Stamps of Czechoslovakia, 11.75x11.25 perf

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1955, Aug 26 architecture (1955) unwmk p. 11.75x11.25
X 30h Tabor
X 45h Prachatice
X 60h Jindřichův Hradec

1957, Feb 23 towns etc (6 stamps)
X 30h Kolin Cathedral
X 30h Banská Štiavnica
X 60h Uherské Hradiště
X 60h Charles Bridge at Prague
X 60h Karlštejn
X 1.25k grayblk Moravska Trebova

1957, Apr 30
X 30h cyclists

1957, Apr 30
X 60h cyclists

1957, Apr 30
X 60h woman archer

1957, Apr 30
X 60h rescue team

1957, Nov 7 Russian Revolution 40th issue
X 30h dkcar Youth, Globe and Lenin
X 60h dkbl Lenin, Refinery and Russian Emblem

1958, May 19 National Archives Exhibition issue
X 30h King George of Podebrad
X 60h blvio Prague view, 1628

1958, May 26 11th Communist Party Congress issue
X 30h carred Hammer and Sickle
X 45h grn Map of Czechoslovakia, with Hammer and Sickle
X 60h dkblgray Atomic Reactor, Rez

1958, Jun 25 spas (1958)
X 40h redbrn Poděbrady
X 80h Luhačovice
X 1.20k viobl Štrbské Pleso
X 1.60k vio Trenčianské Teplice

1958, Jun 25 Marianske Lazne, 150th Anniversary issue - spas (1958)
X 60h Mariánské lázně

1958, Jun 25 Karlovy Vary 600th issue - spas (1958)
X 30h dkcar Karlovy Vary

1958, Sep 6 Philatelic Exhibition 1958 issue
X 30h vio Children's Hospital, Brno
X 60h carred New Town Hall, Brno
X 1k dkbrn St. Thomas's Church, Red Army Square

1958, Dec 1 automobiles (1958) (6 stamps)
X 30h multi Bozek's Steam Car of 1815
X 45h multi President Car of 1897
X 60h multi Skoda 450 Car
X 80h multi Tatra 603
X 1k multi Skoda 706 Motor Coach
X 1.25k multi Tatra III and Praga VS 3 Motor Trucks in…

1959, Feb 14 sports (1959 Czechoslovakia) (6 stamps)
X 20h ltgraybl & dkbrn hockey player
X 30h multi Girl Throwing Javelin
X 60h multi Ice Hockey
X 1k multi Hurdles
X 1.60k rowing
X 2k multi high jump

1959, May 13 4th Trade Union Congress issue
X 30h red & yel Congress Emblem and Industrial Plant
X 60h olgray & ultra dam

1959, Jun 13
X 60h Zvolen Castle 1959

1959, Jul 20 Brno Fair 1959 issue
X 30h multi view
X 60h multi Fair Emblem and World Map
X 1.60k multi Z Pavilion

1959, Sep 23
X 60h multi Lunik 2

1959, Sep 25 Tatra Mountains National Park 10th issue - wildlife (1959 Czechoslovakia)
X 30h multi marmots
X 40h multi European bison Bison bonasus
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1 to 50 of 403