Stamps of Greece, 15 Feb 1961

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1961, Feb 15 1961 issue - scenic (1961 Greece) wmk. crowns (17 stamps)
X 10l graybl Kastoria, p. 14x12.5
X 20l dkvio Meteora, p. 14x12.5
X 50l bl Hydra Saronic Gulf, p. 14x12.5
- 70l dkvio Acropolis ATHENS, p. 14x12.5
- 80l ultra Mykonos, p. 14x12.5
X 1d redbrn St Catherine Church Thessaloniki, p. 14x12.5
X 1.50d grn Olympia, p. 14x12.5
X 2.50d red Knossos, p. 14x12.5
X 3.50d vio Rhodos, p. 14x12.5
X 4d dkgrn Epidauros, p. 14x12.5
X 4.50d dkbl Marmor Temple of Poseidon Cape Sounion, p. 14x12.5
X 5d pur TEMPLE OF ZEUS ATHENS, p. 14x12.5
X 6d dkyelgrn Delphi
- 7.50d dkgray Ioannina, p. 14x12.5
X 8d bl Mt Athos
- 8.50d orgred Santorini
- 12.50d dkbrn lion statues on Delos, p. 14x12.5

1 to 17 of 17