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Stamps of Czechoslovakia, 1952

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1952, Jan 12 Ladislav Zapotocky 100th issue unwmk p. 11.5
X 1.50k Ladislav Zápotocký
X 4k Ladislav Zápotocký

1952, Jan 30 6th All-Russian Party Conference issue p. 12.5
X 1.50k dkred Lenin Hall, Prague
X 5k dkultra V I Lenin & Lenin Hall

1952, Jan 30 Jan Kollar death 100th issue p. 11.5
X 3k brnred Ján Kollár
X 5k ultra Ján Kollár

1952, Feb 21 Emil Holub death 50th issue
X 3k brncar native & Emil Holub
X 5k graybl native & Emil Holub

1952, Feb 25 Gottwald Metallurgical Plant issue p. 14
X 1.50k grayblk view
X 2k redbrn foundry
X 3k red chemical plant

1952, Mar 8 Womens Day 1952 issue p. 12.5
X 1.50k bl Factory-worker and Farm-girl

1952, Mar 21 Youth Day 1952 issue p. 14
X 1.50k bl young workers
X 2k dkol Three Heads and a Globe
X 3k red young workers

1952, Mar 22 Otakar Savcik 100th issue p. 12.5
X 2k brn Otakar Ševčík
X 3k brncar Otakar Ševčík

1952, Mar 28 Jan Komensky 360th issue
X 1.50k brn Jan Komensky
X 11k dkbl Jan Komensky

1952, Apr 11 fighters against fascism issue p. 14
- 1.50k redbrn Anti-fascist
X 2k ultra Antifascist

1952, Apr 12 children protection issue p. 12.5
X 2k purbrn woman and children
X 3k dkcar woman and children

1952, Apr 30 p. 14
X 1.50k dpbl harvester
X 2k brn harvester

1952, Apr 30
X 3k red tractor

1952, May 1 Labor Day 1952 issue
X 3k red May Day parade
X 4k redbrn May Day parade

1952, May 9 Czechoslovakia liberation 7th issue
X 1.50k red
X 5k bl

1952, May 31 Children's Day 1952 issue p. 12.5
X 1.50k sep children
X 2k ind
X 3k dkred Pioneer teaching

1952, Jun 2
X 1k dkgrn Klement Gottwald

1952, Jun 2 Myslbek death 30th issue p. 11.5
X 1.50k redbrn Josef Myslbek
X 2k blkbrn Josef Myslbek
X 8k olgrn Music sculpture

1952, Jun 7 International Music Festival 1952 issue
X 1.50k blkbrn Beethoven
X 3k carbrn Artists' House
X 5k dkblgray Beethoven

1952, Jun 10 Lidice destruction 10th issue p. 12.5
X 1.50k blkbrn Rebirth of Lidice
X 5k blblk Rebirth of Lidice

1952, Jul 5 Jan Hus 550th issue
X 1.50k brn Jan Hus
X 3k brncar Bethlehem Chapel
X 5k grayblk Jan Hus

1952, Jul 31 Unified Health Service issue
X 1.50k rosebrn Testing Blood-pressure
X 2k dkblvio Doctor examining Baby
X 3k dkred Testing Blood-pressure

1952, Aug 2 physical education issue p. 11.5
X 1.50k blkbrn relay race
X 2k blkgrn canoeing
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