Stamps of Hungary, MAGYAR POSTA inscription

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1945, Nov 9 1945 Reconstruction issue blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge wmk. cross & wreath & crown p. 12x12½ (15 stamps)
X 12p brnol blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)
X 20p brtgrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 24p orgbrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)
X 30p grayblk blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 40p olgrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 60p redorg blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 100p orgyel blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 120p brtultra blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 140p brtred blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)
X 200p olbrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 240p brtbl blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)
X 300p dkcar blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 500p dlgrn blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 1000p redvio blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge
X 3000p brtred blacksmith & broken arms & chain bridge (1946)

1946, Feb 18 1946 postrider issue postrider photo&typo print p. 15 (13 stamps)
X 4ez brnorg postrider
X 10ez brtred postrider
X 15ez ultra postrider
X 20ez brn postrider
X 30ez redvio postrider
X 50ez grayblk postrider
X 80ez brtultra postrider
X 100ez rosecar postrider
X 160ez gray green postrider
X 200ez yelgrn postrider
X 500ez red postrider
X 640ez olbis postrider
X 800ez rose violet postrider

1946, May 1 1946 arms issue arms, horizontal photo&typo print wmk. double cross on pyramid (8 stamps)
X 1mil ver arms, horizontal
X 2mil ultra arms, horizontal
X 3mil brown arms, horizontal
X 4mil slate gray arms, horizontal
X 5mil rose violet arms, horizontal
X 10mil green arms, horizontal
X 20mil carmine arms, horizontal
X 50mil olive arms, horizontal

1946, May 24 1946 inflation issue photo&typo print (12 stamps)
X (undenom) ol & car arms & posthorn
X 100mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 200mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 500mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 1000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 2000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 3000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 5000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 10000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 20000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 30000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame
X 50000mil hennabrn arms & posthorn in frame

1946, Jun 27 1946 arms & posthorn issue arms & posthorn photo&typo print (11 stamps)
X 5ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 10ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X .200bil ol & car arms & posthorn
X 20ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 50ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 80ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 100ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 200ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 500ez grn & blk arms & posthorn
X 1mil ver & blk arms & posthorn
X 5mil ver & blk arms & posthorn

1946, Jun 27 1946 inflation b issue photo&typo print
X 100mld ol & car arms & posthorn

1946, Jul 3 1946 dove & letter issue dove & letter photo&typo print (14 stamps)
X 1bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 2bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 5bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 10bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 20bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 50bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 100bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 200bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 500bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 1000bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 10000bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 50000bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 100000bil grnblk & car dove & letter
X 500000bil grnblk & car dove & letter

1950 1950 Philatelic Museum issue photo print wmk. double cross in shield mult p. 12x12½
X 60f gray & brn philatelic museum

1950, Apr 9 World Chess Championship 1951, candidate's tournament issue photo print wmk. stars (Cuba)
- 60f dpmagenta chess players
- 1fo dpblue Ironworkers Union building

1950, May 10 1950 Trade Union Federation issue photo print
X 40f olive green Statue, cogwheel & globe
X 60f darkcarmine three workers

1965, Feb 20 Olympics 1964 victories issue - Olympic victories unwmk p. 12 (12 stamps)
X 20f multi
X 30f multi
X 50f multi
X 60f multi
X 70f multi
X 80f multi
X 1fo multi
X 1.20fo multi
X 1.40fo multi
X 1.50fo multi
X 1.70fo multi Javelin throw
X 3fo multi 4 gold medals & 2 fencers

1965, Mar 25 research (10 stamps)
X 20f multi Arctic exploration, p. 11.5x12
X 30f multi Radar tracking rocket ionosphere research, p. 11.5x12
X 60f multi Rocket & earth atmospheric research, p. 11.5x12
X 80f multi radio telescope & sky chart, p. 11.5x12
X 1.50fo multi Earth magnetism, p. 11.5x12
X 1.70fo multi weather balloon & lightning, p. 11.5x12
X 2Ft multi aurora borealis & penguins, p. 11.5x12
X 2.50fo multi Satellite space research, p. 11.5x12
X 3fo multi IQSY emblem & world map, p. 11.5x12
- 10fo sun&misc
- sheet of 1 type

1965, Apr 4 flowers (1965 Hungary) p. 11.5x12 (9 stamps)
X 20f multi chrysanthemums
X 30f multi peonies
X 50f multi carnations
X 60f multi roses
X 1.40fo multi lilies
X 1.70fo multi anemones
X 2Ft multi gladiolas
- 2.50fo multi tulips
- 3fo multi mixed flowers

1965, May 4
X 60f bis & orgbrn drawing by da Vinci

1965, May 10 p. 11.5
X 1fo bl & brn Budapest & Nokolayev & Tereshkova

1965, May 17 ITU 100th issue
X 60f viobl ITU emblem

1965, Jun 4 WIPA 1965 issue (no perf info)
- 1fo
- empty sheet (#8442)

