Stamps of Algeria, unwmk watermark

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1 to 200 of 1941


1924 1924 issue ovpted on stamps of France unwmk p. 14x13.5 (32 stamps)
X 1c gray ovpt, Liberte Egalite Fraternite Sc1
X 2c viobrn ovpt, Liberte Egalite Fraternite
X 3c org ovpt, Liberte Egalite Fraternite
X 4c yelbrn ovpt, Liberte Egalite Fraternite
X 5c org ovpt, sower
X 5c grn ovpt, Liberte Egalite Fraternite (1925)
X 10c grn ovpt, sower
X 10c grn ovpt, Pasteur (1925)
X 15c slgrn ovpt, sower
X 15c grn ovpt, Pasteur (1925)
X 15c redbrn ovpt, sower (1926)
X 20c brn ovpt, sower
X 25c bl ovpt, sower
X 30c red ovpt, Pasteur
X 30c cer ovpt, sower (1925)
X 30c ltbl ovpt, sower (1925)
X 35c vio ovpt, sower, v. 1
X 40c ver & ltbl ovpt, Liberty & Peace
X 40c ol ovpt, sower (1925)
X 45c grn & bl ovpt, Liberty & Peace
X 45c red ovpt, Pasteur (1925)
X 50c bl ovpt, Pasteur
X 60c ltvio ovpt, sower
X 65c rose ovpt, sower
X 75c bl ovpt, Pasteur
X 80c ver ovpt, sower (1926)
X 85c ver ovpt, sower
X 1fr cl & ltolgrn ovpt, Liberty & Peace
X 1.05fr ver ovpt, sower (1926)
X 2fr org & bl ovpt, Liberty & Peace
X 3fr vio & bl ovpt, Liberty & Peace (1926)
X 5fr dkbl & buff ovpt, Liberty & Peace

1926 1926 issue (no perf info) (35 stamps)
X 1c ol street in Kasbah
X 2c redbrn street in Kasbah
X 3c org street in Kasbah
X 5c blgrn street in Kasbah
X 10c brtvio street in Kasbah
X 15c orgbrn mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 20c dprose mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 20c grn mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 25c blgrn mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 25c bl mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman (1927)
X 25c viobl mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman (1939)
X 30c bl mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 30c blgrn mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman (1927)
X 35c dpvio mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 40c olgrn mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 45c viobrn La Pecherie mosque
X 50c bl La Pecherie mosque
X 50c dkred La Pecherie mosque (1930)
X 60c yelgrn La Pecherie mosque
X 65c blkbrn La Pecherie mosque (1927)
X 65c ultra street in Kasbah (1938)
X 75c car La Pecherie mosque
X 75c bl La Pecherie mosque (1929)
X 80c orgred La Pecherie mosque
X 90c red La Pecherie mosque (1927)
X 1fr graygrn & redbrn Marabout
X 1.05fr ltbrn La Pecherie mosque
X 1.10fr mag La Pecherie mosque (1927)
X 1.25fr dkbl & ultra Marabout
X 1.50fr dkbl & ultra Marabout (1927)
X 2fr prusbl & blkbrn Marabout
X 3fr vio & org Marabout
X 5fr red & vio Marabout
X 10fr olbrn & rose Marabout (1927)
X 20fr vio & grn Marabout (1927)

1927 ovpted p. 14x13.5
X 5c on 4c yelbrn Liberte Egalite Fraternite

1927 1927 surcharges issue ovpted (no perf info) (7 stamps)
X 10c on 35c dpvio mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 25c on 30c bl mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 30c on 25c blgrn mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman
X 65c on 60c yelgrn La Pecherie mosque
X 90c on 80c orgred La Pecherie mosque
X 1.10fr on 1.05fr ltbrn La Pecherie mosque
- 1.50fr on 1.25fr dkbl & ultra Marabout

1930, May 4 Algeria 100th issue
X 10fr redbrn Bay of Algiers

1936 1936 issue - scenic (1936) (31 stamps)
X 1c ultra Sahara
X 2c dkvio Oued River
X 3c dkblgrn triumphal arch, Lambaesis
X 5c redvio view of Ghardaia
X 10c emer Admiralty Building
X 15c red Kings' Tombs
X 20c dkblgrn Sidi Bon Medine Cemetery
X 25c rosevio El-Kebir Mosque
X 30c yelgrn view of Ghardaia
X 40c brnvio Kings' Tombs
- 45c Sidi Bon Medine Cemetery
X 50c red Admiralty Building
X 65c redbrn Sahara
X 65c rosecar Sahara (1937)
X 70c redbrn Sahara (1939)
X 75c slbl Oued River
X 90c hennabrn triumphal arch, Lambaesis
X 1fr brn El-Kebir Mosque
X 1.25fr ltvio Admiralty Building
X 1.25fr carrose Admiralty Building (1939)
X 1.50fr turqbl Oued River
X 1.50fr rose Oued River (1940)
X 1.75fr hennabrn view of Ghardaia
X 2fr dkbrn triumphal arch, Lambaesis
X 2.25fr yelgrn Sahara
- 2.50fr dkultra view of Ghardaia (1941)
X 3fr mag Sidi Bon Medine Cemetery
X 3.50fr pckbl El-Kebir Mosque
X 5fr slbl Admiralty Building
X 10fr hennabrn Oued River
X 20fr turqbl Kings' Tombs

