Stamps of Germany, unwmk watermark

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1872, Jan 1 1872a issue eagle small shield unwmk p. 13.5x14.5 (6 stamps)
- 1/4gr vio eagle small shield
X 1/3gr grn eagle small shield
X 1/2gr redorg eagle small shield
X 1gr rose eagle small shield
- 2gr ultra eagle small shield
- 5gr bis eagle small shield

1872, Jan 1 1872b issue eagle small shield (5 stamps)
- 1kr grn eagle small shield
X 2kr org eagle small shield, p. 13.75x14.25
X 3kr rose eagle small shield
- 7kr ultra eagle small shield
- 18kr bis eagle small shield

1872, Jan 15
- 10gr gray numeral in horiz oval

1872, Jan 15
- 30gr bl numeral in rectangle

1872, Jul 1 1872c issue eagle large shield (7 stamps)
- 1/4gr vio eagle large shield
- 1/3gr grn eagle large shield
X 1/2gr redorg eagle large shield
X 1gr rose eagle large shield
X 2gr ultra eagle large shield
- 2 1/2gr orgbrn eagle large shield
- 5gr bis eagle large shield

1872, Jul 1 1872d issue eagle large shield (6 stamps)
X 1kr grn eagle large shield
- 2kr org eagle large shield
X 3kr rose eagle large shield
X 7kr ultra eagle large shield
- 9kr brn eagle large shield
- 18kr bis eagle large shield

1874, Feb 1 ovpted
X 2 1/2gr orgbrn ovpt, eagle large shield
- 9kr brn ovpt, eagle large shield

1875, Jan 1 1875 issue (8 stamps)
X 3pf grn numeral
X 5pf vio numeral
X 10pf rose German eagle
X 20pf ultra German eagle
X 25pf redbrn German eagle
X 50pf gray German eagle
X 50pf slgrn German eagle (1877)
X 2m roselil oval

1880, Jan 1880 issue (7 stamps)
X 3pf grn numeral
X 5pf vio numeral
X 10pf rose German eagle
X 20pf ultra German eagle 1.00–10. .20
X 25pf orgbrn German eagle 1.00–10. 1.00–10.
- 25pf redbrn German eagle (1883) 100 – 1,000 1.00–10.
X 50pf slgrn German eagle

1889, Oct 1 1889 issue (8 stamps)
X 2pf gray crown over numeral, p. 13.5x14.25 (1900)
- 3pf redbrn crown over numeral
X 3pf yelbrn crown over numeral, p. 13.5x14.25
X 5pf grn crown over numeral, p. 13.5x14.25
X 10pf car German eagle, p. 13.5x14.25
X 20pf ultra German eagle, p. 13.5x14.25
X 25pf org German eagle, p. 13.5x14.25 (1890)
X 50pf choc German eagle, p. 13.5x14.25

1900, Jan 1 1900 issue (15 stamps)
X 2pf gray Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 3pf brn Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 5pf grn Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 10pf car Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 20pf ultra Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 25pf org & blk, yel Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 30pf org & blk, sal Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 40pf lake & blk Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 50pf pur & blk, sal Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 80pf lake & blk, rose Germania
X 1m carrose Imperial Post Office
X 2m graybl union of North and South
- 3m blkvio unveiling
- 5m sl & car Wilhelm II speaking, v. thick 5 100 – 1,000 100 – 1,000
- 5m sl & car Wilhelm II speaking, v. thin 5

1901 ovpted p. 14x14.25
- 3pf on 5pf grn Germania Vineta provisional

1902, Apr 1 1902 issue (15 stamps)
X 2pf gray Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 3pf brn Germania
X 5pf grn Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 10pf car Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 20pf ultra Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 25pf org & blk, yel Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 30pf org & blk, sal Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 40pf lake & blk Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 50pf pur & blk, sal Germania, p. 14x14.25
X 80pf lake & blk, rose Germania
X 1m carrose post office
- 2m graybl union of North and South
X 2m graybl union of North and South 10.–100 1.00–10.
- 3m blkvio unveiling
X 5m sl & car Wilhelm II speaking

1940, Mar 3 Leipzig spring fair 1940 issue p. 14
X 3pf brn German library & Gutenberg
X 6pf grn Clocktower building at Augustus square
X 12pf brncar Market square & old City Hall
X 25pf bl fairgrounds

1941, Mar 1 Leipzig spring fair 1941 issue
X 3pf brn House of Nations
X 6pf grn Gewandhaus
X 12pf dkred admin building
X 25pf brtbl railroad station

1941, Mar 8 Vienna spring fair issue
X 3pf redbrn dance statue
X 6pf blgrn fair building&emblems
X 12pf scar music
X 25pf brtbl Prince Eugene monument

1941, Aug 1 Hitler head issue Adolf Hitler (24 stamps)
X 1pf grayblk Adolf Hitler
X 3pf brn Adolf Hitler
X 4pf ind Adolf Hitler
X 5pf dlgrn Adolf Hitler
X 6pf vio Adolf Hitler
X 8pf orgred Adolf Hitler
X 10pf dkbrn Adolf Hitler
X 10pf dkbrn Adolf Hitler (1942)
X 12pf red Adolf Hitler
X 12pf red Adolf Hitler (1942)
X 15pf mar Adolf Hitler
- 16pf grnbl Adolf Hitler
X 20pf bl Adolf Hitler
X 24pf dkorgbrn Adolf Hitler
X 25pf viobl Adolf Hitler
X 30pf olgrn Adolf Hitler
X 40pf redvio Adolf Hitler
X 50pf blkgrn Adolf Hitler
X 60pf carbrn Adolf Hitler
X 80pf blblk Adolf Hitler
- 1m dkgrn Adolf Hitler (1942)
- 2m dkvio Adolf Hitler (1942)
X 3m brnred Adolf Hitler (1942)
X 5m dkbl Adolf Hitler (1942)

