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Stamps of Hungary, 1961

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1961, Feb 1 famous men 1961 issue wmk. stars (no perf info) (6 stamps)
- 1fo redbrn Ferenc Rozsa
- 1fo Giyorgy Kilian
- 1fo carbrn Joszef Rippi-Ronai
- 1fo dkolbrn Sandor Latinka
- 1fo Mate Zalka
- 1fo carbrn Joszef Katona

1961, Feb 24 Budapest Zoo issue (10 stamps)
X 20f org & dkgray kangaroo
X 30f grnol & blkbrn bison
X 40f orgbrn & dkbrn brown bear
X 60f elephants
X 80f dkgray & yel tiger with cubs
X 1fo dkblgrn & dkbrn ibex
X 1.40fo ltgrnbl & olgray polar bear
- 2fo ltrd & blk zebras
- 2.60fo blvio & dkbrn bison cow with calf
- 3fo multi Entrance of Budapest Zoo

1961, Mar 3 castles (1961) (10 stamps)
X 10f orgbrn Kisvárda
X 12f blvio Szigliget Castle
X 40f dkblgrn Simontornya Castle
X 50f olbrn Füzér Castle
X 80f carbrn Egervár
X 1fo ltbl Vitány, p. 12.25x11.75
X 1.20fo redpur Sirok, p. 12.25x11.75
X 2fo brnol Boldogkő, p. 12.25x11.75
X 2.60fo turqbl Hollókő, p. 12.25x11.75
X 4fo vio Eger, p. 12.25x11.75

1961, Mar 17 health 1961 issue (6 stamps)
X 30f multi Child chasing butterfly
X 40f multi man on operating table
X 60f multi ambulance
X 1fo multi Traffic light & scooter, p. 11
X 1.70fo multi Syringe, p. 11
- 4fo multi Emblem of Health Information Service, p. 11

1961, Apr 25 1st manned space flight issue
X 1fo bl & graybrn liftoff
- 2fo viobl & yelbrn rocket & Gagarin

1961, Apr 29 May Day 1961 issue - roses (1961) (no perf info)
X 1fo grnbl
X 2fo car & dkgrn

1961, May 24 Soviet Venus probe issue
X 40f multi Venus space probe
X 60f multi Venera 1 Separation from Booster
X 80f bl & blk Venera 1 & Earth to Venus Trajectory
- 2fo multi Venus, p. 11

1961, Jun 19 Postal Ministers Conference issue p. 13.5
X 40f orgred & blk Warsaw Mermaid air & land transport
X 60f vio & blk Mermaid & TV antenna
- 1fo ltbl & blk Mermaid & Radio

1961, Jun 23 Budapest 1961 issue p. 11
- 1fo flag of Hungary over Parliament
- 1.70fo orchid
- 2.60fo Aglais urticae
- 3fo goldfinch

1961, Jul 4 Conference of Ministers of Transport of Socialist Countries issue p. 12.5x11.5
X 60f yelol George Stephenson
X 1fo ultra & blkgrn symbols
- 2fo brn Jenő Landler

1961, Jul 11 sports club 50th issue p. 15
X 40f multi soccer
X 60f multi wrestlers

1961, Jul 11 50th Anniversary of Vasas Sports Club issue
X 1fo multi gymnast

1961, Jul 22 horseracing (7 stamps)
X 30f multi horses galloping
X 40f multi hurdle jump
X 60f multi two trotters
X 1fo multi three trotters
X 1.70fo multi Mares & foals
X 2fo multi racehorse Baka
X 3fo multi racehorse Kincsem

1961, Oct 2 Liszt 150th issue
X 60f keyboard & score & silhouette of Liszt, p. 12x11.5
X 1fo grayblk Statue of Liszt at the National Opera
- 2fo viobl & dkgrn academy & score, p. 12x11.5
- 10fo
- sheet of 1 type

1961, Oct 22 22nd Communist Party Congress issue p. 11.5x12
X 1fo dkbrn Lenin

1961, Nov 4 medicinal plants (1961) (8 stamps)
X 20f multi Monks hood, p. 12
X 30f grn & multi centaury, p. 12
X 40f multi Blue iris, p. 12
X 60f multi Thorn apple, p. 12
X 1fo yel & multi Purple hollyhock
X 1.70fo multi Hop, p. 12
X 2fo multi poppy, p. 12
- 3fo multi Mullein, p. 12

1961, Dec 18 birds (1961 Hungary) (8 stamps)
X 30f multi nightingale, p. 12.5x11.5
X 40f multi great titmouse, p. 12.5x11.5
X 60f multi Chaffinch
X 1fo multi Eurasian jay
X 1.20fo multi golden oriole
X 1.50fo multi European blackbird
X 2fo multi Emberiza citrinella, p. 12.5x11.5
X 3fo multi lapwing

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