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Stamps of Czechoslovakia, 1966

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1966, Jan 15 Czech Philharmonic 70th issue unwmk p. 11.25x11.75
X 30h multi

1966, Feb 14 portraits (1966 Czechoslovakia) p. 11.5
X 30h dkgrn Stanislav Sucharda
X 30h graybl Ignac Josef Pesina
X 60h redbrn R. Rolland

1966, Feb 14 Donatello death 500th issue - portraits (1966 Czechoslovakia)
X 60h

1966, Feb 17 World Volleyball Championships 1966 issue p. 11.25x11.75
X 60h multi
X 1k multi

1966, Feb 17 European Figure Skating Championships 1966 issue p. 11.75x11.25
X 30h multi
X 60h multi
X 1.60k multi
X 2k multi

1966, Mar 21 locomotives (1966) (6 stamps)
X 20h sep Ajax, 1841
X 30h dlvio Karlstejn, 1865
X 60h dlpur steam locomotive, 1946
X 1k dkbl steam locomotive with tender, 1946
X 1.60k blgrn electric locomotive, 1964
X 2k dkred diesel locomotive, 1964

1966, Mar 21 The Bartered Bride 100th issue imperf
X 3k slbl & red & bl girl dancing with bouquet

1966, Apr 22 International Fishing Championships issue - fishes (1966 Czechoslovakia) p. 13.25 (6 stamps)
X 30h multi Salmo trutta morpha fario
X 60h multi Perca fluviatilis
X 1k multi Cyprinus carpio
X 1.20k multi Esox lucius
X 1.40k multi Thymallus thymallus
X 1.60k multi Anguilla anguilla

1966, Apr 25 WHO HQ opening issue p. 12x11.5
X 1k dkbl & ltbl WHO HQ

1966, Apr 25 UNESCO 20th issue p. 11.5
X 60h bis & olgray Abstract figures

1966, May 9 Prague Castle 1966 issue
X 30h dkbl Letohrádek Belvedér Hradčany
X 60h multi Wood Triptych, Virgin and Child (St. Geo…
X 5k multi sheet
- Czechoslovakia 1966 sheet of 1 type

1966, May 23 butterflies & moths (1966) p. 14 (6 stamps)
X 30h multi Iphiclides podalirius
X 60h multi Colias palaeno
X 80h multi Apatura ilia
X 1k multi Parnassius apollo
X 1.20k multi Panaxia dominula
X 2k multi Arctia villica

1966, May 31 13th Communist Party Congress issue p. 11.75x11.25
X 30h multi
X 60h multi
X 1.60k multi

1966, Jun 20 Naprstek Museum 100th issue - American Indians (7 stamps)
X 20h multi Indian Village, p. 11.75x11.25
X 30h multi Tomahawk
X 40h multi Haida Totem Poles
X 60h multi Katchina, Good Spirit of Hopi Tribe
X 1k multi hunting American bison, p. 11.75x11.25
X 1.20k multi Dakote Calumet - Pipe of Peace
X 1.40k multi Dakota Indian Chief

1966, Jul 4 chemical society 100th issue p. 11.25x11.5
X 60h multi Atomic Symbol

1966, Jul 5
X 60h multi Guernica, By Pablo Picasso

1966, Jul 25 p. 11.5
X 30h brnvio Russian War Memorial, Bratislava

1966, Jul 25
X 60h dkbl Devin Castle

1966, Jul 25 Nachod 700th issue
X 60h dkgrn Náchod
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