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Stamps of Czechoslovakia, 1968

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1968 Czechoslovakia 50th issue unwmk
X 30h bl & red xx, p. 11.75
X 30h multi national flag, p. 11.75x11.25
X 60h multi Prague and Bratislava, p. 11.75x11.25
- 5k multi sheet
- Czechoslovakia 1968 sheet of 1 type

1968, Jan 29 Winter Olympics 1968 issue p. 11.25x11.5
X 60h multi Skater and Stadium
X 1k multi Bobsleigh Run
X 1.60k multi Luge run
X 2k multi ice hockey

1968, Feb 25 February 20th issue p. 11x11.75
X 30h multi
X 60h multi

1968, Mar 8 Human Rights Year issue p. 11.25x11.5
X 1k dkcar Human Rights Emblem

1968, Mar 8 Battle of Sokolovo 25th issue p. 11.5x11.25
X 30h multi Battle Plan

1968, Mar 25
X 30h grn Janko Kral

1968, Mar 25 Prague National Museum 150th issue p. 11.25x11.5
X 30h graybl & red Allegorical Figure of Woman

1968, Mar 25 Prague National Theater 100th issue
X 30h

1968, Mar 25 Marx 150th issue
X 30h dkbrncar Karl Marx

1968, Mar 25 WHO 20th issue
X 1k multi

1968, Apr 29 broadcasting 45th issue p. 11.75x11
X 30h multi

1968, Apr 29 television 15th issue
X 30h multi

1968, Apr 30 Olympics 1968 issue p. 11.5x11.25 (6 stamps)
X 30h multi
X 40h multi
X 60h multi
X 1k multi
X 1.60k multi
X 2k multi

1968, May 9 Prague Castle (1968)
X 30h multi Tombstone of Bretislav I 1370, p. 11.5
X 60h multi Romanesque door knocker St Wenceslas Chapel, p. 11.5
- 5k multi Head of St Peter mosaic from St Vitus Cathedral
- Czechoslovakia sheet of 1 type

1968, Jun 1968 issue p. 11.75x11.25
X 30h ultra Svoboda
X 60h mar Svoboda

1968, Jun 5 The New Prague (6 stamps)
X 30h multi Business - Oto Gutfreund, p. 11.5x11.25
X 40h multi Broadcasting Building, Prague, p. 11.5x11.25
X 60h multi Parliament Building, p. 11.5x11.25
X 1.40k multi Prague, p. 11.5x11.25
X 2k multi The Cabaret Artiste (Painting by F. Kupk…
X 3k multi Presidential Standard, p. 11.5x11.25

1968, Jun 21 The Old Prague (6 stamps)
X 30h multi St. George's Basilica, Prague Castle
X 60h multi Renaissance Fountain
X 1k multi Dvorak's Museum
X 1.60k multi Three Violins Insignia
- 2k multi JMánes josefina, p. 11.75
X 3k multi Josefina - Painting by Josef Manes, Nati…

1968, Jun 22 imperf
- 10k multi stamp 50th sheet 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
- Czechoslovakia sheet of 1 type

1968, Jul 6 FIP Day issue p. 11.75
- 5k multi Madonna of the Rosary - Detail from pain…

1968, Aug 6 p. 12x11.5
X 1k multi locomotives

1968, Aug 6 140th Anniversary of the Ceske-Budejovice-Pilsen Railway issue
X 60h multi

1968, Aug 7 Slavonic congress issue p. 11.5
X 30h multi

1968, Aug 8 23rd International Geological Congress issue (5 stamps)
X 30h multi Amonit Hypophylloceras Bizonatum Fritsch
X 60h multi Miocenní žába Paleobatrachus grandipes Giebel
X 80h multi Řez Geodou Achátu
X 1k multi Tatra Landscape and Chlamys gigas Shell
X 1.60k multi Trilobit Selenopeltis buchi buchi Barr

1968, Sep 9 120th Anniversary of Slovak Insurrection and 25th Anniversary of Slovak National Council issue p. 12x11.25
X 30h ultra M. J. Hurban and Standard-bearer
X 60h red

1968, Sep 30 Munich Pact 30th issue
X 30h multi Jew & Guard by Jiri Beutler
X 60h multi Butterflies by Kitty Brunnerova
X 1k multi Flowerpot by Jiri Schlessinger, p. 12x11.25

1968, Oct 21 arms (1968 Czechoslovakia) (10 stamps)
X 60h multi arms of Banska Bystrica, p. 11.5x11.25
X 60h multi arms of Bratislava, p. 11.5x11.25
X 60h multi arms of Brno, p. 11.5x11.25
X 60h multi arms of České Budějovice, p. 11.5x11.25
X 60h multi arms of Hradec Králové, p. 11.5x11.25
X 60h multi arms of Košice, p. 11.5x11.25
X 60h multi arms of Ostrava, p. 11.5x11.25
X 60h multi arms of Plzeň, p. 11.5x11.25
X 60h multi arms of Ústí nad Labem, p. 11.5x11.25
X 1k multi arms of Prague

1968, Nov 18 caricatures p. 11.25x11.75 (7 stamps)
X 20h multi EHemingway
X 30h multi Karel Čapek
X 40h multi George Bernard Shaw
X 60h multi Maxim Gorkij
X 1k multi Pablo Picasso
X 1.20k multi Taikan Yokoyama
X 1.40k multi Charlie Chaplin

1968, Nov 29 paintings (1968 Czechoslovakia) p. 11.75 (5 stamps)
X 60h multi JZrzavý Kleopatra II
X 80h multi JPreisler Černé jezero 1904
X 1.20k multi PMBohúň Ján Francisci jako dobrovolník 1849-1850
X 1.60k multi AMucha Princezna Hyacinta 1911
X 3k multi Majster Pavol z Levoče Madona detail z archy 1508-1517

1968, Dec 18 Slovak fairy tales p. 11.25x11.5 (6 stamps)
X 30h Poplvár
X 60h Hrdá panička
X 80h Svetovládný ritier
X 1k Pamodaj šťastia lavička
X 1.20k Zakliaty zámok
X 1.80k Divotvorný lovec

1968, Dec 18 stamp 50th issue p. 11.5x12
- 1k


1968, Feb 5 PRAGA 1968 bx issue p. 11.75
X 60h multi Charles Bridge, Prague, and...
X 1kc multi Royal Summer-house, Belvedere, and...
X 2kc multi Prague Castle and Airship

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