Stamps of Cuba, 12 perf

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1899 1899a issue ovpted on stamps of United States wmk. double line USPS p. 12 (9 stamps)
X 1c dpgrn ovpt, Franklin
X 2c car ovpt, Washington, v. 3
- 2c red ovpt, Washington, v. 3
X 2 1/2c on 2c car Washington, v. 3
- 2 1/2c on 2c red Washington, v. 3
X 3c pur ovpt, Jackson
X 5c dkbl ovpt, Ulysses S. Grant
- 10c brn ovpt, Webster, v. 1
- 10c brn ovpt, Webster, v. 2

1899 1899b issue wmk. double line US-C (5 stamps)
X 1c yelgrn statue of Columbus
X 2c car royal palms
X 3c pur Cuba
X 5c dkbl steamship
X 10c brn sugarcane field

1905 1905 issue unwmk
X 1c grn statue of Columbus
X 2c rose royal palms
X 5c dkbl steamship
X 10c brn sugarcane field

X 50c graybl & blk Antonio Maceo

1910, Feb 1 1910 issue (8 stamps)
X 1c grn & vio Bartolome Maso
X 2c car & grn Maximo Gomez
X 3c vio & bl Julio Sanguily
X 5c bl & grn Ignacio Agramonte
- 8c ol & vio Calixto Garcia
X 10c brn & bl Jose Rodriquez
X 50c vio & blk Antonio Maceo
X 1p sl & blk Carlos Roloff

1911 1911 issue
X 1c grn Bartolome Maso, w. unwmk
X 2c carrose Maximo Gomez
X 5c ultra Ignacio Agramonte, w. unwmk
X 8c olgrn & blk Calixto Garcia .30–1.00 .30–1.00

1914 Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda 100th issue
- 5c bl Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda

1914, Feb 24 1914 issue map of Cuba unwmk (10 stamps)
X 1c grn map of Cuba
X 2c carrose map of Cuba
X 2c red map of Cuba (1915)
X 3c vio map of Cuba
X 5c bl map of Cuba
X 8c olgrn map of Cuba
X 10c brn map of Cuba
X 10c olgrn map of Cuba (1915)
- 50c org map of Cuba
- 1p gray map of Cuba

1917 revolutionary heroes issue (8 stamps)
X 1c blgrn Jose Marti
X 2c rose Maximo Gomez
- 2c ver Maximo Gomez (1918)
X 3c vio Jose de la Luz
X 5c dpbl Calixto Garcia
X 8c redbrn Agramonte
X 10c yelbrn Tomas Estrada Palma
X 20c graygrn Jose Saco
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