Official stamps of Czechoslovakia

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1945, Aug 23 1945 official issue arms of Czechoslovakia unwmk p. 10 (7 stamps)
X 50h graygrn arms of Czechoslovakia
X 1k blblk arms of Czechoslovakia
X 1.20k lil arms of Czechoslovakia
X 1.50k org arms of Czechoslovakia
X 2.50k ultra arms of Czechoslovakia
X 5k dkbrn arms of Czechoslovakia
X 8k car arms of Czechoslovakia

1947 1947 official issue p. 14 (8 stamps)
X 60h red
X 80h graygrn
X 1kc dkbl
X 1.20kc redpur
X 2.40kc car
X 4kc bl
X 5kc olbrn
X 7.40kc dkvio

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