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Stamps of Andorra - Andorra (Fr), 1932

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1932, Jun 16 1932 issue unwmk (no perf info) (33 stamps)
X 1c grayblk Chapel of Meritxell
X 2c vio Chapel of Meritxell
X 3c brn Chapel of Meritxell
X 5c blgrn Chapel of Meritxell
X 10c dllil Bridge of St Anthony
X 15c dpred Chapel of Meritxell
- 20c ltrose Bridge of St Anthony
- 25c brncar St. Miguel d'Engolasters
- 25c brn Bridge of St Anthony
- 30c emer Bridge of St Anthony
- 40c ultra Bridge of St Anthony
- 45c ltred Bridge of St Anthony
- 50c ltvio St. Miguel d'Engolasters
- 55c ltvio Bridge of St Anthony
- 65c blgrn St. Miguel d'Engolasters
- 65c bl Bridge of St Anthony
- 75c ultra St. Miguel d'Engolasters
- 80c grn Bridge of St Anthony
- 90c rose Gorge of St Julia
- 1fr blgrn Gorge of St Julia
- 1.50fr Andorra la Vella
- 2fr Gorge of St Julia
- 2.15fr Gorge of St Julia
- 2.25fr Gorge of St Julia
- 2.40fr Gorge of St Julia
- 2.50fr Gorge of St Julia
- 3fr Gorge of St Julia
- 4fr Gorge of St Julia
- 4.50fr Gorge of St Julia
- 5fr Gorge of St Julia
- 10fr Andorra la Vella
- 15fr Gorge of St Julia
- 20fr Andorra la Vella

postage due

1931 1931 due b issue ovpted on stamp of France p. 13
- 1fr prusgrn ovpt, numeral 10.–100 10.–100

1 to 34 of 34