Postage stamps of Czechoslovakia

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1918 1918a issue Hradcany (no wmk info) imperf (10 stamps)
X 3h redvio Hradcany .20 .20
X 5h yelgrn Hradcany
X 10h dprose Hradcany .20 .20
X 20h blgrn Hradcany
X 25h bl Hradcany
X 30h bis Hradcany
X 40h redorg Hradcany
X 100h brn Hradcany
X 200h ultra Hradcany .20
X 400h pur Hradcany

1918 1918b issue Hradcany p. 11.5,13.5 (5 stamps)
X 5h yelgrn Hradcany .20
- 10h dprose Hradcany
X 20h blgrn Hradcany
X 25h bl Hradcany
X 200h ultra Hradcany .20

1919 1919a issue Hradcany imperf (14 stamps)
X 1h dkbrn Hradcany
X 5h blgrn Hradcany .20
X 15h red Hradcany
X 25h dlvio Hradcany
X 50h dkbl Hradcany
X 50h dlvio Hradcany
X 60h org Hradcany
X 75h sl Hradcany
X 80h olgrn Hradcany
X 120h blk Hradcany
X 300h dkgrn Hradcany
X 500h redbrn Hradcany
- 1000h blvio Hradcany
X 1000h vio Hradcany

1919 1919b issue Hradcany p. 11.5,13.5 (7 stamps)
X 1h dkbrn Hradcany
X 5h blgrn Hradcany
X 15h red Hradcany
X 25h dlvio Hradcany
X 30h redvio Hradcany
X 60h org Hradcany
- 120h blk Hradcany

1920 1920a issue (17 stamps)
X 5h dkbl carrier pigeon & letter, p. 14
X 10h grn carrier pigeon & letter, p. 14
X 15h redbrn carrier pigeon & letter, p. 14 .20 .20
X 20h dprose breaking chains, p. 14
X 25h gray breaking chains, p. 14
X 30h redvio breaking chains, p. 14
X 40h redbrn breaking chains
X 50h car breaking chains, p. 14
X 60h bl breaking chains
X 80h pur Hussite priest, p. 13.75
X 90h brnblk Hussite priest, p. 13.75
X 100h grn agriculture&science, p. 13.75
X 200h vio agriculture&science .20
X 300h scar agriculture&science, p. 13.75
X 400h brn agriculture&science
X 500h grn agriculture&science, p. 13.75
X 600h vio agriculture&science, p. 13.75

1920 1920b issue p. 14 (10 stamps)
X 5h vio carrier pigeon & letter
X 10h brn carrier pigeon & letter
X 20h org carrier pigeon & letter
X 25h blgrn carrier pigeon & letter
X 30h mar carrier pigeon & letter
X 50h yelgrn breaking chains
X 100h dkbrn breaking chains
- 150h rose breaking chains
X 185h org breaking chains
X 250h dkgrn breaking chains

1920, Mar 7 Masaryk issue p. 13.75
X 125h graybl Thomas Garrigue Masaryk
X 500h graybl Thomas Garrigue Masaryk
- 1000h blkbrn Thomas Garrigue Masaryk

X 100h ver agriculture&science redrawn
X 200h bl agriculture&science redrawn
X 300h vio agriculture&science redrawn

1925, Mar 7
X 40h brnorg Masaryk
X 50h slgrn Masaryk .20
X 60h redvio Masaryk .20

1925, Mar 7 (no perf info)
X 1k car Masaryk I
X 2k bl Masaryk I
X 3k brn Masaryk I
X 5k Masaryk I

1925, May
- 1k car Masaryk 2
X 2k bl Masaryk 2
- 3k brn Masaryk 2

1925, Aug
X 1k car Masaryk 3

1926, Jan
X 1k car Masaryk 4, p. 9.75
X 3k brn Masaryk 4

1926, Jun 1 1926a issue (12 stamps)
X 30h grn Pernstein Castle, p. 9.75
X 40h brn Orava Castle, p. 9.75
X 50h dpgrn Masaryk, p. line9.75
X 60h redvio Masaryk, p. 9.75
X 1.20k redvio Karlův Týn, p. 9.75
X 1.20k redvio Strahov Monastery
X 1.50k car Karlstein Castle, p. 9.75 .20
X 2k bl Hradcany, p. 13.75
X 2.50k dkbl Karlstein Castle, p. 9.75
X 3k red Hradcany, p. 13.75
X 4k brnvio Great Tatra, p. 13.75
X 5k prusgrn Great Tatra, p. 13.75

1926, Jun 1 1926b issue p. 10v
X 20h brnred Karlstein Castle
- 30h graygrn Pernštejn castle
X 50h dpgrn Masaryk

1927 unwmk
X 20h red

1927 1927a issue p. 10 (11 stamps)
X 30h grn Pernstein Castle .20
X 40h brn Orava Castle
X 50h dpgrn Masaryk
X 60h redvio Masaryk
- 1k red Karlstein Castle
X 1k red Masaryk 1926
X 1.20k redvio Strahov Monastery .20
X 1.50k car Karlstein Castle .20
X 2k dpgrn Pernstein Castle
X 2.50k dkbl Karlstein Castle
X 3k brn Orava Castle

