Postage stamps of Poland

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1860, Jan 13 unwmk (no perf info)
- 10k bl & rose arms of Russia

1918, Nov 17 Warsaw 1 issue wmk. wavy lines (Lithuania) p. 11.5
X 5f brn
- 10f grn
- 25f car
- 50f dkbl

1918, Dec Warsaw 2 issue ovpted on stamps of German occupation of Poland (11 stamps)
X 3f on 3pf brn
X 5f on 3pf brn
X 5f on 5pf grn
X 5f on 2 1/2pf gray Germania, w. lozenges, p. 14
X 10f on 10pf car
X 15f on 15pf dkvio Germania, w. lozenges, p. 14
- 20f on 20pf ultra
X 25f on 7 1/2pf org
X 30f on 30pf org & blk
X 40f on 40pf lk & blk
- 60f on 60pf mag Germania, w. lozenges

1918, Dec 5 Lublin 1 issue ovpted on stamps of Austria (no wmk info)
X 10h on 10h (27)
X 20h on 20h (27)
X 45h on 45h (4)

1918, Dec 5 Lublin 2 issue ovpted on stamps of Austria (8 stamps)
X 3h on 15h (10)
- 3h on 3h (15)
- 10h on 30h (17)
- 25h on 40h (13)
- 45h on 60h (12)
- 45h on 80h (5)
- 45h on 80h (5)
- 50h on 60h (12)

1918, Dec 5 Lublin 3 issue ovpted on stamps of Austria
- 50h on 50h (15)
- 90h on 90h (5)

1919, Jan 17 Cracow 1 issue ovpted on stamps of Austria unwmk p. 12.5 (15 stamps)
- 3h brtvio ovpt, Austrian crown
- 5h yelgrn ovpt, Austrian crown
- 6h dporg ovpt, Austrian crown
- 10h mag ovpt, Austrian crown
- 12h ltbl ovpt, Austrian crown
- 40h olgrn ovpt, arms of Austria
- 50h blgrn ovpt, arms of Austria
- 60h dpbl ovpt, arms of Austria
- 80h orgbrn ovpt, arms of Austria
- 90h redvio ovpt, arms of Austria
- 1k on 1kr car, yel arms of Austria
- 2k on 2kr dkbl arms of Austria
- 3k on 3kr cl arms of Austria
- 4k on 4kr dpgrn arms of Austria
- 10k on 10kr dpvio arms of Austria

1919, Jan 17 Cracow 2 issue ovpted on stamps of Austria (no wmk info) (no perf info)
- 15h on 15h (11)
- 20h on 20h (29)
- 25h on 25h (19)
- 30h on 30h (20)

1919, Jan 24 Cracow 3 issue ovpted on stamp of Austria unwmk p. 12.5
- 25h on 80h orgbrn arms of Austria

1919, Jan 27 1919a issue imperf (12 stamps)
X 3f bisbrn eagle in oval
X 5f grn eagle in oval
- 10f redvio eagle in oval
- 15f dprose eagle in oval
X 20f dpbl eagle & fasces
X 25f olgrn eagle & fasces
- 50f blgrn eagle & fasces
- 1m vio agriculture
- 1.50m dpgrn agriculture
- 2m dkbrn agriculture
- 2.50m orgbrn
- 5m redvio Polish cavalryman

1919, Jan 27 1919b issue p. 10-11.5 (15 stamps)
X 3f bisbrn eagle in oval
X 5f grn eagle in oval
X 10f redvio eagle in oval
- 10f brn eagle in oval (1920)
- 15f dprose eagle in oval
X 15f ver eagle in oval (1920)
X 20f dpbl eagle & fasces
X 25f olgrn eagle & fasces
- 40f brtvio eagle & fasces (1920)
X 50f blgrn eagle & fasces
- 1m vio agriculture
X 1.50m dpgrn agriculture
X 2m dkbrn agriculture
X 2.50m orgbrn
X 5m redvio Polish cavalryman

1919, Jan 27 1919c issue imperf (12 stamps)
- 3h redbrn eagle in oval
- 5h emer eagle in oval
- 10h org eagle in oval
- 15h ver eagle in oval
X 20h graybrn eagle & fasces
X 25h ltbl eagle & fasces
- 50h orgbrn eagle & fasces
- 1k dkgrn agriculture
- 1.50k redbrn agriculture
- 2k dkbl agriculture
- 2.50k dkvio agriculture
- 5k slbl agriculture

1919, Jan 27 1919d issue p. 10 (12 stamps)
X 3h redbrn agriculture
X 5h emer agriculture
X 10h org agriculture
- 15h ver agriculture
X 20h graybrn eagle & fasces
X 25h ltbl eagle & fasces
X 50h orgbrn eagle & fasces
X 1k dkgrn agriculture
X 1.50k redbrn agriculture
X 2k dkbl agriculture
- 2.50k dkvio agriculture
X 5k slbl agriculture

