Postage due stamps of United States

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postage due

1879 1879 due issue numeral in oval unwmk (no perf info) (7 stamps)
- 1c brn numeral in oval
- 2c brn numeral in oval
- 3c brn numeral in oval
- 5c brn numeral in oval
- 10c brn numeral in oval
- 30c brn numeral in oval
X 50c brn numeral in oval

1879 1879 due special printing issue numeral in oval (7 stamps)
- 1c dpbrn numeral in oval
- 2c dpbrn numeral in oval
- 3c dpbrn numeral in oval
- 5c dpbrn numeral in oval
- 10c dpbrn numeral in oval
- 30c dpbrn numeral in oval
- 50c dpbrn numeral in oval

1884 numeral in oval (7 stamps)
- 1c redbrn numeral in oval
- 2c redbrn numeral in oval
- 3c redbrn numeral in oval
- 5c redbrn numeral in oval
- 10c redbrn numeral in oval
- 30c redbrn numeral in oval
- 50c redbrn numeral in oval

1891 numeral in oval (7 stamps)
- 1c brtcl numeral in oval
- 2c brtcl numeral in oval
X 3c brtcl numeral in oval
- 5c brtcl numeral in oval
- 10c brtcl numeral in oval
- 30c brtcl numeral in oval
- 50c brtcl numeral in oval

1894 1894a issue
- 1c ver numeral in diamond
- 2c ver numeral in diamond

1894 1894b issue numeral in diamond (7 stamps)
- 1c dpcl numeral in diamond
X 2c dpcl numeral in diamond
- 3c dpcl numeral in diamond
- 5c dpcl numeral in diamond
- 10c dpcl numeral in diamond
- 30c dpcl numeral in diamond
- 50c dpcl numeral in diamond

1895 numeral in diamond wmk. double line USPS (7 stamps)
- 1c numeral in diamond
- 2c dpcl numeral in diamond
- 3c dpcl numeral in diamond
- 5c dpcl numeral in diamond
- 10c dpcl numeral in diamond
- 30c numeral in diamond
- 50c numeral in diamond

1910 numeral in diamond wmk. single line USPS (7 stamps)
X 1c numeral in diamond
- 2c numeral in diamond
- 3c numeral in diamond
- 5c numeral in diamond
- 10c numeral in diamond
- 30c numeral in diamond
- 50c numeral in diamond

1914 numeral in diamond p. 10 (7 stamps)
- 1c carlake numeral in diamond
- 2c carlake numeral in diamond
- 3c carlake numeral in diamond
- 5c carlake numeral in diamond
- 10c carlake numeral in diamond
- 30c carlake numeral in diamond
- 50c carlake numeral in diamond

1916 unwmk
- 1c rose numeral in diamond
- 2c rose numeral in diamond

1917 numeral in diamond p. 11 (7 stamps)
- 1c carrose numeral in diamond
- 2c carrose numeral in diamond
- 3c carrose numeral in diamond
- 5c carrose numeral in diamond
- 10c carrose numeral in diamond
- 30c carrose numeral in diamond
- 50c carrose numeral in diamond

- 1/2c dlred numeral in diamond

1930 numeral under arch (10 stamps)
- 1/2c car numeral under arch
- 1c car numeral under arch
- 2c car numeral under arch
X 3c car numeral under arch
X 5c car numeral under arch
X 10c car numeral under arch
- 30c car numeral under arch
- 50c car numeral under arch
- $1 car numeral under arch
X $5 car numeral under arch

1931 numeral under arch (9 stamps)
- 1/2c dlcar numeral under arch, p. 11x10.5
X 1c dlcar numeral under arch, p. 11x10.5
X 2c dlcar numeral under arch, p. 11x10.5
X 3c dlcar numeral under arch, p. 11x10.5
X 5c dlcar numeral under arch, p. 11x10.5
- 10c dlcar numeral under arch, p. 11x10.5
- 30c dlcar numeral under arch, p. 11x10.5
X 50c dlcar numeral under arch, p. 11x10.5
X $1 dlcar numeral under arch, p. 10.5x11

1959, Jun 19 1959 postage due issue numeral p. 11x10.5 (17 stamps)
- 1/2c dlcar & blk numeral
X 1c dlcar & blk numeral
X 2c dlcar & blk numeral
X 3c dlcar & blk numeral
X 4c dlcar & blk numeral
X 5c dlcar & blk numeral
X 6c dlcar & blk numeral
X 7c dlcar & blk numeral
X 8c dlcar & blk numeral
X 10c dlcar & blk numeral
X 11c dlcar & blk numeral (1978)
X 13c dlcar & blk numeral (1978)
- 17c dlcar & blk numeral (1985)
X 30c dlcar & blk numeral
X 50c dlcar & blk numeral
X $1 dlcar & blk numeral
- $5 dlcar & blk numeral

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