1927 1927b issue p. 13.5
X 2k bl Hradcany
X 3k red Hradcany
- 4k brnvio Great Tatra (1928)
X 5k prusgrn Great Tatra (1928)

1927, Jan 10 1927 due b issue p. 14 (7 stamps)
- 40h
- 50h
- 50h
- 60h
- 60h
- 100h
- 100h

1928, Oct 22 independence 10th issue p. 13.75 (10 stamps)
X 30h blk Hradec Castle .20 .20
- 40h redbrn Levoca Town Hall .20 .20
X 50h dkbrn Prague Telephone Exchange
X 60h orgred Jasina
X 1k car Hluboka Castle
- 1.20k Velehrad
X 2k ultra Brno
- 2.50k dkbl Vysoké Tatry
X 3k dkbrn Thomas Garrigue Masaryk
X 5k grayvio Prague City Square

1929 p. 9.75
X 2.50k bl downtown Prague .20

1929, Apr 10 1929 issue arms of Czechoslovakia (7 stamps)
X 5h dkbl arms of Czechoslovakia, p. 10 .20 .20
X 10h bisbrn arms of Czechoslovakia, p. 10 .20 .20
X 20h red arms of Czechoslovakia, p. 10
- 20h red arms of Czechoslovakia, p. 10v
X 25h blgrn arms of Czechoslovakia, p. 10
X 30h redvio arms of Czechoslovakia, p. 10 .20 .20
X 40h brn arms of Czechoslovakia, p. 10

1929, May 14 Wenceslas death 1000th issue p. 13.75 (5 stamps)
X 50h graygrn St Wenceslas .20
X 60h dlvio St Wenceslas
X 2k bl founding St Vitus' Cathedral
X 3k brn St Wenceslas martyred
- 5k brnvio St Wenceslas martyred 1.00–10. 1.00–10.

1929, Oct 15 views 1929 issue
X 3k brn Brno Cathedral .20
X 4k ind Tatra Mountains
X 5k dkslgrn Old Town Square,Prague
- 10k Prague (1931)

1930, Jan 2 p. 9.75
X 50h grn Masaryk 1930 .20 .20
X 60h grayvio Masaryk 1930 .20
X 1k carred Masaryk 1930 .20

1930, Mar 1 Masaryk 80th issue p. 13.75
X 2k graygrn Thomas Garrigue Masaryk
X 3k brnlil Thomas Garrigue Masaryk
X 5k dkbl Thomas Garrigue Masaryk
- 10k blk Thomas Garrigue Masaryk

1932, Jan 2 views (1932) p. 9.75
- 3.50k vio Krivoklat Castle 1.00–10. .30–1.00
X 4k ind Orlik Castle 1.00–10. .30–1.00
X 5k graygrn Krumlov Castle 1.00–10. .30–1.00

1932, Mar 16 Tyrs 100th issue
X 50h yelgrn Tyrs face .20
X 1k car Tyrs face .20
X 2k dkbl Tyrs profile
X 3k redbrn Tyrs profile

1933, Feb 1
X 60h vio Tyrs face .20

1933, Jun 20 Christianity introduction 1100th issue
X 50h grn church,Nitra a .20
X 1k car church,Nitra b

1934, Mar 26
X 50h yelgrn Smetana .20

1934, Aug 15 Czechoslovak foreign legions 20th issue
X 50h grn taking oath .20
X 1k brnred Consecration of Legion Colors at Kiev .20
X 2k dkbl Ensign Heyduk with Colors
X 3k redbrn

1934, Nov 22 Dvorak death 30th issue
X 50h blgrn Dvorak .20

1934, Dec 17 Centenary of the National Anthem issue (no perf info)
X 1k cl pastoral scene .20
X 2k ind pastoral scene

1935, Mar 1 Masaryk 85th issue p. 9.75
X 50h grn Masaryk .20
X 1k cl Masaryk
- 2k graybl Masaryk
X 3k brn Masaryk

1935, May 4
X 1k rose Monument to Czech Heroes at Arras France
X 2k bl Monument to Czech Heroes at Arras France

1935, May 18
X 50h grn Stepanek .20 .20

1935, Jun 22
X 50h grn Sts Cyril & Methodius
X 1k cl Sts Cyril & Methodius
X 2k dpbl Sts Cyril & Methodius

1935, Oct 20 p. 12.5
X 1k roselake Masaryk

1936, Apr 30 Karel Hynek Mácha, 100th Death Anniversary issue
X 50h grn Macha
X 1k red Macha

1936, May 27
X 50h slgrn Benes

1936, May 27
X 60h dlvio Stefanik

1936, Jul 1
X 40h dkbl Comenius

1936, Aug 1 landmarks issue (9 stamps)
X 1.20k roselil Palanok Castle .20 .20
X 1.50k car Banská Bystrica .20 .20
X 2k dkblgrn Hrad Zvíkov .20 .20
X 2.50k dkbl Strečno .20
X 3k brn Český ráj .20
- 3.50k dkvio Slavkov near Brno .30–1.00 .20
X 4k dkvio Poděbrady .20
X 5k grn Olomouc .20
- 10k bl Bratislava .30–1.00 .30–1.00

1937, Apr 26
X 50h grn Benes profile

1937, Jun 15 battle of Zhorov 20th issue
X 50h .20 .20
X 1k brnred .20
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