Stamps of Yugoslavia, YUGOSLAVIJA inscription

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1922 1922 issue ovpted unwmk p. 12 (7 stamps)
X 1d on 10p car giving succor
X 1d on 25p ltbl
X 1d on 15p viobrn wounded soldier
X 3d on 15p viobrn wounded soldier
X 8d on 15p viobrn wounded soldier
X 20d on 15p viobrn wounded soldier
X 30d on 15p viobrn wounded soldier

1949, Oct 16 ovpted p. 12.5
- 3d on 8d choc arms of Yugoslavia
- 3d on 12d vio arms of Yugoslavia

1956, Mar 24 Yugoslav art p. 11.75 (12 stamps)
- 5d blkvio Church of StDonat into ZadarDalmacia-9th century
- 10d Relief from a kroacia king by a dom into Split-10th century
- 15d dkbrn porch from the church mother of god abbey from Studenica-1
X 20d porch of cathedral into Trogir-13th century
X 25d dolefulness of the death Mariasabbey into supocani-13th cen
X 30d dkcar mediaval gravestone-Nekropolis by RadimlieHerzegowina-15th
X 35d dkol sculpture-cathedral from Sibenic - 15th century
X 40d St Martin of horse - Marienchurch Dancama - 16th century
X 50d olbrn Ciborium Cathedral from Kotor - 15th century
- 70d Hallow figure from church Maria-schnee - Belec Kroatia- 18
- 100d selfpaint from Rikard Jacopik
- 200d bl Libertymonument yugoslavias by UN-Building of New York

1956, Apr 20 JUFIZ III issue p. 11.5
X 15d multi Lotrscak tower, Zagreb

1956, Jul 10 Tesla 100th issue
X 10d dkol induction motor, p. 11.5x12.5
X 15d brncar Teslas Transformator
X 30d dkbl Remote Control
- 50d brnvio Nikola Tesla, p. 11.5x12.5

1956, Sep 10 marine life (1956) p. 11.75 (9 stamps)
X 10d multi Hippocampus antiquorum
X 15d multi Argonauta argo
X 20d multi Palinurus vulgaris
X 25d multi Coris julis
X 30d multi Serranus scriba (1956) (1956)
X 35d blgrn & multi red mullet
- 50d multi Scorpaena scrofa
- 70d multi Labrus bimaculatus
- 100d multi Zeus pungio

1956, Oct 24 Olympics 1956 issue p. 12.5 (8 stamps)
X 10d brn & bis runner
X 15d multi Canoeist
X 20d skier
- 30d swimmer
- 35d Goal Keeper
- 50d Water Polo Player
- 70d tennis player
- 100d multi shooter

1957, May 25 medicinal plants (1957) p. 11.75 (9 stamps)
X 10d ind & multi centaury
X 15d vio & multi belladonna
X 20d multi Colchicum autumnale
X 25d multi Althaea officinalis
X 30d multi Valeriana officinale
X 35d multi Digitalis lanata
- 50d multi Dryopteris filix-mas
- 70d multi Orchis morio
- 100d multi Pyrethrum

1957, Jun 25 workers council congress issue p. 12.5
X 15d redpur Hand with model of a factory
X 30d dkviobl Hand with model of a factory

1957, Jul 1 Gymnaestrada 1957 issue
- 10d blk & ol gymnastics
- 15d blk & carbrn gymnastics
- 30d blk & grnbl gymnastics
- 50d blk & dkbrn gymnastics

1957, Sep 24 national costumes (6 stamps)
- 10d multi Montenegro
- 15d multi
- 30d multi
- 50d multi
- 75d multi
- 100d multi

1957, Nov 7 Russian Revolution 40th issue (no perf info)
X 15d

1957, Dec 3 famous men (1957 Yugoslavia) p. 12.5 (5 stamps)
X 15d dkbrn Simon Gregorčič
X 30d dkbl Anton Linhart
X 50d purbrn Oton Kučera
- 70d blvio Stevan Mokranjac
- 100d blkol Jovan Sterija Popovic

1958, Mar 24 industrial progress (14 stamps)
X 2d ol oil derricks, p. 12.5
X 5d redbrn shipbuilding, p. 12.5
X 10d dkgrn Sisak steel works
X 15d copred Jablanica hydroelectric works
X 17d dlvio lumberyard, p. 12.5
- 25d grnbl Street underpass of the highway Zagreb-Ljubljana, p. 12.5
X 30d slbl Litostroy turbine factory, p. 12.5
X 35d car Lukavac coke factory, p. 12.5
X 40d carrose Titograd Hotel & theater, p. 12.5
X 50d bl view of Skopje, p. 12.5
X 70d ver Sarajevo main railway station, p. 12.5
X 100d grn Triple Bridge, p. 12.5
X 200d redbrn Zagreb, p. 12.5
- 500d grnbl Peoples Assembly Belgrade, p. 12.5

1958, Apr 22 7th party congress issue
- 15d carbrn

1958, May 4 Red Cross issue (no perf info)
- 2d

1958, May 25 birds (1958) p. 11.75 (9 stamps)
- 10d multi mallard duck
- 15d multi Tetrao urogallus
- 20d multi Phasianus colchicus
- 25d multi Fulica atra
- 30d multi Rallus aquaticus
- 35d multi Otis tarda
- 50d multi Alectoris graeca
- 70d multi Scolopax rusticola
- 100d multi Grus grus

