ultra Sahara .20
X 2c dkvio Oued River .20
X 3c dkblgrn triumphal arch, Lambaesis
X 5c redvio view of Ghardaia .20 .20
X 10c emer Admiralty Building
X 15c red Kings' Tombs
X 20c dkblgrn Sidi Bon Medine Cemetery
X 25c rosevio El-Kebir Mosque
X 30c yelgrn view of Ghardaia .20
X 40c brnvio Kings' Tombs
- 45c Sidi Bon Medine Cemetery
X 50c red Admiralty Building
X 65c redbrn Sahara
X 75c slbl Oued River .20
X 90c hennabrn triumphal arch, Lambaesis
X 1fr brn El-Kebir Mosque
X 1.25fr ltvio Admiralty Building
X 1.50fr turqbl Oued River
X 1.75fr hennabrn view of Ghardaia
X 2fr dkbrn triumphal arch, Lambaesis
X 2.25fr yelgrn Sahara
X 3fr mag Sidi Bon Medine Cemetery
X 3.50fr pckbl El-Kebir Mosque
X 5fr slbl Admiralty Building
X 10fr hennabrn Oued River
X 20fr turqbl Kings' Tombs

1 to 26 of 26