Stamps of Denmark, typo print

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1913, Oct 1 1913b issue Christian X typo print wmk. mult crosses p. 14x14.5 (35 stamps)
X 5o grn Christian X
X 7o org Christian X (1918)
X 8o dkgray Christian X (1920)
X 10o red Christian X
X 12o graygrn Christian X (1918)
X 15o dlvio Christian X
X 20o dpbl Christian X
X 20o brn Christian X (1921)
X 20o red Christian X (1926)
X 25o brn Christian X
X 25o brn & blk Christian X (1919)
X 25o red Christian X (1922)
X 25o yelgrn Christian X (1925)
X 27o ver & blk Christian X (1918)
X 30o grn & blk Christian X (1918)
X 30o org Christian X (1921)
X 30o dkbl Christian X (1925)
- 35o org Christian X
X 35o yel & blk Christian X (1919)
X 40o vio & blk Christian X (1918)
X 40o graybl & blk Christian X (1918)
X 40o dkbl Christian X (1922)
X 40o org Christian X (1925)
X 50o cl Christian X
X 50o cl & blk Christian X (1919)
X 50o gray Christian X (1921)
X 60o brn & bl Christian X (1919)
X 60o grnbl Christian X (1921)
X 70o brn & grn Christian X (1920)
X 80o blgrn Christian X (1915)
X 90o brn & red Christian X (1920)
X 1k brn & bl Christian X (1922)
X 2k gray & cl Christian X (1926)
X 5k vio & brn Christian X (1927)
- 10k ver & yelgrn Christian X (1928)

1921 ovpted typo print
X 8o on 12o graygrn Christian X

1922 ovpted typo print
X 8o on 7o org Christian X

1926, Feb 13 ovpted typo print
X 20o on 40o dkbl Christian X
X 20o on 30o org Christian X

1926, Mar 30 provisional 1926 issue ovpted typo print
X 7o on 27o ver & blk Christian X
X 7o on 20o red Christian X (1927)
X 12o on 15o dlvio Christian X

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