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Stamps of Czechoslovakia, 1965

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1965, Jan 3 3rd Spartacist Games issue unwmk (5 stamps)
X 30h multi a.dancer, p. 11.75x11.5
X 30h multi p. 11.25x11.75
X 60h multi p. 11.25x11.75
X 1k multi p. 11.25x11.75
X 1.60k p. 11.25x11.75

1965, Jan 15 10th Anniversary of the Mountain Rescue Service issue - anniversaries (1965) p. 11.5
X 60h multi Mountain Rescue Service

1965, Jan 15 1st World Artistic Gymnastics Championship issue - anniversaries (1965)
X 60h multi woman gymnast

1965, Jan 15 World Indoor Cycling Championships 1965 issue - anniversaries (1965)
X 60h multi World Championship in Indoor Bicycling Prague

1965, Jan 15 Universiada 1965 issue - anniversaries (1965)
X 60h multi

1965, Feb 15 town foundings 700th issue p. 11.75x11.25 (7 stamps)
X 30h multi Domažlice
X 30h multi Beroun
X 30h multi Žatec
X 30h multi Polička
X 30h multi Lipník nad Bečvou
X 30h multi Frýdek-Místek
X 30h multi Terezín

1965, Mar 15 1965 space research issue (7 stamps)
X 20h multi Maximum Sun-spot Activity, p. 11.75x11.25
X 30h multi Minimum Sun-spot Activity - Quiet Sun, p. 11.75x11.25
X 60h multi Moon Exploration, p. 11.75x11.25
X 1k multi
X 1.40k multi Artificial Satellite and Space Station, p. 11.75x11.25
X 1.60k multi Exploration of Mars
X 2k multi Soviet Kosmos and U.S. Tiros Satellites, p. 11.75x11.25

1965, Apr 16 1965 Olympic victories issue p. 11.25x11.75 (7 stamps)
X 20h multi Horse Jumping
X 30h multi Throwing the Discus
X 60h multi Marathon
X 1k multi weightlifting
X 1.40k multi gymnastics
X 1.60k multi Rowing
X 2k multi gymnastics

1965, Apr 17 more astronauts issue p. 11.5
X 60h multi Leonov in space
- 60h multi Grissom, Young and Gemini 3
- 3k multi Leonov leaving Spaceship Voskhod 2
- 3k multi Gemini 3 on Launching Pad at Cape Kenned…

1965, May 5 Czech liberation from Nazis 20th issue p. 14 (5 stamps)
X 30h multi soldier holding roses
X 30h multi workers
X 60h multi mechanic
X 1k multi Building Worker
- 1.60k multi peasant

1965, Jun 10 dogs (1965 Czechoslovakia) p. 12x11.5 (6 stamps)
X 30h multi Slovak Kopov
X 40h multi German shepherd
X 60h multi Czech hunting dog with pheasant
X 1k multi poodle
X 1.60k multi Czech terrier
X 2k multi Afghan Hound

1965, Jun 24 UN 20th / ICY issue
- 60h multi U.N. Emblem
X 1k multi U.N. Headquarters (20th Anniversary of U…
- 1.60k multi ICY emblem

1965, Jun 24 International Womens Federation 20th issue p. 11.25x11.75
X 60h ultra

1965, Jun 24 SOF 20th issue p. 11.75x11.25
X 60h multi
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