Stamps of Hungary, 1 Jun 1939

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1939, Jun 1 religious issue wmk. double cross on pyramid (no perf info) (14 stamps)
X 1f brncar Crown of St Stephen
X 2f prusgrn Crown of St Stephen
X 4f och Crown of St Stephen
X 5f brnvio Crown of St Stephen
X 6f yelgrn Crown of St Stephen
X 10f bisbrn Crown of St Stephen
X 16f rosevio Crown of St Stephen
X 20f rosered St. Stephen
X 25f blgray Madonna
X 30f redvio Coronation Church
X 32f brn Reformed Church
X 40f grnbl Cathedral of Eszertom
X 50f ol Deak Sq Evangelical Church
X 70f hennabrn Cathedral of Kassa

1 to 14 of 14