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Stamps of Czechoslovakia, 1950

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1950, Feb 15 Tatra ski championship issue unwmk
X 3k brn & org
X 5k ultra skier, p. 12.5

1950, Feb 15 Tatra Cup issue
X 1.50k graybl skier

1950, Apr 14 Mayakovsky death 20th issue
X 1.50k dkbrn V. Mayakovsky
X 3k red V. Mayakovsky

1950, May 5 liberation 5th a issue
X 1.50k graygrn Soviet tank soldier & Hradcany
X 2k brn Hero of Labor medal
X 3k carrose Workers and Town Hall
X 5k blgray The Kosice Programme

1950, May 9 liberation 5th b issue p. 13.75
X 1.50k dkgrn Factory & young couple with tools
X 2k brn steam shovel
X 3k red farmer & farm scene
X 5k dkbl three workers

1950, Jun 5 S.K. Neumann 75th issue p. 12.5
X 1.50k bl Stanislav Kostka Neumann
X 3k redpur Stanislav Kostka Neumann

1950, Jun 21 Nemcova 130th issue
X 1.50k bl Božena Němcová
X 7k graybrn Božena Němcová

1950, Aug 14 2nd Students World Congress issue
- 1.50k dkgrn
X 2k graybrn
- 3k carrose
X 5k ultra

1950, Aug 14 Army Day (Czechoslovakia) issue
X 1.50k blgray miner & soldier & farmer
X 3k car Czech&Russian soldiers

1950, Oct 15 Zdenek Fibich 100th issue
X 3k brnred Zdenek Fibich
X 8k ol Zdenek Fibich

1950, Oct 21 Prague Philatelic Exhibition issue p. 14
- 1.50k grnblk Prague Castle
- 2k brn Prague 1493
- 3k brnred Prague 1606
- 5k blblk Prague 1794

1950, Oct 25 Postal Employees League issue p. 12.5
X 1.50k brn Communications Symbols
X 3k brnred Communications Symbols

1950, Oct 26 Tajovsky death 10th issue
X 1.50k ltbrn J. G. Tajovsky
X 5k bl Jozef Gregor-Tajovský

1950, Oct 28 Prague reconstruction issue
X 1.50k graybl Prague Šverma bridge
X 3k brnred Prague Šverma bridge
- Czechoslovakia empty sheet (#3937)

1950, Nov 4 Czech-USSR friendship meeting issue
X 1.50k viobrn Czech & Soviet steel workers
X 5k bl Czech & Soviet steel workers

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