1958, Jun 14 postal museum opening issue p. 12.5
- 15d

1958, Jul 1 Sutjeska battle 15th issue p. 12.75
- 15d carbrn

1958, Aug 10 Marin Drzic 450th issue p. 12.5
- 15d

1958, Oct 24 IGY issue
- 15d purbrn

1958, Dec 10 human rights 10th issue
- 30d bl

1959, Feb 16 tourism issue (8 stamps)
X 10d multi Dubrovnik
X 10d emer & ultra Bled
X 15d multi Postoina grotto
X 15d bl & blgrn Ohrid
X 20d brn & grn Plitvice
X 20d emer & grnbl Opatija
X 30d och & dkvio Split
X 30d grayol & viobl Sveti Stefan

1959, Apr 20 Communist party 40th issue (no perf info)
- 20d

1960, Apr 25 Olympics 1960 issue p. 12.5 (8 stamps)
X 15d multi
X 20d multi swimming
X 30d multi cross-country skiing
X 35d multi wrestling
X 40d multi bicycling
X 55d multi sailing
X 80d multi equestrian
X 100d multi fencing

1960, May 25 mammals (1960) p. 11.75 (9 stamps)
X 15d multi hedgehog
X 20d multi red squirrel
X 25d multi Martes martes
- 30d multi Lepus europaeus
- 35d Vulpes vulpes
X 40d multi badger
- 55d multi Canis lupus
X 80d multi Capreolus capreolus
- 100d multi Sus scrofa

1960, Jun 22 Lenin 90th issue p. 12.75
X 20d ol Vladimir Lenin

1960, Aug 23 nuclear energy exposition issue p. 12.5
X 15d blgrn accelerator
- 20d generator
X 40d dpbl reactor

1960, Oct 24 UN 15th issue
X 80d

1960, Oct 24 national theater 100th issue
X 15d multi National Theatre in Novi Sad

1960, Oct 24 Croatian theater 100th issue
X 20d viobrn

1960, Oct 24 Yugloslav flight 50th issue
X 40d Edvard Rusjan Bleriot IX

1960, Oct 24 Yugoslav Republic 15th issue
X 55d

1960, Dec 24 famous people (1960) (6 stamps)
- 15d Ivan Cankar
X 20d brnred Silvije Strahimir Kranjcevic 1865-1908 poet
- 40d graybrn Paja Jovanovic 1859-1957 painter
- 55d Dura Jaksic
X 80d Mihajlo Pupin
X 100d Rudjer Boskovic

1961 1961 issue - industrial progress (19 stamps)
X 5d brnorg shipbuilding, p. 12.5
X 8d gray logging, p. 12.5
X 10d carbrn Sisak steel works
- 10d Sisak steel works, p. 12.5h
X 15d emer Road underpass, p. 12.5
- 15d p. 12.5h
X 20d viobl Hydroelectric plant in Jablanica, p. 12.5
X 25d ver Cable factory in Svetozarevo, p. 12.5
X 30d redbrn Turbines factory Ljubljana, p. 12.5
X 40d dkpur Coke-plant Lukavec, p. 12.5
X 50d ultra Zenica ironworks, p. 12.5
X 65d dkblgrn Copper rolling mill in Sevojno, p. 12.5
X 100d yelol Oil-well Derricks, p. 12.5
X 150d red Hotel in Titograd outdoor theatre in Cetinje, p. 12.5
X 200d dkgraybl Vardar Bridge at Skopje, p. 12.5
X 300d olgrn p. 12.5
X 500d dkbl Federal Parliament in Belgrade
X 1000d dkbrn Mestrovic station, Zagreb, p. 12.5
- 2000d brncar Beograd, p. 12.5

1961, May 15
X 25d multi IAEA emblem

1961, May 25 flowers (1961 Yugoslavia) p. 11.75 (9 stamps)
X 10d multi Digitalis ambigua
X 15d multi marjoram
X 20d multi Hissop
X 25d multi Crataegus monogyna
X 40d multi Althaea rosea
X 50d multi Saponaria officinalis
X 60d multi Salvia sclarea
X 80d multi Prunus spinosa
X 100d multi Calendula officinalis

1961, Jul 3 national insurrection 20th issue (6 stamps)
X 15d multi Monument Popular uprising in Valjevo, p. 12.5
X 20d multi Relief of the monument in Bosanski - Grahovo, p. 12.5
X 25d multi Monument of the victims in Kragujevac, p. 12.5
X 60d multi Monument Victorious fighter in Nova Gradiška, p. 12.5
X 100d multi Monument Tito in Titovo Užice, p. 12.5
- 500d multi imperf

1961, Sep 1 nonaligned nations conference issue
X 25d dkviobrn Heads of five different human races
X 50d blkgrn Federal Parliament in Belgrade, p. 11.5
- 1000d multi imperf 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1961, Sep 10 p. 12.5
X 25d St Clement

1961, Nov 28 regional costumes (1961 Yugoslavia) (6 stamps)
X 15d multi
X 25d multi Crna Gora
X 30d multi Bosnia i Hercegovina
X 50d multi
X 65d multi
X 100d multi

1961, Dec 15
X 25d Vukalovic

1961, Dec 22 army 20th issue
X 25d

1961, Dec 25
X 25d multi Miladinov brothers

1962, Apr 7
X 50d joy of motherhood

1962, Apr 7 malaria eradication issue
X 50d blk, gray mosquito

1962, Apr 10 UNESCO 15th issue
X 25d emblem&Isis
X 50d UNESCO emblem & Ramses II sculpture

1962, Apr 24 scenic (1962 Yugoslavia) (7 stamps)
X 15d brnol & ultra Portoroz
X 15d dkblgrn & ol Jajce
X 25d brn & graybl Zadar
X 25d bl & graybl Popova Sapka
X 30d Hvar
X 30d grayvio & ultra Kotor Bay
X 50d turqbl & yelol Djerdap
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