Stamps of Ecuador, unwmk watermark

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1896 1896b issue - arms of Ecuador (1896) unwmk p. 12 (8 stamps)
- 1c dkgrn arms of Ecuador
X 2c red arms of Ecuador
- 5c bl arms of Ecuador
X 10c bisbrn arms of Ecuador
X 20c org arms of Ecuador
X 50c dkbl arms of Ecuador
X 1s yelbrn arms of Ecuador
X 5s vio arms of Ecuador

1896, Oct 9 1896c issue (7 stamps)
X 1c rose Roca & Noboa & Olmedo
X 2c bl Elizalde
X 5c grn Roca & Noboa & Olmedo
X 10c och Elizalde
X 20c red Roca & Noboa & Olmedo
X 50c vio Elizalde
X 1s orgyel Roca & Noboa & Olmedo

1897 1897f issue ovpted
X 1c rose ovpt, Roca & Noboa & Olmedo
X 2c bl ovpt, Elizalde
- 10c och ovpt, Elizalde
- 1s orgyel ovpt, Roca & Noboa & Olmedo

1897 1897g issue ovpted
X 1c rose ovpt, Roca & Noboa & Olmedo
X 2c bl ovpt, Elizalde
X 5c grn ovpt, Roca & Noboa & Olmedo
X 10c och ovpt, Elizalde

1897, Jun
- 2c
- 20c

1897, Jun 23 arms of Ecuador (8 stamps)
X 1c grn arms of Ecuador
X 2c org arms of Ecuador
X 5c arms of Ecuador
X 10c brn arms of Ecuador
X 20c yeloch arms of Ecuador
X 50c slbl arms of Ecuador
X 1s arms of Ecuador
X 5s brn arms of Ecuador

1899, May ovpted
X 1c org on 1897-2c-arms 1897 (0), arms of Ecuador
X 5c brn on 1897-10c-arms 1897 (0), arms of Ecuador

1899, Jun patriots issue - patriots (1899) (8 stamps)
X 1c gray & blk Louis Vargas Torres
X 2c ltbrn & blk Abdon Calderon .20
X 5c lake & blk Juan Montalvo
X 10c viobrn & blk José Mejia de Lequerica .20
X 20c grn & blk Espejo .20
X 50c lilrose & blk Carbo
X 1s och & blk Olmedo
X 5s lil & blk Moncayo

1901 patriots 1901 issue (8 stamps)
X 1c red & blk Torres .20
X 2c grn & blk Abdón Calderón .20
X 5c graylil & blk Juan Montalvo .20
X 10c bl & blk Jose Mejia
X 20c gray & blk Espejo
X 50c ltbl & blk Carbo
X 1s brn & blk Olmedo
X 5s dkgray & blk Moncayo

1904, Jul 31 Calderon (6 stamps)
X 1c red & blk Calderon
X 2c bl & blk Calderon
X 5c yel & blk Calderon
X 10c red & blk Calderon
X 20c bl & blk Calderon
X 50c yel & blk Calderon

1907, Jul 1 presidents issue - presidents (1907) (8 stamps)
X 1c red & blk Roca
X 2c ltbl & blk Noboa
X 3c org & blk Francisco Robles
X 5c lake & blk José María Urvina
X 10c bl & blk Moreno
X 20c grn & blk Carrion
X 50c vio & blk Espinoza
X 1s grn & blk Borrero

1908, Jun 25 Guayaquil-Quito railroad issue (7 stamps)
X 1c redbrn locomotive
X 2c bl & blk Garcia Moreno
X 5c cl & blk Eloy Alfaro
X 10c och & blk Abelardo Moncayo
X 20c grn & blk Archer Harman
X 50c Sivewright
X 1s Mt Chimborazo

1909, Aug 10 National Exposition issue (9 stamps)
X 1c grn Mejia
X 2c bl Espejo
X 3c org Ascasubi
X 5c cl Salinas
X 10c bisbrn Juan Montufar
X 20c gray Carlos Montufar
X 50c ver Morales
X 1s ol Quiroga
X 5s pur Exposition building

1909, Nov ovpted
X 5c on 50c ver Morales

1911, Aug national figures issue - national figures (1911) (20 stamps)
X 1c red & blk Roca .20
X 1c org Roca (1916)
X 1c ltbl Roca (1925)
X 2c bl & blk Noboa .20
X 2c grn Noboa (1916) .20
X 2c pur Noboa (1925)
X 3c org & blk Francisco Robles .20
X 3c blk Francisco Robles (1915) .20
X 4c red & blk Valdez (1915) .20 .20
X 5c ver & blk José María Urvina .20
X 5c vio José María Urvina (1915)
X 5c redrose José María Urvina (1925)
X 10c dkbl & blk Garcia Moreno .20
X 10c bl Moreno (1915)
X 10c grn Moreno (1925)
X 10c blk Moreno (1928)
X 20c grn & blk Carrion .20
X 50c pur & blk Espinoza (1915)
X 1s grn & blk Borrero (1913)
X 1s orgyel & blk Borrero (1927)

