Stamps of Czechoslovakia, 11.75x11.25 perf

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1955, Aug 26 architecture (1955) unwmk p. 11.75x11.25
X 30h Tabor
X 45h Prachatice
X 60h Jindřichův Hradec

1957, Feb 23 towns etc (6 stamps)
X 30h Kolin Cathedral
X 30h Banská Štiavnica
X 60h Uherské Hradiště
X 60h Charles Bridge at Prague
X 60h Karlštejn
X 1.25k grayblk Moravska Trebova

1957, Apr 30
X 30h cyclists

1957, Apr 30
X 60h cyclists

1957, Apr 30
X 60h woman archer

1957, Apr 30
X 60h rescue team

1957, Nov 7 Russian Revolution 40th issue
X 30h dkcar Youth, Globe and Lenin
X 60h dkbl Lenin, Refinery and Russian Emblem

1958, May 19 National Archives Exhibition issue
X 30h King George of Podebrad
X 60h blvio Prague view, 1628

1958, May 26 11th Communist Party Congress issue
X 30h carred Hammer and Sickle
X 45h grn Map of Czechoslovakia, with Hammer and Sickle
X 60h dkblgray Atomic Reactor, Rez

1958, Jun 25 spas (1958)
X 40h redbrn Poděbrady
X 80h Luhačovice
X 1.20k viobl Štrbské Pleso
X 1.60k vio Trenčianské Teplice

1958, Jun 25 Marianske Lazne, 150th Anniversary issue - spas (1958)
X 60h Mariánské lázně

1958, Jun 25 Karlovy Vary 600th issue - spas (1958)
X 30h dkcar Karlovy Vary

1958, Sep 6 Philatelic Exhibition 1958 issue
X 30h vio Children's Hospital, Brno
X 60h carred New Town Hall, Brno
X 1k dkbrn St. Thomas's Church, Red Army Square

1958, Dec 1 automobiles (1958) (6 stamps)
X 30h multi Bozek's Steam Car of 1815
X 45h multi President Car of 1897
X 60h multi Skoda 450 Car
X 80h multi Tatra 603
X 1k multi Skoda 706 Motor Coach
X 1.25k multi Tatra III and Praga VS 3 Motor Trucks in…

1959, Feb 14 sports (1959 Czechoslovakia) (6 stamps)
X 20h ltgraybl & dkbrn hockey player
X 30h multi Girl Throwing Javelin
X 60h multi Ice Hockey
X 1k multi Hurdles
X 1.60k rowing
X 2k multi high jump

1959, May 13 4th Trade Union Congress issue
X 30h red & yel Congress Emblem and Industrial Plant
X 60h olgray & ultra dam

1959, Jun 13
X 60h Zvolen Castle 1959

1959, Jul 20 Brno Fair 1959 issue
X 30h multi view
X 60h multi Fair Emblem and World Map
X 1.60k multi Z Pavilion

1959, Sep 23
X 60h multi Lunik 2

1959, Sep 25 Tatra Mountains National Park 10th issue - wildlife (1959 Czechoslovakia)
X 30h multi marmots
X 40h multi European bison Bison bonasus
X 1k multi wolf Canis lupus
X 1.60k multi Cervus elaphus

1959, Oct 1 Czechoslovakian-Chinese friendship 10th issue
X 30h ltgrn & red Stamp Printing Works, Beijing

1959, Dec 7 radio & telegraph inventors (6 stamps)
X 25h multi Nikola Tesla
X 30h multi Popov
X 35h multi Branly
X 60h multi Marconi
X 1k multi Hertz
X 2k multi circuit diagram & Edwin Armstrong

1960, Feb 22 ships (1960 Czechoslovakia)
X 30h multi Dredger Praha Liben
X 60h mar & ltbl Tug Kharito Latjev
X 1k multi River Boat Komarno
X 1.20k multi Freighter Lidice

1960, Mar 21 castles (1960 Czechoslovakia) (8 stamps)
X 5h viobl Trencin
X 10h blk Bezdez
X 20h brnorg Kost
X 30h grn Pernstein Castle
X 40h blkbrn Kremnica
X 60h ver Karlštejn
X 1k redvio Smolenice
X 1.60k dkbl Kokorin

