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Stamps of Cuba, 1989

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1989, Jan 1 30th Anniversary of the Revolution issue unwmk p. 13x12.75
- 5c multi
- 20c multi
- 30c multi
- 50c multi

1989, Jan 10 edible mushrooms (1989) p. 12.75 (6 stamps)
X 2c multi Pleurotus levis
X 3c multi Pleurotus floridanus
X 5c multi Amanita caesarea
X 10c multi Lentinus cubensis
- 40c multi Pleurotus ostreatus
- 50c multi Pleurotus ostreatus

1989, Jan 20 INDIA '89 issue (no perf info)
- 1p multi

1989, Jan 28 50th Anniversary of the Revolutionary Workers' Union issue p. 12.5x12.25
X 5c multi

1989, Feb 15 butterflies (1989 Cuba) p. 12.5 (6 stamps)
- 1c multi Metamorpha dido
- 3c multi Callithea saphhira
- 5c multi Papilio zagreus
- 10c multi Mynes sestia
- 30c multi Papilio dardanus
- 50c multi Catagranma sorana

1989, Mar 15 World Cup 1990 in 1989 issue (7 stamps)
X 1c multi p. 12.75
X 3c multi p. 12.75
X 5c multi p. 12.75
X 10c multi p. 12.75
X 30c multi p. 12.75
- 50c multi p. 12.75
- 1p multi p. 13

1989, Mar 23 30th Anniversary of the National Revolutionary Police issue p. 12.75
X 5c multi

1989, Apr 12 Cosmonautics Day 1989 issue (6 stamps)
X 1c multi Rocket Zodiac Australia 1934
X 3c multi India 1934
X 5c multi England 1934
X 10c multi Icarus & cover
X 40c multi La Douce France & cover
- 50c multi Cuba 1939

1989, Apr 24 Stamp Day 1989 issue p. 12.75x12.5
- 30c multi Post-coach
- 50c multi Postal Sailboat

1989, Apr 28 30th Anniversary of the "House of the Americas" Museum, Havana issue p. 12.5x12.75
X 5c multi

1989, May 1 BULGARIA '89 issue p. 12.5
- 1p multi

1989, May 5 Post Codes issue p. 13x12.75
X 5c multi

1989, May 10 Mother's Day 1989 issue p. 12.75 (6 stamps)
X 1c multi tobacco
X 3c multi violet
X 5c multi lilies
X 13c multi rose
- 30c multi Jazmin
- 50c multi Azahar

1989, May 17 30th Anniversary of the Agrarian Reform Law issue p. 12.25x12.5
X 5c multi Signing the Law

1989, Jun 1 40th Anniversary of the Council for Mutual Economic Aid issue p. 12.5x12.75
X 30c multi

1989, Jul 1 13th World Youth and Students' Festival issue p. 12.75
X 30c multi

1989, Jul 7 PHILEXFRANCE '89 issue p. 13
- 1p multi

1989, Jul 28 Brasiliana '89 issue p. 12.5 (6 stamps)
- 1c multi Ramphastos toco
X 3c multi Agamia agami
- 5c multi Eudocimus ruber
- 10c multi Psophia leucoptera
- 35c multi Harpia harpyja
- 50c multi Cephalopterus ornatus

1989, Sep 29 Cuban sailing ships p. 12.75 (6 stamps)
X 1c multi "El Feniz"
X 3c multi "Triunfo"
X 5c multi "El Rayo"
X 10c multi "San Carlos"
- 30c multi "San Jose"
- 50c multi "San Genaro"

1989, Oct 12 America 1989 issue p. 12.5x12.25
X 5c multi Stone carving Indians in dugout canoe
X 20c multi Petroglyph Indian drawing on stone wall

1989, Oct 27 Latin American History 1989 issue p. 12.75 (20 stamps)
X 1c multi Domingo F. Sarmiento and Govenia utriculata
X 1c multi Machado de Assis and Laelia grandis
X 1c multi Salvador 69
X 1c multi Jorge Isaacs and "Cattleya trianae", Col
X 1c multi Alejo Carpentier and "Cochleanthes disco
X 5c multi "Oxalis adenophylla" and Pablo Neruda
X 5c multi Pedro H. Urena and Epidendrum fragrans
X 5c multi Salvador 86
X 5c multi Juan Montalvo and Miltonia vexillaria
X 5c multi "Odontoglossum rossii" and Miguel A. Ast
X 10c multi Laelia anceps and Jose C. del Valle
X 10c multi "Laelia ancepes alba" and Alfonso Reyes
X 10c multi Salvador 87
X 10c multi Brassavola acaulis and Ruben Dario
X 10c multi Belisario Porras and Pescatorea cerina
- 20c multi Ricardo Palma and "Coryanthes leucocorys
- 20c multi Eugenio Maria de Hostos and "Guzmania be
- 20c multi Salvador 74
- 20c multi Cypella herbertii and Jose E. Rodo
- 20c multi "Cattleya mossiae" and Romulo Gallegos

1989, Oct 28 30th Anniversary of the Disappearance of Camilo Cienfuegos issue
X 5c multi

1989, Nov 6 475th Anniversary of the Trinidad City issue p. 12.5x12.75
X 5c multi

1989, Nov 20 National Museum Paintings (1989) (6 stamps)
X 1c multi A Faivre Family scene
X 2c multi E Vernet Flowers
X 5c multi The Judgement of Paris
X 20c multi Outskirt of Nice
- 30c multi Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt by GJV Clairin, p. 12.5x12.75
- 50c multi Fishermen in Port by CJ Vernet, p. 12.5x12.75

1989, Dec 15 11th Pan-American Games in 1989 issue (10 stamps)
X 5c multi p. 12.25x12.5
X 5c multi p. 12.25x12.5
X 5c multi p. 12.25x12.5
X 5c multi p. 12.25x12.5
X 5c multi p. 12.25x12.5
- 20c multi
- 30c multi
- 35c multi p. 12.25x12.5
- 40c multi p. 12.25x12.5
- 50c multi

1989, Dec 20 100th Anniversary of the "Golden Age" - Children's Magazine compiled by Jose Marti issue p. 12.75x13
X 5c multi

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