Stamps of Spain, 18 Jul 1954

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1954, Jul 18 Marian Year issue unwmk p. 14 (10 stamps)
X 10c dkcar Virgin by Cano
X 15c dkyelgrn Our Lady of BegoƱa Bilbao
X 25c vio Our Lady of the Forsaken Valencia
X 30c olbrn The Black Virgin of Montserrat
X 50c sep Our Lady of the Pillar Zaragoza
X 60c grayol Our Lady of Covadonga
X 80c blkgrn La Virgen de los Reyes Andalusia
X 1p blkvio Our Lady of Almudena Madrid
X 2p redbrn Our Lady of Africa Tenerife
- 3p bl Our Lady of Guadalupe

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