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Stamps of Ecuador, 1920

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1920 Guayaquil 100th issue unwmk p. 12 (20 stamps)
X 1c grn Olmedo
X 2c scar Ximena
X 3c yelbrn Francisco Roca
X 4c dkgrn Vivero
X 5c ltbl Febres Cordero
X 6c orgbrn Francisco Paula Lavayen
X 7c brn Antonio Lamar Elizalde
X 8c yelgrn Baltazar Garcia
- 9c car Jose Antepara
X 10c ltbl Monument to Fathers of the Country
X 15c gray Luis Urdaneta
X 20c vio Jose de Villamil
X 30c pur Miguel de Letamendi
X 40c dkbrn Gregorio Escobedo
X 50c dkgrn Jose Antonio de Sucre
X 60c dkbl Juan Illingworth
X 70c grayblk Vicente Ramon Roca
X 80c yel Vicente Rocafuerte Bejarano
X 90c grn star in wreath
X 1s ltbl Simon Bolivar


1920 1920 official issue (no perf info) (15 stamps)
- 1c yelgrn Jose Joaquin de Olmedo
- 2c carred Rafael Ximena
- 3c yelbrn Francisco Roca
- 4c ltbl Luis Vivero
- 5c ltbl Leon Febres Cordero
- 6c org Francisco Paula Lavayen
- 7c brn Antonio Lamar Elizalde
- 8c yelgrn Baltazar Garcia
- 9c car Jose Antepara
- 10c ltbl
- 15c gray Luis Urdaneta
- 20c vio Jose de Villamil
- 30c lil Miguel de Letamendi
- 40c dkbrn Gregorio Escobedo
- 50c dkgrn Jose Antonio de Sucre

1920 1920 official b issue
- 1c Vicente Ramon Roca
- 2c bl & blk Diego Noboa y Arteta

postal tax

1920 1920 postal tax issue p. 12
- 1c olgrn post office
- 2c grn post office
- 2s vio post office
- 5s bl post office

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