1960, May 24 election 1960 issue
X 30h multi steelworker
X 60h multi Country Woman and Child

1960, May 26 x issue
X 30h multi nurse holding dove
X 60h dkbl & pink firefighters

1960, Jul 11 National Stamp Exhibition 1960 issue
X 60h blk & yel tongs & stamps
X 1k multi Czech 10k. Stamp of 1936

1960, Aug 28
X 60h multi Zlin Trener plane inverted

1960, Sep 18
X 30h viobl & rose constitution

1960, Sep 18
X 30h dkbl & och hemispheres & laurel

1960, Sep 18 Rude Pravo 40th issue
X 30h viobl & rose workers reading

1961, Mar 6 space (1961)
X 30h multi Sputnik 3
X 60h multi Sputnik 1 & Sun
X 1.60k multi Luna 3 photographs of the dark side of the moon
X 2k multi astronaut

1961, Apr 13
X 60h multi 1st man in space
X 3k multi 1st man in space

1961, Apr 24
X 3k dkred Kladno blast furnace & mine

1961, Jun 26
X 60h dkred & bl woman & Africa map & flag of Czechoslovakia

1961, Aug 14 trade fair issue
X 30h multi Map of Europe & Fair emblem
X 1k multi Scientists’ meeting & nuclear physics emblem

1961, Oct 25 Praga 62 issue (7 stamps)
- 20h multi Orlík Dam & Kaplan turbine
X 30h viobl & red flags & view of Prague
- 40h multi Hluboka Castle from Lake
- 60h multi Karlovy Vary
- 1.20k multi North Bohemian Landscape
- 3k multi Brno & ball bearings
- 4k multi Bratislava & grapes

1961, Nov 27
X 60h red & bl globe

1962, Mar 19
X 60h ind & rose miner & flag

1963, Apr 25 space (1963 Czechoslovakia) (6 stamps)
X 30h multi rocket&sun
X 50h multi rockets & satellites & Earth
X 60h multi spacecraft&Moon
X 1k multi spacecraft&Mars
X 1.60k multi rocket&Jupiter
X 2k multi futuristic spacecraft & Saturn

1963, Apr 25 Czech TV 10th issue
X 40h multi TV Cameras and Receiver

1963, May 18 Czech radio 40th issue
X 30h multi

1963, May 25 Czechoslovak Airlines issue
X 80h multi TU104 jetliner
X 1.80k multi Ilyushin turboprop

1965, Feb 15 town foundings 700th issue (7 stamps)
X 30h multi Domažlice
X 30h multi Beroun
X 30h multi Žatec
X 30h multi Polička
X 30h multi Lipník nad Bečvou
X 30h multi Frýdek-Místek
X 30h multi Terezín

1965, Mar 15 1965 space research issue (5 stamps)
X 20h multi Maximum Sun-spot Activity
X 30h multi Minimum Sun-spot Activity - Quiet Sun
X 60h multi Moon Exploration
X 1.40k multi Artificial Satellite and Space Station
X 2k multi Soviet Kosmos and U.S. Tiros Satellites

1965, Jun 24 SOF 20th issue
X 60h multi

1965, Aug G.J Mendel - The 100th Anniversary of his Study of heredity issue
X 60h multi G.J. Mendel

1965, Aug 75th Anniversary of the Birth Bohuslav Martinu - Composer issue
X 60h multi Bohuslav Martinů

1966, Feb 17 European Figure Skating Championships 1966 issue
X 30h multi
X 60h multi
X 1.60k multi
X 2k multi

1966, Mar 21 locomotives (1966) (6 stamps)
X 20h sep Ajax, 1841
X 30h dlvio Karlstejn, 1865
X 60h dlpur steam locomotive, 1946
X 1k dkbl steam locomotive with tender, 1946
X 1.60k blgrn electric locomotive, 1964
X 2k dkred diesel locomotive, 1964