1942, Aug 8
X 6pf pur storm trooper emblem

X 42pf brtgrn Hitler head Grossdeutsches Reich

1953, May 9
X 10pf gray POW memorial

1954, Jun 5 St Boniface 1200th issue
X 20pf graylil & red sword through mitre

1955, May 9 Schiller death 150th issue
X 40pf dkultra Friedrich von Schiller

1955, Aug 10 Battle of Lechfeld 1000th issue
X 20pf redpur

1955, Oct 24 UN 10th issue
X 10pf grn & red UN emblem

1956, Jan 27 Mozart 200th issue
X 10pf dlvio

1956, Jul 28 Schumann death 100th issue
X 10pf multi Silhouette of Robert Schumann 1810-1856 original notes

1957, Sep 16 Europa 1957 issue
X 10pf dkgrn & ltbl white tree with roots
X 40pf dpbl & ltbl white tree with roots

1962, Nov 23 Bread for the World issue
- 30pf

1963, May 14 Bird Flight Line railroad issue
X 20pf Vogelfluglinie

1963, May 24 Red Cross 100th issue
X 20pf

1964, May 29 Ottobueren Abbey 1200th issue
X 20pf multi Ottobueren Abbey

1964, Jul 1 Luebke reelection issue
X 20pf car
X 40pf bl

1964, Aug 3
X 20pf red & blk John Calvin

1964, Aug 14
X 10pf multi benzene ring

1964, Aug 14
X 15pf multi Cerenkov radiation

1964, Aug 14
X 20pf multi gas engine

1964, Aug 31 Lasalle death 100th issue
X 20pf graybl & blk Lasalle

1964, Sep 2 80th Catholics meeting issue
X 20pf gray & red radiating sun

1964, Sep 14 Europa 1964 issue
X 15pf olgrn & pur Europa flower
X 20pf red & pur Europa flower

1964, Oct 10 Olympics 1964 issue
X 20pf multi Judo olympic rings

1964, Oct 30 Court of Accounts 250th issue
X 20pf redbrn & blk

1964, Dec 15 1964 issue - buildings (1964 Germany) (8 stamps)
X 10pf brn Wallpavillon of the Dresden Zwinger (1965)
X 15pf dkgrn Tegel Castle, Berlin (1965)
X 20pf brnred Gate Hall Lorsch (1965)
X 40pf viobl Trifels Fortress, Palatinate (1965)
X 50pf olbis Castle gate Ellwangen Jagst
X 60pf rosered Treptow Gate
X 70pf dkgrn Osthofen Gate (1965)
X 80pf choc Elling Gate, Weisenburg

1965, Jan 21 Matthias Claudius death 150th issue
X 20pf blk & red

1965, Apr 1 Otto von Bismarck 150th issue
X 20pf red & grayblk Otto von Bismarck

1965, Apr 1 Transportation Exhibition issue (7 stamps)
X 5pf multi
X 10pf multi
X 15pf multi
X 20pf multi
X 40pf multi
X 60pf multi
X 70pf multi ships

1965, May 1 May Day 75th issue
X 15pf multi

1965, May 17 ITU 100th issue
X 40pf bl & blk

1965, May 26 Kolping death 100th issue
X 20pf blk & red Adolph Kolping

1965, May 29 Sea Rescue Service 100th issue
X 20pf multi rescue ship

1965, Jul 28
X 20pf multi synod emblem & labyrinth

1965, Jul 28
X 20pf multi waves&television tower

1965, Aug 28 German stamp 125th issue
X 20pf multi

1966 1966b issue Brandenburg Gate (5 stamps)
X 10pf choc Brandenburg Gate
X 20pf dkgrn Brandenburg Gate
X 30pf red Brandenburg Gate
X 50pf dkbl Brandenburg Gate
X 100pf bl Brandenburg Gate (1967)

1966, Jan 7 1966a issue - architecture (1966) (15 stamps)
X 5pf ol Berlin Gate, Stettin
X 10pf dkbrn Wall Pavilion, Dresden (1967)
X 20pf grn Lorsch Abbey (1967)
- 30pf yelgrn Nordertor
X 30pf red Nordertor (1967)
X 40pf olbis Trifels (1967)
X 50pf bl Castle gate Ellwangen Jagst (1967)
X 60pf dporg Treptow Gate Neubrandenburg (1967)
X 70pf slgrn Osthofen gate Soest (1967)
X 80pf redbrn Ellingen gate Weißenburg Bavaria (1967)
X 90pf blk Zschokke womens seminary Königsberg
X 1dm dkprusbl Melanchthon building Wittenberg
X 1.10dm yelbrn Trinitatis hospital Hildesheim
X 1.30dm dkolgrn Tegel Castle Berlin (1969)
X 2dm vio Citizens hall of the Town Hall Löwenberg Silesia

1966, Jan 15 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Nathan Söderblom issue
X 20pf grayvio & blk Nathan Söderblom

1966, Mar 22 20th Anniversary of the Death of Cardinal von Galen issue
X 20pf multi Cardinal von Galen

1966, Jul 13 81st Catholic meeting issue
X 30pf

1966, Aug 24 Leibniz death 250th issue
X 30pf multi Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

1966, Sep 24 Europa 1966 issue
X 20pf multi Europa sailboat
X 30pf multi Europa sailboat

1966, Sep 28
X 20pf multi three-phase power

1966, Sep 28
X 30pf multi dynamo

1966, Oct 24 UNICEF issue
X 30pf red & blk

1966, Dec 13 Siemens 150th issue
X 30pf dkcarbrn Werner von Siemens

1967, May 2 Europa 1967 issue
X 20pf multi Europa cogwheels
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