Stamps of Yugoslavia, 12.5 perf

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1926, Jan 25 1926 issue King Alexander unwmk p. 12.5 (12 stamps)
X 25p dpgrn King Alexander
X 50p olbrn King Alexander
X 1d scar King Alexander
X 2d slblk King Alexander
X 3d bl King Alexander
X 4d redorg King Alexander
X 5d vio King Alexander
X 8d blkbrn King Alexander
X 10d olbrn King Alexander
X 15d brn King Alexander (1927)
X 20d dkvio King Alexander (1927)
X 30d org King Alexander (1927)

1928, Jul ovpted King Alexander (7 stamps)
X 1d on 1d+50p scar King Alexander
X 2d on 2d+50p slblk King Alexander
X 3d on 3d+50p bl King Alexander
X 4d on 4d+50p redorg King Alexander
X 5d on 5d+50p vio King Alexander
X 8d on 8d+50p blkbrn King Alexander
X 10d on 10d+1d olbrn King Alexander

1931, Sep 1 Alexander 1931 issue King Alexander v. imprint (12 stamps)
X 25p blk King Alexander
X 50p grn King Alexander
X 1d red King Alexander
X 1.75d dprose King Alexander (1934)
X 3d slbl King Alexander
X 3.50d ultra King Alexander (1934)
X 4d dporg King Alexander
X 5d pur King Alexander
X 10d dkol King Alexander
X 15d dpbrn King Alexander
X 20d dkvio King Alexander
X 30d rose King Alexander

1932 1932 issue v. no imprint (8 stamps)
X 50p grn King Alexander
X 3d slbl King Alexander (1933)
X 4d dporg King Alexander (1933)
X 5d pur King Alexander (1933)
X 10d dkol King Alexander (1933)
X 15d dpbrn King Alexander (1933)
X 20d dkvio (1933)
X 30d rose (1933)

1933, Sep 5 1933a issue ovpted King Alexander (12 stamps)
X 25p dpgrn ovpt, King Alexander
- 50p olbrn ovpt, King Alexander
X 1d scar ovpt, King Alexander
- 2d slblk ovpt, King Alexander
X 3d bl ovpt, King Alexander
X 4d redorg ovpt, King Alexander
X 5d vio ovpt, King Alexander
X 8d blkbrn ovpt, King Alexander
X 10d olbrn ovpt, King Alexander
X 15d brn ovpt, King Alexander
- 20d dkvio ovpt, King Alexander
X 30d org ovpt, King Alexander

1933, Sep 5 1933b issue ovpted
X 25p on 25p+25p dpgrn King Alexander
X 50p on 50p+50p olbrn King Alexander
X 1d on 1d+50p scar King Alexander

1934, Oct 17 King Alexander Memorial issue King Alexander (13 stamps)
X 25p blk King Alexander
X 50p grn King Alexander
X 75p slgrn King Alexander
X 1d red King Alexander
X 1.75d dprose King Alexander
X 3d slbl King Alexander
X 3.50d ultra King Alexander
X 4d dporg King Alexander
X 5d pur King Alexander
X 10d dkol King Alexander
X 15d dpbrn King Alexander
- 20d dkvio King Alexander
X 30d rose King Alexander

1939 1939 issue King Peter II (14 stamps)
X 25p blk King Peter II
X 50p org King Peter II
X 1d yelgrn King Peter II
X 1.50d red King Peter II
- 2d dpmag King Peter II
X 3d dlredbrn King Peter II
X 4d ultra King Peter II
X 5d dkbl King Peter II
X 5.50d dkviobrn King Peter II .20
X 6d slbl King Peter II .20
X 8d sepia King Peter II .20
X 12d brtvio King Peter II .20
X 16d dlvio King Peter II .20
- 20d bl King Peter II .20

1940, Jun 1 Balkan Entente issue
X 3d ultra arms a
X 3d ultra arms b
X 4d bl arms a
X 4d dkblgray arms b

1940, Sep 29
X 5.50d slgrn & dlgrn bridge at Obod

1945 Marshal Tito (12 stamps)
- 25p blgrn Marshal Tito
- 50p dkgrn Marshal Tito
- 1d red Marshal Tito
- 2d redlil Marshal Tito
- 4d dkbl Marshal Tito
X 5d prusgrn Marshal Tito
X 6d dkpur Marshal Tito
- 9d brn Marshal Tito
X 10d dpcar Marshal Tito
- 20d org Marshal Tito
X 25d dkpur Marshal Tito
X 30d dpbl Marshal Tito

1945, Oct 10 partisans issue (12 stamps)
X 50p olgray partisans a
X 1d blgrn partisans a
X 1.50d brn partisans b
X 2d scar Tito
X 3d redbrn city of Jajce
X 4d dkbl Tito
X 5d grn city of Jajce
- 6d blk Partisan Girl & Flag
- 9d plum Partisan Girl & Flag
- 12d ultra
- 16d bl
X 20d ver partisans b

