Stamps of Greece, 15 Dec 1979

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1979, Dec 15 Greek landscapes (1979) wmk. crowns (no perf info) (15 stamps)
X 0.50d multi Mount Parnassos Ski Resort Central Greece
X 1d multi The Vale gorge of Tempe Thessaly
X 2d multi Glaronisi - Island of Milos
X 4d multi The Vikos Gorge Epirus
- 5d multi The Lake of Messolongi Western Greece
X 6d multi The river Louros Aquaduct Epirus
X 7d multi Island of Samothraki
X 8d multi Sithonia peninsula Chalkidike
X 10d multi The Samaria Gorge Crete
- 12d multi Island of Sifnos
X 14d multi Kymi Island of Evia
- 18d multi Island of Ios
X 20d multi Island of Thassos
- 30d multi Kolybithres island of Paros
- 50d multi Island of Kefalonia

1 to 15 of 15