1920 Guayaquil 100th issue (20 stamps)
X 1c grn Olmedo
X 2c scar Ximena
X 3c yelbrn Francisco Roca
X 4c dkgrn Vivero
X 5c ltbl Febres Cordero
X 6c orgbrn Francisco Paula Lavayen
X 7c brn Antonio Lamar Elizalde
X 8c yelgrn Baltazar Garcia
- 9c car Antepara
X 10c ltbl Monument to Fathers of the Country
X 15c gray Luis Urdaneta
X 20c vio Jose de Villamil
X 30c pur Miguel de Letamendi
X 40c dkbrn Gregorio Escobedo
X 50c dkgrn Jose Antonio de Sucre
X 60c dkbl Juan Illingworth
X 70c grayblk Vicente Ramon Roca
X 80c yel Vicente Rocafuerte Bejarano
X 90c grn star in wreath
X 1s ltbl Simon Bolivar

1925 ovpted
- 20c bisbrn ovpt, Post Office Quito

1926 Esmeralda railway issue ovpted - national figures (1911) (6 stamps)
- 1c ltbl ovpt, Roca
- 2c pur ovpt, Noboa
X 3c blk ovpt, Francisco Robles
- 4c dkgrn ovpt, Vivero
X 5c redrose ovpt, José María Urvina
X 10c grn ovpt, Moreno

1927 ovpted
X 1c olgrn ovpt, Post Office Quito .20 .20
X 2c grn ovpt, Post Office Quito .20 .20
X 20c bisbrn ovpt, Post Office Quito

1927, Jun
X 5c org Quito Post Office .20 .20
X 10c dkgrn Quito Post Office .20
X 20c Quito Post Office

1928 ovpted
X 10c on 2c brn Antonio Lamar Elizalde

1928 ovpted
X 20c bisbrn ovpt, Post Office Quito

1928, Jul 8 ovpted
- 10c on 30c pur Miguel de Letamendi

1928, Jul 8 ovpted
- 50c on 70c grayblk Vicente Ramon Roca

1928, Jul 8 ovpted
- 1s on 80c yel Vicente Rocafuerte Bejarano

1928, Oct 9 national assembly issue ovpted (15 stamps)
- 1c grn ovpt, Olmedo
X 1c on 2c scar Ximena
- 2c on 7c brn Antonio Lamar Elizalde
X 2c on 5c ltbl Febres Cordero
- 2c on 3c yelbrn Francisco Roca
X 2c on 4c dkgrn Vivero
X 5c on 6c orgbrn Francisco Paula Lavayen
X 10c on 7c brn Antonio Lamar Elizalde
X 20c on 8c yelgrn Baltazar Garcia
X 40c on 10c ltbl Monument to Fathers of the Country
X 40c on 15c gray Luis Urdaneta
- 50c on 20c vio Jose de Villamil
X 1s on 40c dkbrn Gregorio Escobedo
X 5s on 50c dkgrn Jose Antonio de Sucre
X 10s on 60c dkbl Juan Illingworth

1929 ovpted
X 2c grn ovpt, Post Office Quito

1930, Aug 1 republic 100th issue (13 stamps)
X 1c orgyel & car plowing .20 .20
X 2c orgyel & grn cacao cultivation .20 .20
X 5c dkgrn & viobrn cacao pod .20 .20
X 6c orgyel & car tobacco cultivation .20
X 10c orgred & brnzgrn fruit & steamship .20
X 16c red & yelgrn airplane over landscape .20
X 20c ultra & org harvesting sugar cane .20
X 40c org & sep old Quito .20
X 50c org & sep Quito scene
X 1s grn & blk Olmedo 1930
X 2s dkbl & blk Sucre 1930
X 5s dkvio & blk Bolivar
X 10s carrose & blk Bolivar monument

1933 ovpted
X 5c on 6c orgyel & car tobacco cultivation .20

1933 ovpted
X 10c on 16c red & yelgrn airplane over landscape .20

1934 1934 issue (12 stamps)
X 5c bl Chimborazo landscape
- 5c grnblk Chimborazo landscape
X 5c sep Chimborazo landscape
X 5c vio Chimborazo landscape
X 10c dkgrn Chimborazo landscape
X 10c rosecar Chimborazo landscape
X 10c brn Chimborazo landscape
X 10c brnorg Chimborazo landscape
X 10c ol Chimborazo landscape
X 10c grayblk Chimborazo landscape (1935)
X 10c redvio Chimborazo landscape (1944)
X 1s car Mt Chimborazo

1935, Jul 24 Bolivar monument unveiling issue ovpted (8 stamps)
X 5c on 6c orgyel & car tobacco cultivation .20
X 10c on 6c orgyel & car tobacco cultivation .20
X 20c ultra & org ovpt, harvesting sugar cane .20
X 40c org & sep ovpt, old Quito .20
X 50c org & sep ovpt, Quito scene
X 1s on 5s dkvio & blk Bolivar
X 2s on 5s dkvio & blk Bolivar
X 5s on 10s carrose & blk Bolivar monument

1936 Darwin visit 100th issue (6 stamps)
X 2c blk map of Galapagos Islands
X 5c graygrn marine lizard
X 10c brn Chelonoidis nigra
X 20c brnvio Charles Darwin and H.M.S. "Beagle"
X 1s dkcar Columbus
X 2s bl Galapagos Islands

1936 Geodesical Mission 200th issue
X 2c ind Ulloa, La Condamine and Juan
X 5c grn Ulloa, La Condamine and Juan
X 10c brnorg Ulloa, La Condamine and Juan
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