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Stamps of Cuba, 1998

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1998, Jan 18 Papal Visit 1998 issue unwmk
- 50c multi President Fidel Castro meeting Pope on V
- 50c multi Pope giving blessings
X 65c multi Havana Cathedral and Pope John Paul II, p. 12.75
X 75c multi Our Lady of Charity Cathedral, p. 12.75

1998, Jan 22 50th Anniversary of the Death of Jesus Menendez issue
- 15c multi

1998, Feb 10 World Cup 1998 issue (6 stamps)
X 10c multi p. 12.75
X 15c multi p. 12.75
X 15c multi p. 12.75
X 65c multi p. 12.75
- 65c multi p. 12.75
- 1p multi p. 13

1998, Feb 15 100th Anniversary of the Death of Captain Isabel Rubio Diaz issue p. 12.75
- 15c multi Captain Isabel Rubio Diaz

1998, Feb 19 100th Anniversary of the Death of Brigadier General Vidal Ducasse Revee issue p. 12.25x12.5
- 15c multi Brigadier General Vidal Ducasse Revee

1998, Feb 23 40th Anniversary of the Radio Rebelde issue (no perf info)
- 15c multi Radio Operator and Che Guevara

1998, Mar 10 fire engines (1998) p. 12.75 (5 stamps)
X 10c multi Shand Mason & Co Horse-drawn Fire Engine
X 15c multi Horse-drawn Personnel and Equipment Vehicle
X 15c multi American-French Fire Engine Co Vehicle
X 65c multi Chevrolet 6400 Fire Engine, 1952
- 75c multi American-French-Foamite Co Fire Engine

1998, Mar 15 120th Anniversary of the Baragua Protest issue p. 12.5x12.25
- 15c multi monument and Antonio Maceo

1998, Mar 23 10th Anniversary of the Victory of Angolan Government and Cuban Forces in Defence of Cuito Cuanavale issue p. 12.75
- 15c multi

1998, Mar 30 Year of the Tiger 1998 issue
X 15c multi

1998, Apr 15 Champion Dogs p. 12.25x12.5 (5 stamps)
X 10c multi Chihuahua, Tatiana Vasti de Nino Angelo
X 15c multi Beagle, Danco
X 15c multi Mexican Naked Hound, Xolot del Mictlan
X 65c multi German Spaniel, D'Milican Nalut Aiwa
- 75c multi Chow-chow, Yoki II

1998, May 15 Evolution of the Chimpanzee issue p. 12.75 (5 stamps)
X 10c multi Pan troglodytes
X 15c multi Pan troglodytes (1998) (1998)
X 15c multi Pan troglodytes
X 65c multi Pan troglodytes
- 75c multi Pan troglodytes

1998, May 20 Juvalux 98 issue p. 12.5
- 1p multi

1998, May 22 deep sea fishes (1998) p. 12.5x12.25
X 15c multi Raja batis
X 15c multi Eurypharynx pelecanoides
X 65c multi Caulophryne sp.
- 75c multi Chauliodus sloani

1998, Jun 2 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Federico Garcia Lorca issue
- 75c multi

1998, Jun 5 International Year of the Ocean issue p. 12.75
X 65c multi Eusmilia fastigiata, Carpilius corallinus
X 65c multi Holocentrus ascensionis, Plexaura flexuosus

1998, Jun 30 Diana memorial with inscription issue p. 13 (7 stamps)
- 10c multi
- 10c multi
- 10c multi
- 15c multi
- 15c multi
- 65c multi
- 75c multi

1998, Jun 30 Diana memorial without inscription issue p. 12.75 (7 stamps)
- 10c multi
- 10c multi
- 10c multi
- 15c multi
- 15c multi
- 65c multi
- 75c multi

1998, Jul 26 45th Anniversary of the Attack on Moncada Barracks issue p. 13
- 15c multi Abel Santamaria
- 65c multi Jose Marti

1998, Jul 31 Expo 2000 issue p. 12.75 (6 stamps)
- 15c multi
- 15c multi
- 15c multi
- 15c multi
- 65c multi
- 75c multi

1998, Aug 8 18th Central American and Caribbean Games issue p. 12.5x12.25
- 15c multi

1998, Sep 8 50th Anniversary of the Korean People's Democratic Republic issue p. 13
- 75c multi Kim II Sung and Pyongyang Landmarks

1998, Sep 9 100th Anniversary of the First Japanese Immigrant to Cuba issue p. 12.75
- 75c multi

1998, Sep 10 30th Anniversary of the National Botanical Garden of Cuba issue - orchids (1998 Cuba) (5 stamps)
- 10c multi Coelogyne flaccida
- 15c multi Arundina graminifolia
- 15c multi Dendrobium fimbriatum
- 65c multi Bletia patula, p. 12.75
X 65c multi Phaius tankervilliaea, p. 12.75

1998, Sep 25 5th Congress of the Revolution Defence Committees issue
- 15c multi

1998, Sep 27 World Tourism Day 1998 issue - Views of Holguin
X 10c multi Anolis equestris, p. 12.5x12.75
X 15c multi Anolis vermiculatus, p. 12.5x12.75
X 65c multi Anolis allisoni
- 75c multi Anolis mestrei

1998, Oct 12 America 1998 issue p. 12.75
- 65c multi Bernarda Toro (Manana)
- 75c multi Maria Cabrales

1998, Oct 21 Cuban Conure issue
X 10c multi Aratinga euops
X 15c multi Aratinga euops
X 65c multi Aratinga euops
- 75c multi Aratinga euops
- Cuba sheet of 16, 4 types

1998, Oct 28 50th Anniversary of the Cuban National Ballet issue p. 13
- 15c multi
- 65c multi

1998, Nov 8 40th Anniversary of the Deaths of Rogelia Perea, Angel Ameijeiras and Pedro Gutierrez, Revolutionari issue
- 15c multi Apartment Building on O'Farrill and Goic

1998, Nov 30 40th Anniversary of the Battle of Guisa issue p. 12.75
- 15c multi Capt. Braulio Coroneaux

1998, Dec 10 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights issue
- 65c multi

1998, Dec 11 100th Anniversary of the Death of Major-General Calixto Garca Iniguez issue p. 13
- 65c multi

1998, Dec 16 145th Anniversary of the Death of Felix Varela issue p. 12.75
- 75c multi Varela and San Carlos Seminary, Havana

1998, Dec 25 100th Anniversary of The Cuban War of Independence b issue p. 12.5 (10 stamps)
X 15c multi Carlos Manuel de Cespedes
X 15c multi Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz
X 15c multi Maximo Gomez Baez
X 15c multi Jose Maceo Grajales
X 15c multi Salvador Cisneros Betancourt
X 15c multi Calixto Garcia Iniguez
X 15c multi Adolfo Flor Crombet
X 15c multi Serafin Sanchez Valdivia
X 65c multi Jose Marti Perez
- 75c multi Antonio Maceo Grajales

1998, Dec 27 40th Anniversary of the Capture of Palma Soriano issue p. 12.75
- 15c multi

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