X 40c brtgrn Algerian Pavilion
X 50c rosecar Algerian Pavilion
X 1.50fr bl Algerian Pavilion
X 1.75fr brnblk Algerian Pavilion

1937 French seizure 100th issue
X 65c dprose Constantine 1837
X 1fr brn Constantine 1837
X 1.75fr blgrn Constantine 1837
X 2.15fr redvio Constantine 1837

1938 ovptedscenic (1936)
X 25c on 50c red Admiralty Building

1938, Oct Phillippeville 100th issue (5 stamps)
X 30c
X 65c ultra
X 75c
X 3fr
X 5fr

X 90c triumphal arch, Lambaesis

1939 ovpted
X 1fr on 90c red La Pecherie mosque

X 2.25fr blgrn El-Kebir Mosque

1939 New York World's Fair issue liner unloading (5 stamps)
X 20c grn liner unloading
X 40c redvio liner unloading
X 90c brnblk liner unloading
X 1.25fr rose liner unloading
X 2.25fr ultra liner unloading

1941 ovpted
X 50c on 65c ultra street in Kasbah

X 1fr dkbl Petain

1941 1941a issue
X 30c ultra view of Algiers
X 70c sep view of Algiers
X 1fr carrose view of Algiers

X 30c ultra view of Algiers no RF

1942 photo print
X 40c graygrn mosque no RF
- 50c red mosque no RF

- 1.50fr rose Oued River no RF

X 1.50fr orgred Petain

1942 1942a issue - arms of Algerian cities v. name (9 stamps)
X 40c dkvio arms of Constantine (1943)
X 60c rose arms of Oran (1943)
X 1.20fr yelgrn arms of Constantine (1943)
X 1.50fr carrose arms of Algiers
X 2fr saph arms of Oran
X 2.40fr rose arms of Constantine (1943)
X 3fr saph arms of Algiers
X 4fr bl arms of Constantine (1943)
X 5fr yelgrn arms of Oran (1943)

1942 1942b issue - arms of Algerian cities v. no name (12 stamps)
X 10c brnvio arms of Algiers (1945)
X 30c blgrn arms of Oran (1945)
X 40c brnvio arms of Constantine (1945) .20 .20
X 60c rose arms of Oran (1945)
X 70c dpbl arms of Constantine (1945)
X 80c dkblgrn arms of Algiers (1943)
X 1.20fr blgrn arms of Constantine (1945)
X 1.50fr brtrose arms of Algiers (1945) .20 .20
X 2fr dpbl arms of Oran (1945)
X 2.40fr rose arms of Constantine
X 3fr dpbl arms of Algiers (1945)
X 4.50fr brnvio arms of Oran

X 1.50fr dkbl flag of Algeria & V

1943 ovpted p. 12
- 2fr on 5fr redorg arms of Oran

1943 Victory issue (no perf info)
X 1.50fr red

1944 ovpted
- 30c on 15c orgbrn mosque of Sidi Abder Rahman

1944 1944 issue (15 stamps)
X 10c gray Marianne right
X 30c cl Marianne right
X 40c red Gallic cock
X 50c scar Marianne right
- 80c Marianne right
X 1fr grn Gallic cock
- 1.20fr Marianne right
X 1.50fr dkbl Marianne right
X 2fr dkbrn Gallic cock
X 2fr scar Gallic cock
X 2.40fr scar Marianne right
X 3fr vio Marianne right
X 4fr Gallic cock
X 4.50fr Marianne right
X 10fr Gallic cock

1944, Dec 1 Summer Palace, Algiers (5 stamps)
X 15fr sl Summer Palace, Algiers
X 20fr ltblgrn Summer Palace, Algiers
X 50fr dkcar Summer Palace, Algiers
X 100fr dpbl Summer Palace, Algiers
X 200fr dlbisbrn Summer Palace, Algiers

1945 ovptedarms of Algerian cities
X 50c on 1.50fr brtrose arms of Algiers

- 4+6fr dkbrn

1945 1945a issue ovpted on stamps of France Iris goddess (7 stamps)
- 80c redbrn ovpt, Iris goddess, p. 14x13.5
X 1fr grnbl ovpt, Iris goddess, p. 14x13.5
- 1.20fr vio ovpt, Iris goddess
X 2fr viobrn ovpt, Iris goddess
X 2fr on 1.50fr orgbrn Iris goddess, p. 14x13.5 (1946)
X 2.40fr carrose ovpt, Iris goddess
X 3fr org ovpt, Iris goddess

1945 1945b issue ovpted on stamps of France (7 stamps)
X 40c mag ovpt, shield & broken chain
X 50c viobl ovpt, shield & broken chain
- 60c brtultra ovpt, Ceres
X 1fr rosered ovpt, Ceres, p. 14x13.5 (1947)
X 1.50fr roselil ovpt, Ceres, p. 14x13.5 (1947)
X 2fr dkgrn ovpt, Petain, p. 14x13.5 (1946)
X 4.50fr ultra ovpt, Marianne, p. 14x13.5 (1947)
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1 to 200 of 1941