1946, May 9 WWII victory 1st issue
- 1.50d yel & red
- 2.50d car & red
- 5d bl & red

1946, Sep 22 Markovic 100th issue
- 1.50d dkgrn Svetozar Marković
- 2.50d pur Svetozar Marković

1947, Jan 15 1945 reissue issue
X 2.50d scar Partisan Girl & Flag
X 5d dkbl city of Jajce
X 8d org Partisan Girl & Flag

1947, Jun 8 Wreath of Mountains 100th issue
X 1.50d dkgrn & blk title page
X 2.50d dkcar & ltbrn Peter Nyegosh
X 5d bl & blk title page

1947, Sep 16 annexation of Julian province issue
- 2.50d dkcar & dkbl Map of Istria & Slovenian coast with star
- 5d orgbrn & dkgrn Map of Istria & Slovenian coast with star

1948, Apr 8 Zagreb Fair 1948 issue
- 1.50d multi
- 2.50d multi
- 5d multi

1948, Jul 30 Danube Conference, Belgrade issue
- 2d yelgrn Sava bridge
- 3d rose Sava bridge
- 5d ultra Sava bridge
- 10d yelbrn Sava bridge

1948, Aug 21 Laurent Kosir death 80th issue
X 3d pur Laurent Kosir
X 5d bl Laurent Kosir
X 10d org Laurent Kosir
X 12d graygrn Laurent Kosir

1948, Nov 29 federation plan 5th issue (6 stamps)
X 3d grn
X 3d lil
X 3d graybl
X 3d grayblk
X 3d rose
X 3d dkorg

1949 1949 ovpt issue ovpted (9 stamps)
X 50p olgray ovpt, partisans a
X 1d blgrn ovpt, partisans a
X 2d scar ovpt, Tito
- 3d on 8d org Partisan Girl & Flag
X 5d dkbl ovpt, city of Jajce
X 10d on 20d ver partisans b
X 12d ultra ovpt
X 16d bl ovpt
X 20d ver ovpt, partisans b

1949, Oct 16 ovpted
- 3d on 8d choc arms of Yugoslavia
- 3d on 12d vio arms of Yugoslavia

1950, Apr 30 Labor Day 1950 issue
X 3d brnred Tito
X 5d viobl Tito
X 10d brn Tito
X 12d blkol Tito

1950, Jun 1
- 3d brnrose child eating

1950, Jul 2 Airmail Week 1950 issue (5 stamps)
- 2d grn model plane
- 3d brncar ORAO-2 glider
- 5d vio parachutists
- 10d purbrn woman in sports plane Zlin Z 22 Junak
- 20d ultra Sailplane Letov Aero 2 H landing

1950, Aug 20 9th Chess Olympiad issue (5 stamps)
- 2d carbrn chessboard & map
- 3d multi chess rook & flags
- 5d multi Chess game & globe
- 10d multi players&globe
- 20d multi chess knight & flags & Dubrovnik

1950, Sep occupations issue engr print (12 stamps)
X 50p dkbrn metallurgy
- 1d blgrn electrification
X 2d org agriculture
X 3d red construction
X 5d bl fishing
- 7d gray mining
X 10d dkbrn fruit growing
X 12d purbrn forestry
- 16d dkbl Gathering sunflowers
X 20d olgrn livestock raising
- 30d redbrn book manufacture
- 50d blvio loading ship

1950, Sep 23 Zagreb Fair 1950 issue
X 3d redbrn Cellulose factory in front of Yugoslavian map

1950, Nov 29 Navy Day 1950 issue (6 stamps)
X 2d pur galleon
X 3d brn partisans in boat
X 5d ship unloading
X 10d ltbl liner
X 12d dkgraybl sailboats
X 20d viobrn warship

1951, Mar 27 coup 10th issue
X 3d red & redbrn Men with flag on motorcycle with sidecar

1951, Apr 27 Slovenian insurrection 10th issue
X 3d redbrn Franc Rozman-Stane
X 5d dkbl Partisan courier

1951, Jun 3
X 3d red children painting (activity)

1951, Jul 7 Serbian insurrection 10th issue
X 3d redbrn Zika Jovanovic
X 5d dkbl Freedom fighters in combat

1951, Jul 13 Montenegran insurrection 10th issue
X 3d rosepink Sava Kovacevic
X 5d ltbl Insurgent calls up for battle

1951, Jul 27 Bosnian insurrection 10th issue
X 3d redbrn Simu Solaj
X 5d dkbl

1951, Jul 27 Croatian insurrection 10th issue
X 3d Marko Oreskovic monument
X 5d dpslbl

1951, Sep 9 medieval people
- 10d Primoz Trubar 1518-86 writer 1st book Slovenian language
- 12d yelbrn MARKO MARULIC
- 20d blvio Dusans book
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1 to 200 of 828