1965, Jun 15 p. 11.5x12
X 60f multi Marx & Lenin & crowd

1965, Jun 25 ICY issue p. 11
X 2Ft dpred clasped hands in wreath & pulleys
- empty sheet (#8445)

1965, Jun 26 circus acts (1965) p. 11.5x12 (10 stamps)
X 20f multi equestrians
X 30f multi musical clown
X 40f multi elephant
X 50f multi seal&ball
X 60f multi lions
X 1fo multi wildcat jumping through hoops
X 1.50fo multi black leopards
X 2.50fo multi juggler
X 3fo multi leopard & dogs on barrel
X 4fo multi bear on bicycle

1965, Aug 20 Semmelweis death 100th issue
X 60f brn Semmelweis

1965, Aug 20 Universiade 1965 issue (10 stamps)
X 20f multi runner, p. 11
X 30f multi swimming, p. 11
X 50f ltaqua & multi diver, p. 11
X 60f ltvio & multi gymnast, p. 11
X 80f multi tennis, p. 11
X 1.70fo multi fencing, p. 11
X 2Ft multi volleyball, p. 11
X 2.50fo multi basketball, p. 11
X 4fo multi water polo, p. 11
- 10fo

1965, Oct 8 p. 12x11.5
X 60f brtbl hemispheres

1965, Oct 11 flowers (1965 Hungary b) p. 11.5x12 (10 stamps)
X 20f multi Phyllocactus hydridus
X 30f multi Cattleya Warszewiczii orchid
X 60f multi Rebutia calliantha
X 70f multi Paphiopedilum hybridium
X 80f multi Opuntia rhodantha
X 1fo multi Laelia elegans
X 1.50fo multi Christmas Cactus
- 2Ft multi Bird-of-paradise flower
- 2.50fo multi Lithops weberi
- 3fo multi Victoria amazonica

1965, Dec 9 5th Congress of the International Federation of Resistance Fighters issue p. 11.5
X 2Ft dkbl

1965, Dec 15 Arabian Nights p. 11.75 (9 stamps)
X 20f multi The Black Stallion
X 30f multi Shahriar & Scheherezade
X 50f multi Sinbads Fifth Voyage ships
X 60f multi Aladdin's Lamp
X 80f multi Harun al-Rashid
X 1fo multi The Flying Carpet
X 1.70fo multi The Fisherman & the Genie
X 2Ft multi Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves
X 3fo multi Sinbads Second Voyage

1966, Feb 1 butterflies (1966 Hungary) p. 11.5x12 (9 stamps)
X 20f multi Callimorpha Dominula
X 60f multi Anthocharis cardamines
X 70f multi Meleageria Daphnis
X 80f multi Iphiclides podalirius
X 1fo multi Zygaena carniolica
X 1.50fo multi Zerynthia hypermnestra
- 2Ft multi Nymphalis antiopa
X 2.50fo multi Libythea celtis
- 3fo multi Colias croceus

1966, Feb 20 p. 12
X 60f blk & orgred Bela Kun

1966, Feb 24
X 1fo blvio Lal Shastri

1966, Mar 12 flowers (1966 Hungary) (no perf info) (6 stamps)
X 20f brn & multi Crocus
X 30f multi cyclamen
X 60f multi Ligularia sibirica
X 1.40fo multi Lilium bulbiferum
X 1.50fo multi Snakes head
X 3fo multi Dracocephalum ruyschiana

1966, Mar 12 Luna 9 issue
X 2Ft multi Luna 9 closing in on the moon, p. 12
X 3fo multi Luna 9 sending signals from Moon to Earth

1966, Apr 2 medals (1966) (9 stamps)
X 20f multi Bronze Order of Labor
X 30f multi Silver Order of Labor
X 50f multi Banner Order third class, p. 11.5x12
X 60f multi Gold Order of Labor, p. 11.5x12
X 70f multi Banner Order second class
X 1fo multi Red Banner order of Labor
X 1.20fo multi Banner Order first class, p. 11.5x12
- 2Ft multi Order of Merit
- 2.50fo multi Hero of Socialist Labor

1966, Apr 2 Transport Museum issue
X 1fo multi old
X 2Ft multi new

1966, Apr 16 nature (1966) (6 stamps)
X 20f multi Barn Swallows
X 30f multi Aegithalos caudatus
X 60f multi red crossbill
X 1.40fo multi Middle spotted woodpecker
X 1.50fo multi hoopoe feeding young
X 3fo multi

1966, May 3
X 2Ft Szechenyi

1966, May 3 Dubna 10th issue
X 60f blk & dkblgrn Dubna Nuclear Research Institute

1966, May 3
X 60f blvio & multi pioneer girl & flowers

1966, May 3
X 60f bl & blk Tamas Esze

1966, May 3 p. 12
X 2Ft olbis & brn Miklos Zrinyi

1966, May 3 (no perf info)
X 2Ft aqua & dkbrn Sandor Koranyi
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