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Stamps of Colombia, 1956

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1956 Departmental issue unwmk (no perf info) (22 stamps)
X 2c car & blgrn docks, Atlantico
X 3c grn & vio allegory of industry
- 4c grn & blk Cartagena harbor
X 5c Paz del Rio
X 5c cattle
X 5c bl & blk Map of San Andres Archipelago
X 5c View of Port San Andres
X 5c brn & grn harvesting cacao
X 10c brnorg & blk harvesting coffee
X 15c bl & blk Salt-dome from Zipaquira
X 20c dkbrn & bl map of Platin
- 23c viobl & red Rice-farm
X 25c olgrn & blk Banana-harvest
X 30c bl & brn Panning for gold
X 40c vio & redbrn tobacco plantation, Santander
X 50c grn & blk Oil-towers
- 60c gray & blgrn harvesting cotton, Tolima
X 1p pur & graybl sugar factory, Valle del Cauca
X 2p grn & brn
- 3p car & blk Rio Amazonas
- 5p brn & bl
X 10p brn & blgrn rubber plantation, Vaupes

1956, Oct 12 Columbus issue
- 3c grayblk Columbus Lighthouse

1956, Nov 19 St Elizabeth 700th issue
X 5c redlil altar & tomb

1956, Nov 26 St Ignatius of Loyola death 400th issue
X 5c bl St Ignatius of Loyola

1956, Dec 28
X 5c bl Javier Pereira

1 to 26 of 26