1966, May 31 13th Communist Party Congress issue
X 30h multi
X 60h multi
X 1.60k multi

1966, Jun 20 Naprstek Museum 100th issue - American Indians
X 20h multi Indian Village
X 1k multi hunting American bison

1966, Aug 31
X 60h multi missile carrier & tank & jet fighter

1966, Sep 10 Brno 1966 issue
X 30h multi Moravian Silver Thaler
- Czechoslovakia sheet of 1 type

1967, Apr 17 5th Intl Wildwater Canoe Kayak Championship issue
X 60h

1967, Sep 25 Tatra wildlife (6 stamps)
X 30h multi Sciurus vulgaris
X 60h multi Felis silvestris
X 1k multi Mustela erminea
X 1.20k multi Muscardinus avellanarius
X 1.40k multi Erinaceus europaeus
X 1.60k multi pine marten

1968 Czechoslovakia 50th issue
X 30h multi national flag
X 60h multi Prague and Bratislava

1968, Jun 1968 issue
X 30h ultra Svoboda
X 50h grn Svoboda (1970)
X 60h mar Svoboda
X 1k rosecar Svoboda (1970)

1969, May 4 Stefanik death 50th issue
X 60h dkcar General Dr. Milan R. Stefanik as Civilian and Soldier

1970, Mar 13 EXPO 70 issue
X 50h multi bells
X 80h multi Heavy Machinery
X 1k multi

1970, Sep 21 Rude Prava newspaper 50th issue
- 60h multi

1971, Apr 27 Slovak Alpine Club 50th issue
X 30h multi edelweiss & route map & ice axe

1971, May 24 14th Czechoslovak Communist Party Congress issue
X 30h multi

1971, Aug 17 World Hunting Exhibition issue (6 stamps)
X 20h multi ring-necked pheasant
X 60h multi
X 80h multi Ovis orientalis musimon
X 1k multi Rupicapra rupicapra
X 2k multi Cervus elaphus
X 2.60k multi Sus scrofa

1971, Sep 2 14th World Highways & Bridges Conference issue
- 1k multi highway interchanges & bridge

1972, Nov 7 55th Anniversary of October Revolution / 50th Anniversary of U.S.S.R issue
- 30h multi Revolutionary and Red Flag
- 60h multi Soviet Star Emblem

1973, Apr 12 Cosmonauts Day 1973 issue
X 20h multi
X 30h multi
- 40h multi

1974, Mar 21 Czechoslovak Partisan Heroes (6 stamps)
- 30h multi Oskar Benes and Vaclav Prochazka
- 40h multi Milos Uher and Anton Sedlacek
- 60h multi Jan Hajecek and Marie Sedlackova
- 80h multi Jan Sverma and Albin Grznar
- 1kc multi Jaroslav Neliba and Alois Hovorka
- 1.60kc multi Ladislav Exnar and Ludovit Kukorelli

1974, Jun 1 25th International Children's Day issue
X 60h multi

1974, Jun 1 BRNO 74 b issue
- 30h multi
- 6kc multi

1975, Mar 7 International Women's Year issue
- 30h multi

1976, Mar 22 Winter Olympics 1976 issue
- 1kc multi ski jump
- 1.40kc multi figure skating
- 1.60kc multi ice hockey

1976, Nov 3 Dvurkralove Wildlife Park issue
- 10h multi Equus quagga
X 30h multi Acinonyx jubatus
- 60h multi Ceratotherium simum

1977, Mar 10 PRAGA 78 a issue - Historic Prague Windows (5 stamps)
- 20h multi Window Michna palace
- 30h multi Window Michna palace
- 40h multi Window Thun palace
X 60h multi Window Archbishop’s palace
- 5kc multi Window St Nicholas Church

1977, Apr 21 25th Anniversary of Police Aides Corps issue
- 60h multi

1977, Jun 8 PRAGA 78 b issue - Historic Post Uniforms
- 60h multi French Postrider 19th Century
X 1kc multi Austrian Postrider 1838
- 2kc multi Austrian Postrider 19th Century
- 3.60kc multi German Postrider 19th Century
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