1919, Feb 25 Cracow 4 issue eagle in shield (11 stamps)
X 2h gray eagle in shield, p. 10
X 3h dlvio eagle in shield, p. 10
X 5h grn eagle in shield, p. 10
X 6h org eagle in shield, p. 10
X 10h lake eagle in shield, p. 10
X 15h brn eagle in shield, imperf
X 20h olgrn eagle in shield, p. 10
X 25h car eagle in shield, p. 10
X 50h ind eagle in shield, p. 10
X 70h dpbl eagle in shield, p. 10
X 1k olgray & car eagle in shield, p. 10

1919, Jun National Assembly issue (7 stamps)
X 10f redvio eagle
X 15f brnred Paderewski
X 20f dpbrn Trampczynski, v. 21x25
- 20f dpbrn Trampczynski, v. 17x20 (1920)
X 25f olgrn Paderewski
X 50f prusbl eagle & sailing ship
X 1m pur griffin

1919, Aug 5 Poznan 1 issue ovpted on stamps of Germany (no perf info) (5 stamps)
- 5pf on 2pf (6)
- 5pf on 7 1/2pf redorg Germania, w. lozenges
X 5pf ultra on 20pf-ultra (6)
- 10pf on 25pf (9)
- 10pf on 40pf (5)

1919, Sep 15 Poznan 2 issue ovpted on stamps of Germany
- 5pf on 2pf (6)
- 10pf on 7 1/2pf redorg Germania, w. lozenges

1920 1920a issue thin laid paper unwmk p. 9-14.5 (9 stamps)
X 25f olgrn eagle & fasces .20 .20
- 50f blgrn eagle & fasces .20 .20
X 1m dkgray agriculture .30–1.00 .20
X 2m bisbrn agriculture .30–1.00 .20
X 3m redbrn
X 5m redvio Polish cavalryman .20 .20
X 6m dprose Polish cavalryman
X 10m brnred Polish cavalryman
X 20m graygrn Polish cavalryman

1920 1920b issue (9 stamps)
X 1m red eagle in oval
X 2m graygrn eagle in oval
X 3m ltbl eagle in oval
X 4m rosered eagle in oval
X 5m dkvio eagle in oval
X 8m graybrn eagle in oval (1922)
X 10m slbl sower & rainbow (1921)
X 15m ltbrn sower & rainbow (1921)
X 20m red sower & rainbow (1921)

1921, Jan 25 ovpted p. 10-11.5
X 3m on 40f brtvio eagle & fasces

1921, May 2 new constitution issue p. 9-14.5 (7 stamps)
X 2m grn Sun
X 3m bl Sun
X 4m red Sun
X 6m carrose reapers
X 10m slbl reapers
X 25m dkvio
X 50m slbl & buff

1921, Jun 1921 issue Polish eagle (9 stamps)
X 25m vio & buff Polish eagle
X 50m car & buff Polish eagle
X 100m blkbrn & org Polish eagle
X 200m blk & rose Polish eagle (1923)
X 300m olgrn Polish eagle (1923)
X 400m brn Polish eagle (1923)
X 500m brnvio Polish eagle (1923)
X 1000m org Polish eagle (1923)
X 2000m dlbl Polish eagle (1923)

X 20m car sower & rainbow redrawn

1922, Jun 19 Silesian plebiscite issue (20 stamps)
X 5f bl eagle in oval
X 10f ltvio eagle in oval
X 20f palered eagle & fasces
X 40f viobrn eagle & fasces
X 50f org eagle & fasces
X 75f blgrn eagle & fasces
X 1m blk miner
X 1.25m dkgrn miner
X 2m dprose miner
X 3m emer miner
X 4m dpultra miner
X 5m yelbrn miner
X 6m redorg miner
X 10m lilbrn miner
X 20m dpvio miner
X 50m olgrn miner
- 80m ver miner (1923)
X 100m vio miner (1923)
- 200m org miner (1923)
- 300m palebl miner (1923)

1923 inflation issue ovpted (6 stamps)
X 10000m on 25m vio & buff Polish eagle, w. unwmk, p. 9-14.5
X 20000m on 2m graygrn eagle in oval, w. unwmk, p. 9-14.5
- 25000m on 20m red sower & rainbow, w. unwmk, p. 9-14.5
X 25000m on 20m car sower & rainbow redrawn, w. unwmk, p. 9-14.5
X 50000m grnbl on 10m-grnbl-unissued (0)
X 100000m redbrn on 5m-redbrn-unissued (0)

1923, Jul unwmk p. 9-14.5
X 3000m brn Konarski

1923, Jul Copernicus issue
X 1000m ind Copernicus
X 5000m rose Copernicus

1924 arms of Poland (10 stamps)
- 10000m lilbrn arms of Poland
X 20000m olgrn arms of Poland
X 30000m scar arms of Poland
X 50000m apgrn arms of Poland
X 100000m brnorg arms of Poland
X 200000m ltbl arms of Poland
X 300000m redvio arms of Poland
X 500000m brn arms of Poland
X 1000000m palerose arms of Poland
X 2000000m dkgrn arms of Poland
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1 to 200 of 4906