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Stamps of Spain, 1967

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1967, Jan 14 Regional Costumes issue unwmk p. 14 (12 stamps)
X 6p multi woman of Alava
X 6p multi woman of Almeria
X 6p multi woman of Avila
X 6p multi woman of Badajoz
X 6p multi woman of Baleares
X 6p multi woman of Barcelona
X 6p multi woman of Burgos
X 6p multi woman of Caceres
X 6p multi woman of Cadiz
X 6p multi woman of Castellon de la Plana
X 6p multi woman of Albacete
X 6p multi woman of Alicante

1967, Mar 27 prehistoric paintings (10 stamps)
X 40c multi archers
X 50c multi Boar Hunt
X 1p multi ornament
X 1.20p multi bison
X 1.50p multi hands
X 2p multi warrior
X 2.50p multi deer painting
X 3.50p multi archers
X 4p multi
X 6p multi

1967, Mar 28
X 1.50p dkblgrn Palma Cathedral & Interparliamentary Conference emblem

1967, Apr 3 7th International Congress of Radiology issue
X 1.50p dkgrn

1967, Apr 6 portraits (1967)
X 1.20p Averroes
- 3.50p multi Acosta
X 4p multi Maimonides
X 25p multi Laguna

1967, May 2 Europa 1967 issue
X 1.50p multi Europa cogwheels
X 6p multi Europa cogwheels

1967, May 3 Valencia fair 50th issue
X 1.50p dkgraygrn

1967, May 6 World Stamp Day 1967 issue
X 40c multi numeral postmark on stamp of 1850
X 1.50p multi
X 6p multi

1967, May 16 National Caritas Day issue
X 1.50p multi

1967, Jul 25 tourism 1967 issue (7 stamps)
X 10c multi Betanzos Church, Coruna Scott says 7/26
X 1p multi St Miguel Church tower, Palencia Scott says 7/26
X 1.50p multi human pyramid Scott says 7/26
X 2.50p multi Columbus monument, Huelva Scott says 7/26
X 3.50p multi International Tourist Year emblem Scott says 7/26
X 5p multi Enchanted City, Cuenca Scott says 7/26
X 6p multi church, Sanlucar, Cadiz Scott says 7/26

1967, Aug 11 castles (1966) (8 stamps)
X 50c dkbl & brn Balsareny Castle
X 1p bl & blvio Jarandilla Castle
X 1.50p bl & grn Castle of Almodovar
X 2p brnorg & dkbrn Ponferrada Castle
X 2.50p grnbl & dkbrn PeƱiscola Castle
X 5p vio & dkviobl Coca Castle
X 6p dkbrn & sep Castle of Loarre
X 10p bl & dkgray Belmonte Castle (Spain)
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1 to 50 of 72