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Stamps of Spain, 1970

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1967, Jan 14 Regional Costumes issue unwmk p. 14 (12 stamps)
X 6p multi woman of Palencia
X 6p multi woman of Pontevedra
X 6p multi woman of Sahara
X 6p multi woman of Salamanca
X 6p multi woman of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
- 6p multi woman of Santander
X 6p multi woman of Segovia
X 6p multi woman of Seville
X 6p multi woman of Soria
X 6p multi woman of Tarragona
X 6p multi woman of Teruel
X 6p multi woman of Toledo

1970, Feb 25
X 25p multi St Juan de Avila

1970, Feb 25
X 50p multi Bishop Rodrigo Ximenez de Rada

1970, Mar 24 paintings by Morales (10 stamps)
X 50c multi St Stephen
X 1p multi Annunciation
X 1.50p multi
X 2p multi
X 3p multi
X 3.50p multi
X 4p multi
X 5p multi
X 6p multi
X 10p multi

1970, May 4 World Stamp Day 1970 issue
- 2p multi

1970, May 4 Europa 1970 issue
X 3.50p

1970, May 27 Barcelona Trade Fair 50th issue
X 15p multi

1970, Jun 6
- 2p multi de Rivera

1970, Jun 24 castles (1966) (5 stamps)
- 1p Valencia de Don Juan
X 1.20p blvio & grnbl Monterrey Castle
X 3.50p viobrn & grn Mombeltran
X 6p pur & sep Sádaba Castle
X 10p olblk & purbrn Bellver Castle

1970, Jul 23 tourism (1970 Spain) (6 stamps)
- 50c ind & dkvio Alcazaba of Almería
X 1p redbrn & och Cathedral of Málaga
- 1.50p dkbl & olblk Church of Santa Maria of the Assumption
X 2p Convent of San Francisco
X 3.50p La Lonja Zaragoza
X 5p multi El Portalón - Vitoria-Gasteiz

1970, Aug 18 XIV World Congress of Tailoring issue
X 2p multi tailor

1970, Aug 25
X 2p multi diver & map of Europe

1970, Sep 21 portraits (1970) (6 stamps)
- 50c multi Conca Espina
- 1p de Castro
X 1.50p multi Juan Ramon Jimenez
X 2p multi Becquier
- 2.50p multi de Unamuno
X 3.50p multi Gabriel y Galan

1970, Oct 12 Builders of the New World (5 stamps)
X 40c multi Ecala House
- 1.50p multi Mexico Cathedral
- 2p multi Vasco de Quiroga
X 3.50p multi Brother Juan de Zumarraga
X 6p multi cathedral towers, Morelia

1970, Oct 20
X 2p multi map of Western Mediterranean

1970, Oct 30 Christmas 1970 issue
- 1.50p multi Adoration of the Shepherds by El Greco
X 2p multi Adoration of the Shepherds by Murillo

1970, Nov 3 UN 25th issue
X 8p multi

1970, Nov 12 Ripoli Monastery
X 2p portal
X 3.50p view
- 5p interior

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